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13 Best Cartoon Avatar Apps [Android and iOS]

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Do you want to turn your selfie into a cartoon avatar? If yes, you will find a list of the 13 best cartoon avatar apps. You can use these apps to quickly turn your photos into cartoon avatars and use them as your social media profile pictures. The best part is that these are not just cartoon avatar apps but full-fledged photo editors, and you will also be able to apply various filters, create collages, and many others.

Cartooning one’s pictures can be fun and an impressive change to mundane images. Add hilarity, go for a sketched form, or even make emojis in daily conversations. It is easy and quick to transform images with many apps one can select according to what suits them.

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13 Best Cartoon Avatar Apps

Learn about the best cartoon avatar apps that can enable you to achieve the best result with your photo here:

1. Cartoon Yourself

cartoon yourself - best cartoon avatar app

The Cartoon Yourself app enables users to click images or upload photos and convert them into cartoon versions.

It can also change the photos into cartoons and cartoon depictions in black and white. It is a free app that you can download from Google Play Store.

You can use this simple app by choosing one of the three options and clicking the apply button to transform the image into the desired avatar form.

Get it on Play Store.

Get it on App Store.

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2. My Cartoon

my cartoon - cartoon avatar app for ios

This app provides excellent results by creating great cartoon versions of images. It is possible to create more than one cartoon version of a single image, save them in the gallery of the application and add captions to give a comedic impact.

However, this app is an IOS-exclusive app and helps Apple users achieve great results. The additional features of this app include a variety of cartoon styles with classic, vibrant, doodle, regular, and old paper cartoon impacts. Users can also add captions to the transformed images to add a more fun element.

Get it on App Store.

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3. MojiPop

mojipop - cartoon avatar app

MojiPop app has earned popularity among those looking to cartoon their pictures with some added advantages.

The app’s unique feature allows users to transform images into cartoons, save them, and create stickers and emojis.

This feature is relatively popular among users as they can use emojis and stickers in daily conversations through text apps or social media.

The stickers, once created, can be saved on the user’s device as part of their emoji library. The app works on both Android and iOS platforms.

Get MojiPop on Play Store.

Get MojiPop on App Store.

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4. BeFunky

befunky - cartoon your photo

This free app is available only on the iOS platform. It can cartoonize images and videos with a wide range of tools to enhance the quality of the images. Turn into an artist using your fingers or the Apple Pencil to transform your images into impressive pictures.

The best part is all the images will turn out exceptionally well. While You can use it to transform your images with the free version, you can create professional products with the app’s premium version.

Get it on App Store.

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5. Painnt

painnt - cartoon avatar app

It is a leading app in its category, available on Android and iOS platforms. Painnt is a powerful photo editor with excellent tools to control color saturation, transparency, and brightness.

It is much more than a cartoonification application as an entire community is attached to it where users submit their artwork created using this application.

You can use the app free of cost, but a paid version starts at $9.99. The paid version allows users to export bigger files to their devices or social media platforms. With the paid version, users can also retain more HD pictures.

Get it on Play Store.

Get it on App Store.

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6. Pixlr

pixlr - best cartoon avatar app

This impressive application is best for those who want to add different cartoon effects to their photos.

Anyone can use it as it is easy and makes editing photos fun. The app, available free on Android and iOS platforms, enables users to use different filters and come up with illustrated portraits or enhance the photos by adding a variety of stickers or styles.

Get it on Play Store.

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7. MomentCam

momentcam - best cartoon avatar app

Most people resort to avatar apps because they want to create a different image than what appears in photos and add a bit of fun to daily life.

MomentCam does just that. Users can create funny emoticons and customize them to any situation. The app also rewards the creative sides of the users by recognizing their work. Moreover, the creators can also connect with other users who use their emoticons.

Get it on Play Store.

Get it on App Store.

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8. Photo Sketch

sketch drawing photo editor to create cartoon avatar

Another great way to convert images to get instant attention is Photo Sketch. It works for people who like the sketched version of their photos. This free app can convert images into cartoon sketches or simple pencil sketches.

The remodeled images can be shared on social media, emailed, or retained for future use. The collage feature can be helpful when creating one to depict different styles or moods.

Get it on Play Store.

Get it on App Store.

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9. Prisma Photo Editor

prisma art - avatar app

Android and iOS users can use this app to create cartoon versions using professional skills. It has many advanced photo editing features and tons of funny stickers. The app has been designed to make funny images and games, but a professional photographer may also find it handy.

Get it on Play Store.

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10. FlipaClip

flipaclip - best cartoon avatar app

FlipaClip is a different app as it does more than create avatars. It turns the cartooned images created sequentially into a flipbook. It creates the same effect as paper versions while scrolling through the pages. Users can also check out other users’ works and give their opinion.

Get it on Play Store.

Get it on App Store.

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11. Avatoon

avatoon - best cartoon app

It is an exciting app for people who enjoy cartooning simple images and making everyone laugh. It is loaded with options that help users to add various facial features. You can share the remodeled images on social media or other platforms.

Get it on Play Store.

Get it on App Store.

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12. Cartoon Photo Editor

cartoon photo editor

Cartoon Photo Editor delivers impressive outcomes. Both rear cam and selfies can be remodeled into black and white or colorful photos.

Its features include autofocus, thermal vision, and crosshatch. There are plenty of tools to pick up to get the desired result. Further, the app lets users preview the effects before saving the image.

Get it on Play Store.

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13. My Sketch

my sketch - best avatar app

This is available only on iOS platforms and can be used free of cost. This app provides as many as 20 sketch types to choose from, which can help the users gain instant popularity. It is also more enjoyable to share such images than just regular clicks.

Users can upload pre-existing images and convert them into realistic and gorgeous sketches. You can share all the sketches on various social media platforms.

Get it on App Store.

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Avatar apps are famous for the impressive results they provide. Pick up one that appeals to you. If you are a beginner interested in creating avatars with your pictures, look for image quality, export features, cartoon effects, and platform availability apart from the simplicity of use. Experienced users can check out apps that offer more advanced features for creation.

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