10 Best Books To Learn Python For Beginners And Experts

Python is no doubt one of the hottest programming languages out there. You can use Python to write robust programs to accomplish anything from web development to data science to artificial intelligence. It makes you an IT God with all the superpowers, allowing you to scrape web content to write custom task automation scripts.

In case you are beginning your Python journey, here are some best books to learn Python. I have made a list so that the books are equally helpful for beginners and advanced programmers with some development experience.

Check out the list until the very end, as some books cover hands-on projects related to neural networks and machine learning – topics important for Data Scientists. 

10 Best Books To Learn Python For Absolute Beginners And Experts

1. Head-First Python: A Brain-Friendly Guide

best books to learn python - head first python - brain friendly guide

Head First Python is one of the best books to learn Python for beginners. The book coherently covers python fundamentals along with data structures and algorithms. In addition, books also teach you how to build a web app using databases and exceptional Handling.

What I like about this book is that it makes your journey to learn Python impressive as it explains concepts with illustrations.

Topics covered in the book:

  • Python basics,
  • Working with ordered data,
  • Working with structured data,
  • Functions and Modules,
  • Building a Webapp,
  • Storing and manipulating data
  • Using Database with Python,
  • Object-oriented programming,
  • The Context Management Protocol,
  • Exceptional Handling,
  • Threading,
  • Advanced iteration.

2. Python Cookbook, Third Edition, by David Beazley and Brian K. Jones

python books - Python Cookbook

Python Cookbook is one of the best books for expert programmers to learn Python 3 and update old Python 2 code. The book contains Python 3 code snippets for various applications and domains that you can use immediately in your projects. In addition to that, the author has also explained how and why the code solution works.

Topics covered in this book:

  • Data Structures and Algorithms
  • Strings and Text.
  • Numbers, Dates, and Times
  • Iterators and Generators and Files and I/O
  • Data Encoding and Processing
  • Functions, classes, and objects
  • Metaprogramming, Modules, and Packages
  • Network & Web Programming and Concurrency,
  • Utility Scripting and System Administration
  • Testing, Debugging, and Exceptions
  • C Extensions

3. Python Crash Course, 2nd Edition: A Hands-On, Project-Based Introduction to Programming

best books to learn python for beginners - Python Crash Course - Project-Based Introduction to Programming.

Python Crash Course by Eric Matthews is one of the best-selling books for beginners to learn Python. The book focuses on real-world projects so beginners can grasp the concepts quickly. So, if you want to learn Python by building cool projects, you must read this book.

The book teaches you the following fresh and exciting projects:

  • A Ship That Fires Bullet
  • Aliens!
  • Scoring.
  • Django web app – user accounts, styling, and deploying an app.

Topics covered in the book:

  • Setting up Python development environment.
  • Working with Lists.
  • If statements
  • Dictionaries
  • User input and While loops
  • Functions
  • Object-oriented programming with Python
  • File and Exceptional Handling
  • Testing Python code
  • Generating and Downloading data.
  • Working with web APIs

4. Python Programming: An Introduction to Computer Science

best python books for beginners - Python Programming - An Introduction to Computer Science

If you want to learn computer science concepts from data structures to algorithm analysis and design, this book will best serve the purpose. The author uses a time-tested approach to teach introductory computer science using Python as the programming language.

Topics covered in this book: 

  • Computers and Programs
  • Software development process
  • Computing with numbers
  • Object and graphics
  • Sequences: Strings, Lists, and Files
  • Functions and Decision Structures
  • Loop Structures and Boolean
  • Simulation and Design
  • Object-oriented programming with Python – Classes, Objects, and Encapsulation, Working with multiple modules, etc.
  • Data Collection and Object-oriented design
  • Algorithm design and Recursion

5. Python in A Nutshell: A Desktop Quick Reference, Third Edition

best python books for expert - Python in A Nutshell - A Desktop Quick Reference

Python in A Nutshell” is one of the best books for experienced programmers. The book briefly references Python 3.5 and 2.7 and highlights 3.6. In addition, the book covers a wide array of concepts, including numeric processing, protocol modules, network programming, etc.

Topics covered in the book:

  • Introduction to Python, The Python Interpreter
  • The Python Language and Object-Oriented design
  • Exceptions and Modules
  • Core Built-ins and Standard Library Modules
  • Strings and Things
  • Regular Expressions
  • File and Text Operations
  • Persistence and Databases
  • Time Operations
  • Controlling Execution, Threads, and Processes.
  • Numeric Processing
  • Testing, Debugging, and Optimizing
  • Networking Basics and Asynchronous Alternatives.
  • Client-Side Network Protocol Modules
  • Serving HTTP
  • Email, MIME, and Other Network Encodings
  • Structured Text: HTML
  • Structured Text: XML
  • Extending and Embedding Classic Python
  • Distributing Extensions and Programs
  • v2/v3 Migration and Coexistence

6. Grokking Algorithms: An illustrated guide for programmers and other curious people

best books to learn python - Grokking Algorithms - An illustrated guide for programmers and other curious people.

Grokking Algorithms is one of the best books on this list for learning data structures and algorithms using Python. After reading this book, you can solve real-world problems using algorithms. What I like about this book is that the concepts are explained using bright illustrations.

Topics covered in this book:

  • Introductions to Algorithm – Binary Search, Big-O-Notation.
  • Selection Sort
  • Recursion and Quick Sort
  • Hash Tables
  • Breadth-First Search and Dijkstra’s Algorithm.
  • Greedy Algorithm
  • Dynamic Programming
  • K Nearest Neighbors

7. Hands-On Deep Learning Algorithms with Python

best books to learn python for experts - Hands-On Deep Learning Algorithms with Python

Hands-On Deep Learning Algorithms with Python is one of the best books for people with some experience. With this book, you can learn basic to advanced deep learning algorithms and the mathematical concepts behind them.

Topics covered in this book:

  • Introduction to Deep Learning.
  • TensorFlow
  • Fundamentals of Deep Learning Algorithms
  • Gradient Descent and its Variants
  • Generating Song Lyrics using RNN.
  • Improvements to the RNN.
  • Text Representations.
  • They are generating images using GANs.
  • Reconstructing Inputs Using Autoencoders.

8. Introduction to Machine Learning with Python: A Guide for Data Scientists

best books to learn python for experts - Introduction to Machine Learning with Python - A Guide for Data Scientists

Another book on this list of best books to learn Python teaches beginners practical ways to build machine-learning solutions. With all the data at our disposal today, machine learning apps are limited only to our imagination. Grab this book now to start learning machine learning like a pro.

Topics covered in this book:

  • Fundamentals of Machine Learning with Python – scikit learn, essential tools and libraries, Python 2 vs. Python 3.
  • Supervised Learning
  • Unsupervised Learning and Preprocessing.
  • Representing Data and Engineering Features.
  • Model Evaluation and Improvement.
  • Algorithm Chains and Pipelines.
  • Working with Text Data.

9. Programming in Python 3: A Complete Introduction to the Python Language

best books to learn python - Programming in Python 3

As the name of the book suggests, it teaches you how to code using Python 3. You will learn from basic concepts like procedural programming to advanced topics like threading, database programming, building GUI apps, etc.

Topics covered in this book:

  • Fundamentals of Procedural programming
  • Data Types and Collection Data Types
  • Control Structures and Functions
  • Modules and Object-oriented programming
  • File handling and Advanced programming techniques
  • Debugging, Testing, and Profiling
  • Network and Database Programming
  • Regular Expressions and Introduction to Parsing
  • Introduction to GUI Programming
  • Processes and Threading

10. Hands-On Machine Learning with Scikit-Learn, Keras, and Tensor Flow: Concepts, Tools and Techniques to Build Intelligent Systems (Colour Edition)

best books to learn python Hands-On Machine Learning with Scikit-Learn

Hands-On Machine Learning is one of the best books on this list to learn machine learning concepts using Python. The book covers various machine learning projects on Scikit, Keras, and TensorFlow. Best of all, it also gives you significant exposure to neural networks. So if you know how to code in Python and want to expand your skill set, it is a must-have book for everyone.

Topics covered in this book:

  • The Machine Learning Landscape
  • End-to-End Machine Learning Project
  • Classification and Training Models
  • Support Vector Machines
  • Decision Trees
  • Ensemble Learning and Random Forests
  • Dimensionality Reality
  • Unsupervised Learning Techniques
  • Introduction to Neural Networks with Keras
  • Training Deep Neural Networks
  • Custom Models and Training with TensorFlow
  • Loading and Preprocessing Data with TensorFlow
  • Deep Computer Vision Using Convolutional Neural Networks
  • Processing Sequences Using RNNs and CNNs
  • Natural Language Processing with RNNs and Attention
  • Representation Learning and Generative Learning Using Autoencoders and GANs
  • Reinforcement Learning
  • Training and Deploying TensorFlow Models at Scale

Closing Thoughts

This list has given you enough options to grab the best book for you and begin your Python journey. Even for advanced programmers, I have listed some of the best books that cover advanced topics, from data science to machine learning and neural networks.

If you have any queries, please reach out to me on my social media profiles (link below) or write to me at [email protected]. I will do my best to assist you in your learning journey as I am also learning with you all :)

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