8 Best Cabinet Design Software for Windows

best cabinet design software

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In this article, you will find a list of the 8 best cabinet design software for Windows. Suppose you are in the mood for some renovations and are looking forward to modifying your living quarters.

In that case, this cabinet design software for Windows can prove immensely useful in this case. With these attractive designs and easy-to-use software, you can customize the cabinet texture, size, material, color, etc.

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Redefine your kitchen cabinets, shelves, wardrobes, chest, etc., with easy-to-use software. Most software allows you to draw 3D cabinet models using drawing tools, flip, rotate, etc.

8 Best Cabinet Design Software for Windows

When you add dimensions to the drawing, you can visualize the cabinet from different angles and see how it would look in your room.

What’s more, the software also allows you to design multiple cabinets simultaneously.

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1. SketchUp Make

sketchup make - cabinet design software

This is free cabinet design software that you can use to design beautiful cabinets using drawing tools. Once you have chosen the desired template, you can start drawing the outline, shape, etc., to create the 3D model of the cabinet.

The software also allows you to import components from the Default Tray, select your preferred material, change style, etc. With instructions available for every tool, you can quickly move, rotate, copy, or stretch the dimensions of the 3D model.

There are several cabinet options available here, one of which can be chosen and modified to develop the design of your dream cabinet. The software is undoubtedly one of the preferred ones for creating furniture designs. The paid version of the software provides you access to several other features.

Get this cabinet design software here.

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2. PolyBoard

polyboard - cabinet design software

This free cabinet designing software provides several options and tools to create the desired cabinet design. With features to customize the dimensions, adding shelves, doors, modifying panels and materials, etc., as per your requirements, you can design your desired cabinet easily.

Customizing fittings, 3D accessories, manufacturing methods, etc., is also available with this software. Additionally, it can be done in different tabs if you wish to create multiple cabinet designs simultaneously. You can easily switch from a 2D to a 3D plane. The structure can be altered by moving, rotating, or zooming in/out.

You can select the measurements and view the design from different angles giving you an exact idea of what the cabinet would appear like. Moreover, you can import the design for editing and export it back to save the design. The best part is that the software supports multiple languages.

Polyboard is also available at Wood designer with comprehensive help sections and a free download with premium support. The French language is also catered for https://atelierbois.net.

Get this cabinet design software here.

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3. Sweet Home 3D

sweet home 3d

As the name specifies, this free software helps you design the home, including cabinets. The software offers a few cabinet designs for different home parts, which you can modify per your requirements.

You can quickly modify the color, dimensions, texture, material, etc., of varying cabinet designs (chest, wardrobe, kitchen cabinet, etc.). Once you have imported the 3D model of the furniture (in OBJ, DAE, LWS, ZIP, etc., formats) to the project, you can customize it easily.

The software also supports MOV, PDF, and PNG formats to export cabinet design. Individual components can be saved as CSV files. Multiple windows to work on different methods simultaneously is also possible here. The USP of the software is the easy-to-use interface and the option to design different sections of the house.

Get this cabinet design software here.

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4. Blophome

blophome - best cabinet design software

This free cabinet design software allows Windows users to design their cabinets as per their desire. The Furniture tab provides users with a catalog of different types of cabinets that can be imported and customized easily.

Other options include trunk, wardrobe, clothing rack, glass cabinet, shelf, etc. Modifications include changing the dimensions, texture, color, finish of the product, etc. With options of rotating, blocking, and unblocking certain portions, you can view the 3D shape of the design to understand what the finished product would look like.

The design can be imported and saved as a Blophome project (.bph) on the computer system and even shared through email—the option to save the configuration as JPEG is also available.

Get this cabinet design software here.

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5. Roomeon

roomeon - interior design software

As the name specifies, this is a free 3D room planning software that you can also use to design cabinets. The software provides a catalog of different cabinets that can be dragged and dropped to customize.

There are other cabinet options, including glass cabinets, mirror cabinets, wall cabinets with sliding doors, etc. once you have chosen the desired cabinet type, you can customize it by changing the dimensions and other properties.

With a 3D image that can be rotated, rolled, and moved, you can visualize how the cabinet would look in your room. However, you can save the project on your Roomon registered account only.

Get this cabinet design software here.

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6. Planoplan

planoplan - 3d design software

Although it is a 3D room planner, this free software is an excellent option if you wish to design a cabinet. Several options are available here that can be customized (color, dimensions, material, texture, etc.) and arranged in 2D or 3D planes rotated and flipped to see how they would look from all angles.

To use the software, you need to make an account on the website. Once the account is created, you can create and save the cabinet designs. However, you can save only three projects for free here. Using the software, you can easily create spectacular cabinet designs to spice up your living space.

Get this cabinet design software here.

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7. Astra Cabinet Modeling

astra cabinet modeling

This is an elementary program that you can use to design a cabinet. The tools of this free cabinet design software can help reduce construction mistakes as no errors are made, unlike when drawing a sketch using paper and pencil.

You can easily choose from various modules to design your dream cabinet using dimensions from the Excel file to the software interface. One of the most popular reasons for the popularity of this software is that it is straightforward to use.

Get this cabinet design software here.

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8. PRO100 Benefits

pro100 benefits

This should be your first choice if you want easy-to-use software that provides professional-level assistance while designing cabinets.

Several additional features here are constantly updated to allow you to get the most trending designs at your place.

The intuitive interface with simple add-ons and software flexibility makes it easy for you to get the desired results in a small timeframe.

Get this cabinet design software here.

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While designing a cabinet, visualization is critical. Thanks to this cabinet design software, you can quickly see how the design will turn out.

Almost all of them allow you to choose the cabinet’s dimensions, material, and texture and provide you with multiple views of the design. Now you can get the cabinets you desire without numerous discussions with the designer or store-hopping for the perfect one.

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