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Here we have compiled a list of the 5 best chess solver websites. It is one thing to play chess online, but it’s another to play well enough to feel confident. Deciding which move to play against a specific move can be tricky sometimes.

Chess is not easy and sometimes can take longer to master than other board games. The most tricky part of the chess game is to anticipate your opponents’ next moves and make counter plans for each best possible move.

With the help of these websites, you can also enhance your chess skills by learning the best moves for a specific board position. This will help you to escape the most challenging situations in the future.

So, even if you are a beginner at chess, you can learn to play the game while also sharpening your skills by determining the best move to make in response to your opponent’s move.

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5 Best Chess Solver Websites

Using these online chess move calculators is pretty straightforward. All you have to do is specify your opponent’s moves to know your best move.

Let’s explore these excellent tools that can help you win a chess game against anyone, whether human or computer.

1. DecodeChess

decodechess - chess solver websites

Have you ever been annoyed because you couldn’t figure out why a computer recommended a seemingly random move? If so, DecodeChess could be your new best friend. This chess solver not only suggests future steps but also explains why those steps are the best for your game.

Their website says DecodeChess is the first and only online chess analysis software that explains a chess engine’s proposed chess moves, thanks to a proprietary XAI algorithm.

The notion is unique, and the organization stands behind it. The calculator’s five essential topics for analyzing every move are threats, excellent moves, strategies, functionality, and concepts.

Even better, it adjusts to your playing style to give the sense of a “human” opponent. Though it is free, some features are only available to premium subscribers.

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2. Next Chess Move

next chess move

If you desire an ultra-strong computer with a basic chessboard on a white background, this is the website for you as your next chess move calculator.

The primary functions will recommend chess moves from which most chess players can learn a lot. This website, however, has more to it than meets the eye at first sight.

You can upload games and download boards in the form of FENs. A premium package with access to the Stockfish 10 engine is also available.

It also comes as an App for Android and Apple, allowing you to carry it around in your pocket. Though this chess solver website is free, some features are only available to premium subscribers.

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3. Chess Hub

chess move - online chess solver websites

The best feature of this website is the drop-down option with a library of openings. You can open a conventional chess position and calculate further moves with a single click.

This is an excellent resource for learning chess online. You no longer need to waste time copying and pasting FENs. However, manually inserting FENs is also an option here. It’s also possible to save your game positions.

The website has the same straightforward style as chessnextmove.com, and while it isn’t quite as pretty, it contains a decent set of tools that should please most players. Chess Hub does not mention the engine used to calculate the moves.

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4. Chess Next Move

chess next move

As the name suggests, this chess solver website assists you in determining the best course of action against your opponent while playing a game of chess. The design is simple yet effective.

However, it is not compatible with AI opponents. Instead, you’ll take turns playing from both sides. After you’ve played a move, you can use the play button to see the next best move, and so on.

You can also stop the motion suggestions and reset the playback at any moment. There are other options to play moves backward and forwards.

Aside from that, it has a rotate table button that allows you to adjust the black and white positions. It’s useful when you want to view your move suggestions.

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5. Analysis board – Lichess

analysis board - lichess

Among its many functions, this website does include a chess solver. It’s a fierce rival for the top slot, with lightning-fast load speeds, a modern design, a powerful engine, and many game-analysis tools.

Not only can you perform engine analysis, but you can also develop and save studies for later use and share them with others. The only thing that this website is missing is a chess calculator that can inform you “why” it has chosen a particular move.

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With this, we summarize our list of the 5 best chess solver websites you can use to become a pro chess player in no time. My favorites from the list are DecodeChess and Analysis board by Lichess, as they make the entire process efficient and have many more interactive features.

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