9 Best Apps to Watch Movies With Friends

Here you will find the 9 best apps to watch movies with friends. Using these apps, you can enjoy your favorite movies or TV shows with your friends and family members. When social distancing and avoiding public places is being recommended to keep coronavirus infection at bay, more and more people watch movies and web series online.

Let’s face it. The pandemic has changed our lives, and socializing with friends is no longer feasible. However, many apps bring back the joyous experience of watching movies with your friends while they are several miles away.

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9 Best Apps to Watch Movies With Friends

Here is a list of the nine best apps to watch movies with friends:

1. Syncplay

A platform that allows you to watch movies with your friends without any added cost. The platform is free and allows multiplatform access while supporting all the well-known video players of VLC and Media Player Classic.

There is no need to search online for a popular movie in a group, and the friends want to watch it together. If it is available on the users’ hard drive, it can be easily streamed on the platform, and friends can relive the best moments of camaraderie.

Try this app to watch movies with friends here.

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2. Zoom

The video conferencing app attained instant popularity in pandemic times among businesses, schools, and colleges, frequently needing to meet up. Many people can meet up on Zoom’s virtual platform to hold meetings, discussions, or classrooms.

This video-conferencing app is also discussed for its many exciting features to stand out. You can use it right from the browser or through the Zoom app. The screen sharing feature of Zoom allows the user to share whatever is happening on their screen, whether it is a movie or a television show.

One can control the sound of the program for their friends. It also allows the users to leave their webcam open so that a group of friends watching together can see each other. This makes the experience exciting, as most people love seeing how their friends react to a particular scene.

Try this app to watch movies with friends here.

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3. Watch2gether

Watching movies in real-time is extremely exciting as friends often look for such gatherings. There is no hassle in using this platform, and the entire process is pretty straightforward.

Just create a temporary nickname, and one is good to go as there is no registration required. Create a room by simply clicking on the tab and typing the quick nickname. This will take the user to the room created and start adding friends.

It is also possible to join another room that is already live and watch the movie streaming there and also interact with the group through the chat option. It supports video sources like DailyMotion, YouTube, Vimeo, or audio from SoundCloud, which is a helpful feature for friends wanting to explore fresh content every time they come together.

Try this app to watch movies with friends here.

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4. Gaze

Do you have that bosom friend who is closest to your heart and wishes to share certain movies just with them? Gaze is an excellent means to do so as it is meant for people who want to see videos with one more person.

Plus, it works with YouTube, which offers a wide variety of content, including films of different genres languages across the globe. Using it is also incredibly easy. To use this platform, one needs to create a room and share a link with another person they wish to watch the movie with. That’s all. They can then start streaming the videos one after the other.

Users can also watch local videos on this app, but both parties should have the file on their computers. This does not oppose a problem anymore as plenty of websites allow users to send large files without charging money.

Try this app to watch movies with friends here.

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5. Kast

Kast is another popular platform. It not only allows to sync videos among multiple users in real-time but enables them to share their browser. Initially, people used it for syncing Netflix or YouTube videos.

But as they explore its additional features, a group can sync a large variety of content across different devices while in other locations. Users can sync games, documents, and various types of content as and when they need.

Those interested can download its desktop client according to their OS, create a room, and join an ongoing live stream.

Try this app to watch movies with friends here.

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6. Plex VR

It takes the experience of syncing video to a different level as it transports the users to a virtual loft apartment drive-in theatre. In the virtual space, multiple users can chat and see videos and source videos from the Plex media library of any user.

Syncing videos with friends on this app can seem complicated to some people. All the participants must have hardware that works with Google Daydream, Oculus Go, or Gear VR. It is also expensive compared to other services.

Try this app to watch movies with friends here.

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7. Twoseven

The application was developed by a couple who were spending a lot of time away from each other. Its best feature is its simplicity, and also, you can run it straight from a browser.

It works for Crunchyroll, Netflix, YouTube, and Vimeo, but most significantly, it lets people sync videos among people even if one of them has the content on their computer.

Further, its built-in video and text capabilities help friends see each other and share their video viewing experience.

Try this app to watch movies with friends here.

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8. WatchParty

This service allows users to sync videos in multiple ways. One can share the movie link on a site, share a browser tab, or just an application where the content is available.
While in a room here, a user can launch a virtual browser that all participants can view and control.

Further, one can also upload videos from their computer here, and the entire group can see them from their location. WatchParty can work from a browser, and you can create a room without registering.

Try this app to watch movies with friends here.

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9. Sync Video

A free service that allows users to sync videos privately. It was created to give users more privacy than other screen-sharing platforms.

While a temporary nickname is not required, registering for this service is necessary. Users get their own private, permanent virtual room, and they can return here each time they use the service.

YouTube and Vimeo videos can be added and linked to the playlist for future viewing. One can also use the option to make their room public.

Try this app to watch movies with friends here.

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Here we have compiled a list of the nine best apps to watch movies with friends. You can use any of these apps to have a great time with your friends and family members. Enjoy your favorite movies or TV shows with your friends during this pandemic without having to meet them physically.

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