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10 Best Book Apps for iPhone

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Here we have compiled a list of the 10 best book apps for iPhone. These past few years brought a revolutionary change in consuming knowledge. Reading is still the best way; the revolution happened in how we read.

There are thousands and thousands of apps available on the App Store for the sole purpose of reading ebooks. Many of them are similar in almost every way. But some are exceptionally good. Be it their UI, features, size of the library/(catalog), speed and responsiveness, etc.

10 Best Book Apps For iPhone

Below is a list of the ten best apps to read books on your iPhone from anywhere and at any time without having to increase the weight on you.

1. Libby

libby - best book app for iphone

The Libby app, by Overdrive, is one of the essential apps you could have on your iPhone if you’re a bookworm, along with a library card. The app connects your iPhone to your library, from which you’ve got the card.

If you have a library membership/subscription, you must sign in using your library card/s. And you can read and access all the free ebooks and audiobooks available in the library.

It most likely would be if you’re concerned about your library not being on the database. More than 40,000 libraries in around 40 countries with over 2 million ebooks, audiobooks, and videos connected to Overdrive’s catalog.

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2. Kindle

kindle - best iphone app

The most famous platform in the service, the Kindle, has a vast catalog to buy your ebooks from. The Kindle, by Amazon, is also the most feature-loaded and advanced on the App Store.

One of the star features includes Whispersync, which allows you to read and listen to an ebook simultaneously. You can also get a Kindle Unlimited subscription, which gives access to over 1 million ebooks, comics, and magazines for $10 a month, or Prime Reading with an Amazon Prime subscription providing access to a rotating list of over a thousand ebooks and magazines.

Or, you could download a PDF, upload it, and read it from device storage.

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3. Google Play Books

google play books ios app

It also provides the most direct reading experience you could ever get. You also get translation and a dictionary embedded in the app. The catalog is a huge one, but not as compared to most of the others.

The app also has a syncing library feature that allows you to read your ebooks from any device, from Android smartphones to desktops, and even access your books from a web browser.

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4. Blinkist

blinkist ios app

Blinkist is an intelligent reader app that is perfect for busybodies. If you’re very busy or just lazy enough to avoid all the hassle of reading everything in depth, then Blinkist summarizes the books. Experts summarise the books in a 15-minute read.

The app summarises over 3000 bestselling books in various categories like society and culture, career, business, education, economics, creativity, leadership, environment, and many more. With 40 new books added to the list every month. You can also easily switch between text and audio.

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5. QuickReader

quickreader ios app

QuickReader provides a well-designed eBook reading app with lots of customizable features. Now, the main feature/objective of the app is to train you to read with higher precision and speed. The app turns into a speed reading trainer with many customizable features.

The app gives you access to millions of free ebooks and audiobooks from public libraries and archives like Project Gutenberg and the Internet archives( Each book can be read in two modes, regular reading and guided reading which is just the trainer mode.

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6. Leio

leio - best ios app for book readers

Leio is one of the apps that go above reading. Leio is an excellent app if you have to read or want to read but lack discipline. The app tracks your speed and aims to give you detailed data about how you read books and your reading progress.

Leio provides various tools, including one by which you can time your reading sessions, which in turn get synced to your account, a planner tool by which you can set alarms when you want to read the book and a tool for setting deadlines for finishing a book.

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7. FBReader

fbreader ios app

FBReader is one of the most popular independent book-reading apps on the Google Play Store. So, this app is the first choice for Android users who’ve recently switched to iPhones. The independency of this app is a perk since there’s less chance of your data being used for advertising and like.

Still, unlike the Android version, the iOS one lacks a few features but is one of the most user-friendly and feels like an Android. One of the prominent features of this app is its support for both EPUB and Mobi formats. If you’re wondering what these two are, EPUB files are used for eBooks, and Mobi files are used for Kindle books.

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8. Scribd

scribd ios app

Scribd is one of the best apps if you’re planning on subscriptions. Generally, if one is considering buying a subscription for unlimited books, the first choice would be Kindle Unlimited. But, if you want to hear the same book as an audiobook, you’d have to switch to the audible app.

But the kindle unlimited subscription is useless there; you’ll need another audible subscription to use it. So, instead of spending money on two platforms, spending on one sounds better. One subscription gives you all the books and audiobooks to read and listen to, Saving you time, work, and money.

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9. Apple Books

apple books

Apple’s book reader app, Apple Books, previously known as iBooks, is an inbuilt/pre-installed app on iPhones and iPads. The Apple Books app is the most compatible and integrated with iOS among all the others.

It is also the only app where you can directly download the eBook or the audiobook. The app is mentioned this late because of its lack of updates. The app rarely gets an update, except when the OS gets updated. The latest major update of Apple Books features a quick start Reading Now section, better library management, and an automatic night theme.

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10. Wattpad


Wattpad is the most different platform from the ones listed above. Wattpad does not let you buy the books you see in other bookstores and apps but has its library. The books here are written by indie authors who publish their stories on the platform.

Many authors keep their books free to read, but plenty of stories are worth spending your money on. The platform has hundreds of thousands of ebooks for you to choose from. And many of them are not inferior to the best sellers in the real world. You can even register yourself as an author yourself.

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With this, We would like to conclude the list of 10 best ebook reading apps for iPhone. We hope this article has helped you find the best one for you and your bookworm self. Though, we think one app would not be enough.

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