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5 Best Bulk Meta Tags Extractor Websites

Here you will find a list of the 5 best bulk meta tags extractor websites. Use these online tools to extract meta tags of multiple web pages at once.

In this article, we’ll review 5 best bulk meta tag extractor websites that are free to use and will help you shortlist the correct meta tags you should be using.

Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO, is a way of increasing the traffic on a website by optimizing the elements of that particular website in a specific manner.

Meta tags are one of those elements. As per the definition, meta tags are snippets of code that convey the metadata of a webpage to search engines. They’re used in HTML and XHTML documents.

Meta tags tell web browsers how to display a webpage. Hence, meta tags are a pretty crucial part of SEO. Without further delay, here are the five websites you can access to extract meta tags in the best possible way.

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5 Best Bulk Meta Tags Extractor Websites

In this section, you’ll see a brief account of 5 exceptionally viable websites for extracting some of the best meta tags.

These websites are free to use and have been stocking up on positive reviews from SEO experts.

1. Analyze Metadata by Exadium

analyze metadata - best meta data extractor

This tool is an excellent pick for anyone who wishes to extract meta tags from one/multiple URLs. As the name suggests, this tool lets you get URL meta tags. These include the title, meta description, and meta keywords as well.

Analyze Metadata by Exadium is entirely free to use, and one of the best perks of using it is that this tool is pretty easy to use. Even first-timers would be easily able to extract meta tags from URLs.

However, you are not free to export the extracted data. You can copy the extracted data and save it in an existing file to store it.

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2. Meta Tag Extractor by BuzzStream

meta tag extractor

Meta Tag Extractor by BuzzStream is one of the top-tier tools among similar extractors. Unlike the Analyze Metadata by Exadium tool discussed before, you can export the extracted data as a CSV file.

The website is relatively easy to use and is used by thousands of people all across the globe. The title, meta description, & meta keywords are extracted and presented in a tabular form.

As mentioned earlier, you even get the feature of downloading the metadata extracted using Meta Tag Extractor by BuzzStream in the form of a CSV file. This website is also entirely free to use.

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3. Web Tool Hub Metadata Extractor

web tool hub metadata extractor

As the name suggests, this website is incredibly viable when simultaneously extracting metadata from several URLs. The primary purpose of this tool is somewhat different than precisely extracting metadata.

This website is mainly used for obtaining web page data using URLs. Meta tags, titles, meta descriptions, and keywords can be extracted from a URL in seconds using the WebtoolHUb Metadata Extractor.

Moreover, the support for managing URLs in bulk at once with ease displays excellent efficiency.

You can download the extracted meta tags as a CSV file on your PC. This website also allows you to select desired meta tags from all other ones that it scrapes using URLs.

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4. WTools Meta Tags Extractor

wtools meta tags extractor

WTools Meta Tags Extractor is another online meta tag extractor you can use just a URL to learn about meta tags. It is free and probably the most straightforward meta tags extractor website mentioned in this article.

All you have to do is paste the URL, clear the captcha, and within seconds, you’ll see all of the meta tags there are to know about associated with that URL.

WTools is ad-free, secure, efficient, and faster than other metadata-extracting websites.

WTools Meta Tags Extractor is an excellent pick because of its simple and user-friendly interface and efficiency as a metadata scraping website.

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5. Meta Tag Extractor by SEOChat

meta tag extractor by seochat

What makes this Meta Tag Extractor website by SEOChat different from other websites is the plethora of features it offers. Meta Tag Extractor by SEOChat lets you analyze the metadata from up to 100 URLs.

This website focuses on fast and quick results. All you have to do is provide the needed number of URLs, solve the captcha whenever needed, and that’s it. The website will look for and find the meta tags in those URLs as quickly as possible.

You can save the extracted metadata if you want, either as an HTML table or as an Excel sheet (XLS file). The Meta Tag Extractor by SEOChat is also free and quite popular worldwide.

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In this article, we discussed some of the best meta tags extracting websites that are free to use and are great at scraping metadata.

All the websites listed in the section above are exceptionally viable in terms of SEO, and you cannot go wrong with any of them.

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