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5 Best Breadboard Simulator Software for Windows

Here we have compiled a list of 5 best breadboard simulator software for Windows. Explore these tools to find the best breadboard simulator tool.

Here, we have compiled a list of the 5 best breadboard simulator software for Windows.

A breadboard is a bread-like board with holes connected horizontally to design electronic circuit boards. The breadboard helps make quick electrical connections between circuit board components, such as capacitors, LEDs, resistors, etc.

A breadboard simulator is software that allows you to design and simulate circuits. An easy-to-use UI helps emulate one or multiple virtual breadboards. A breadboard simulator analyzes or draws circuit designs on a computer system virtually.

This is a quicker, more cost-effective way to simulate a circuit than building a physical one. You can use breadboard simulator software to design logical or sequential circuits on a breadboard and later simulate them.

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5 Best Breadboard Simulator Software for Windows

You can design and export the circuit in JPG, PNG, PDF, or other formats. Some of the best free breadboard simulator software include:

1. Fritzing


This is an excellent breadboard simulator software for Windows, currently available in the market. All essential features required to design the electronic circuit on the breadboard are available here.

You can choose from a comprehensive list of electrical and electronic devices like wires, ICs, diodes, transistors, etc.

You can add that to the circuit. The drag-and-drop option makes it easy for individuals to create the circuit quickly. Once the individual components are present, you can arrange them in the desired sequence.

After completing the circuit, it can easily be exported in various formats, including JPG, PDF, SVG, PNG, etc. Another advantage of this software is that it can also be used as an electric diagram maker apart from designing a virtual breadboard.

Get this free breadboard simulator software here.

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2. LT Spice Simulator


Linear Technology Corporation is a reputable company behind this LT Spice simulator. This free breadboard simulator tool is one of the best options among the currently available online circuit simulation software.

Developed by Analog Devices, the multimedia program can efficiently design and analyze the performance of the circuit board before preparing a functional prototype. The MOSFET model has more than 200 operational transistor and amp models.

The enhanced SPICE-based analog electronic circuit simulator is faster and more efficient than other options, especially regarding switching regulators. The free-to-download program can be used on Windows OS and is fast enough for practical use.

Get this free breadboard simulator software here.

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3. Breadboard Simulator


This free breadboard simulator software for Windows allows you to design and simulate the breadboard. The software’s main interface contains a wide breadboard where you can add the different components.

Since it supports numerous electrical and electronic devices, you can easily add LEDs, ICs, diodes, wires, transistors, resistors, etc., to the breadboard. Once the circuit board is designed, it can be simulated to check the expected result.

Additionally, this software is portable and can be used from a USB drive. Once satisfied with the simulation results, you can save the project in the software, as exporting the circuit as PDF or image is not an option.

Get this free breadboard simulator software here.

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4. Easy EDA


This powerful breadboard simulator software is currently gaining immense popularity. The cloud-based circuit simulation tool offers features to design a mixed-mode circuit.

Enhanced schematic capture and efficient PCB layout are a couple of things that make this free software popular.

One of the advantages of using this software is that it is highly user-friendly. The PCB design simulation is excellent, thanks to enhanced special features.

Although first-time users may find the system complex and difficult to maneuver, the guide offers excellent instructions to finish the work.

Get this free breadboard simulator software here.

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5. IC on Bread


You can use this simple, open-source software to design circuit boards with LEDs and ICs and simulate it. You can use the software without installation. Once the interface opens after downloading, a wide breadboard can be visualized.

You can use the tool menu to add various components by selecting the desired component and the points on the breadboard where you want to add them.

Once all elements and wires are added, you can test and analyze the circuit by switching the power ON. After designing the circuit, you can export the image.

Get this free breadboard simulator software here.

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If you are an electronics engineer or a hobbyist who wishes to design circuit boards for fun or practical purposes, having a breadboard simulator software can make things easier. Since the software can inform you whether your design will provide the desired results, it can save you time.

Some of the best free breadboard simulator software for Windows have been listed here to help you design and simulate breadboard circuits.

Get ready to practice stuff to create unique DIY projects or make cool stuff for excellent academic results.

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