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10 Best Auto Tune Software for Windows

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Here we have compiled a list of the 10 best auto tune software for Windows. High-end technology and progress have already taken human beings on a growing path. Advanced technology and several software applications simplify a few steps, making them easier to handle and operate any specific activity.

You can utilize these auto tune software during a musical recording or instrumental music session to measure and appropriately alter the pitch level.

Autotune software is not new in the musical and stage performance-based industry. Autotune software is primarily used in Windows and Mac versions. Using auto tune software enhances the voice standard in a better way.

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Auto-tune software controls the accurate sound pitching ratio and erases irrelevant breaks, hours, and spaces. Auto-tune software operational processes vary based on different software categories.

10 Best Auto Tune Software for Windows

Here is the analysis of the ultimate guide to the best 10 Auto Tune Software for Windows.

1. FL Studio Auto-Tune

fl studio - best auto tune software for windows

FL Studio auto-tune software is one of the highly admirable tools that can be used windows operating system. This software has a semi-professional Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) option. This tool has several audio patterns and unified instruments to build music from scratch.

This tool has a trial feature to access limited days and payment; the version allows access to several functions of that auto-tune software.

This software is admirable for its features, such as beat-building efficiency, extensive preferences in plugin effects for performing, and sound editing based on requirements. This software is also helpful for evaluation in the compositions section.

Price: (Free/Paid version)

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2. Acid Pro Auto-Tune Software

acid pro auto tune

Acid Pro software is a good choice for auto-tune. It enables multi-tracking recording of music and generating similar content through this tool. This software supports 24- bit and 192-kHz multitrack recording facilities.

This software accompanies 16 no’s of tools and 13 different sound effects that can be used for different service intents—a feature of Digital Auto Workstation (DAW) that assist and association requirements during musical sessions. The software offers a free trial service and paid version for upgrade specifications.

Acid Pro auto-tune software allows recording any track and proficiency in multi-tracking of audios, superb compositions standard.

Price: Free/Paid

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3. Adobe Audition Auto-Tune Software adobe audition

Adobe Audition tool originated via the Adobe brand. This autotune software offers a good level of pitch improvement. This software provides Virtual Studio Technology-based plugins and options for validating the audio status.

It enables multi-tracking of audio, waveform features, generating of music, editing in audio, audio mixing, and restoration in the audio track.

Audition auto-tune software displays systematically based guidelines to use this auto-tune software while recording or editing the audio track.

This software enables high-end audio editing delivery, an excellent standard multi-tracking feature in audio. This tool provides trial period service and paid version services with more facilities.

Price: Trial/Paid Version

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4. Avid Pro Auto-Tune Software

avid pro auto tune software

Avid Pro is a fantastic tool that generates audio composition, editing on the audio track, and audio mixing on an audio-mixing.

This autotune software classifies into three categories. Pro Tool First, Pro Tools HD, Pro Tools HD.

  • Pro Tool First: This software version is perfect for songwriters and musical artists.
  • Pro Tools Pro: This Pro version software is applicable for advanced professionals and musicians at a professional level.
  • ProTools HD: This HD version of the software is an effective tool appropriate for professionals in audio and professional production houses.

Avid Pro auto-tune software generates a vast level of music tracks, compositions, an audio recording of audio, and editing in audio. Upgrade version Avid Pro auto-tune software assists in including sound for a track that can be possible.

This software can run perfectly on windows devices. This software features a Digital Audio Workstation and facilitates quality-level audio recording, editing on track, and audio mixing without any hassle. It has the quality-level audio quality and more than 100 plugin options.

Price: Trial/Paid Version

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5. Waves Tune Auto-tune Software

waves tune auto tune software

Waves Tune software provides services through Waves Audio Limited. This autotune software is a good platform for audio pitch adjustment and includes any effects based on need.

This autotune software has three different versions and services.

  • Waves Tune Real-Time: Beneficial in audio-mixing at the time of any live session.
  • Waves Tune: This version is meant for pitch adjustment and editing the track of the pre-recorded session.
  • Waves Tune Lt: This version applies to any elementary auto-tune service.

This auto-tune software offers trial and paid service, where users can edit the audio track and better serve performances.

Utilizing this software, users can rectify the errors in an audio track and generate an absolute sound quality. The real-time feature works wonderfully to deliver accurate voice modulation.

Price: Trial/Paid Version

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6. Nectar3nectar 3

Nectar 3 was initially developed by iZotope and is one of the fantastic software for vocal mixing.

By utilizing this tool, users enable to rectify voice and audio tracks. Pitch, dimension, compressor, delay, and correction of any track by simply sharing or uploading the audio file, and it can do its work accordingly. It has the feature of a real-time analyzer.

This software has a variety of advanced features through its payment-based program. This software can efficiently operate in the windows operating system.

Price: Paid Version

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7. Cubase

cubase auto tune software for windows

Cubase auto-tunes software for Windows provides high-end audio-mixing and auto-tuning for any track. This software delivers superb sound clarity and serves quality sound assistance.

This software enables the compositing of the audio track, generating a track, editing audio, and audio-mixing can be operated smoothly.

This autotune software is divided into three categories based on software features.

  • Cubase Elements: Elements version allows for the recording of the track, editing of the track, and MIDI audio-mixing service benefits.
  • Cubase Artist: This version facilitates advanced features and editing-based tools for relevant service professionals.
  • Cubase Pro: This autotune feature version applies to music artist professionals and experts.

The software allows the creation of a track-from-scratch stage and other essential features. This software can operate the windows 10 operating system.

Price: Trial/Paid Version

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8. Melda AutoPitch melda autopitch auto tune software

Melda AutoPitch Auto tune software is effective in serving high-end autotune delivery. This software has an adjustable GUI and scalable features for users to select several buttons, slider options, and plugin preferences. It has good performance in stereo expansion.

With good adaptability ratios from the users, this tool can serve stereo signals and mono based and delivers standard performances in audio and automatic pitch altering. This software can run perfectly on windows operating systems.

Price: Trial/Paid Version

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9. Audacity Audio Software


Audacity is a beautiful free, open-source platform-based tool that can use in the audio sector. This software authorizes users to generate multi-level audio tracks, recording any music. This software features digital sound tuning, facilitates recording any live concert or audio track, and smoothly converts that specific file within a few minutes.

The upgraded version of Audacity allows making use of the features of audio and music track editing options. This software can access through any windows operating device.

Price: Free Tool

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10. Antares Autotune Pro antares autotune pro auto-tune software

Antares autotune software is an exciting tool for voice effects change and pitching audio adjustment. This software enables the enhancement of the recording of audio tracks, modifying several effects with a high-end standard.

Varieties of modes in this software can create quality-level audio-editing experiences. Such as Auto and Graph feature modes, enable audio rectifying real-time basis.

The advanced view option in this software enables access to different features in MIDI, editing in scaling, and other adjustments. Real-time auto-tuning features and editing in graph mode features are the effective critical points of this tool.

Price: Free Trial/Paid Version

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Wrapping Up

Hence this is an analysis of the best 10 autotune software for widows. Every autotune software has different service features.

Several very high-end software has fantastic utility features for the professional usage level. FL Studio software, Adobe Audition software, and Avid Pro have different specifications with paid versions that can use for different service needs.

If a beginner wants to learn about autotune software, they can first use free service feature-based software such as Audacity.

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