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10 Best Book Apps for Book Lovers

In this article, you will find a list of 10 best book apps for book lovers. Explore this list to find the best book apps. Learn more here.

Here, we have compiled a list of book lovers’ 10 best book apps. Reading books is something a massive amount of people heartily enjoy all across the globe.

If you’re one of the people who don’t enjoy reading, chances are high that you haven’t found the right book, to begin with yet.

Don’t worry; we won’t be pressuring you to read books. We will tell you some of the best applications to enhance your reading experience.

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Why Is It Better To Read Books Digitally?

Books come in all shapes and sizes and can be categorized in many categories based on their genre. However, the presence of computers, smartphones, tablets, and the internet has made it a lot easier to find and read almost every book that exists out there.

You can read it using specific applications on your device, whether a PDF or an EPUB file. There are many applications and software on the internet that you can install to access/read books stored in soft copies (PDF, EPUB, etc.)

This article will present ten outstanding free-to-use book applications you can install to find, access, and read all sorts of books. So, without any further delay, let’s begin.

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10 Best Book Apps For Book Lovers

This section will briefly examine some of the best book applications available online for free.

1. Aldiko

aldiko - best book apps

Aldiko is easily one of the top contenders for the best book application or software, with a beautiful wooden shelf resembling an interface and many features. Aldiko’s simple yet pleasing user interface and the tonne of customization options make it so good.

Aldiko supports almost all sorts of digital books; these include PDF files, EPUB files, and Adobe DRM encrypted files. The reading experience is lovely, and this application has received countless positive feedback from users worldwide.

There is also a premium version of Aldiko that has some extra features. However, the free version is sufficient for an enjoyable reading session.

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2. ReadEra

readera - best book apps for book lovers

Readera is another excellent application choice if you want to change your usual reading experience. The app is free to use and supports almost all formats of digital books.

Readera provides its users with many settings to customize their reading experience as per their choices. It also automatically detects whenever a new book is downloaded to the device.

The app is also quite widely used because it supports the DJVJ file format, which is somewhat rare. Readera has adjustable reading settings, so you can tweak them whenever possible.

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3. Kindle

kindle android app

There’s a high chance someone has been living under a rock if they haven’t heard of Kindle yet. Kindle is easily one of the most popular book applications, or it might be the most popular.

Designed and developed by Amazon, Kindle is known for providing a premium reading experience to its users. Also, users aren’t limited to reading just books. Kindle also gives them access to several articles and other pieces of text.

With exceptional features like an inbuilt dictionary, text highlighter, etc., Kindle has surely put its name out among the best choices when choosing a book application.

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4. Nook

nook - book app for android

Nook is an excellent choice if you’re looking for an easy-to-use ebook application with a simple yet nice-looking interface and all the features needed to make a reading session just right.

This app is ideal for smaller displays; your smartphone is the perfect example. It has some must-have display/viewing features that make it worthwhile to read on a small screen.

However, there’s a feature that makes Nook stand out. Nook allows you to sync your data to the cloud and view it across different devices as long as they are connected to the same network. This feature may come in handy in the hour of need and is an excellent addition to the package.

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5. Wattpad


Although more popular as a platform for posting stories, poetries, texts that people write and want to share with like-minded people, etc., Wattpad is undeniably a tremendous overall application.

It is more like a community to those using Wattpad for some time. It is a place where authors and their readers can interact indirectly yet subtly, and it is a place where everyone can be a writer.

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6. Kobo

kobo android app for book readers

Kobo can be your solution if you’re looking for something even more straightforward and to the point. It isn’t as vast as the applications mentioned in this article but is exceptionally viable as one of the best book apps.

Kobo consists of all the features an ideal book app is expected to have and more. It is free to use, and you can easily find your bought/downloaded soft copies or ebooks in the application. Similar to Aldiko, it also has a bookshelf option for more appeal.

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7. FBReader

fbreader app screenshot

FBReader is yet another example of a free-to-use book application that is underrated. The app is excellent because it supports almost every ebook file format. You’ll never face issues accessing, opening, and going through any uncorrupt ebook file.

It offers its users a tonne of customization and lets you make a virtual space where you can read comfortably. You can access the library or link your Google Drive with FBReader and read books you store there.

8. BookFunnel


BookFunnel is similar to Wattpad in multiple ways but tends to be more like any traditional book application.

You can use this app to find and discover new authors, try out new genres, read the latest chapters of ongoing series, etc. You can give BookFunnel a try if you’re looking for a change.

9. Inkitt

inkitt android app

Although Inkitt supports a wide variety of ebooks, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that this app was developed while keeping novel readers in mind.

Inkitt is known for its novel collections, and you can find hundreds of top-selling, trending best-of-all-time, and upcoming novels there. It is a must-have application for novel enthusiasts.

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10. Oodles


Oodles is a great place to discover and find ebooks for absolutely free. It is primarily a reading application with free access to over a thousand books of all genres. It has multiple filters to help you narrow out books of your choice and supports multiple languages.

Wrapping Up

Reading is a great hobby; we don’t have to limit ourselves to what we can find in our nearby bookstores. The internet is vast, and the amount of classics we can find on the internet is unfathomable.

We discussed some of the best book applications that are free to use and a great way to read, discover, and explore many books. You can try all of them and find the ones that suit your choices.

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