10 Best Apps for Dog Owners and Lovers

best apps for dog owners and lovers

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Here we have compiled a list of the 10 best apps for dog owners and lovers. Who doesn’t love dogs? They’re full of energy, fun to be around, clumsy, loyal, and most importantly, more loving than anyone else. They say a dog is a man’s best friend, and we believe it to be a total understatement.

However, owning a dog isn’t a cakewalk, and you need to broaden your knowledge about dogs, their requirements, their habits, how to train them, and a bunch of other things if you want to take the best care of your dog.

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Why Do You Need An App For Your Dog?

Yes, that’s right. There are currently several applications across the internet aimed at people who own dogs or love dogs in general. These apps are not of a single type but vary based on uses and purposes.

Whether it’s about how to train your puppy, what to feed them, understanding their behavior, tracking their vaccines, buying supplies for them, including toys, snacks, etc., you can find an application.

In this article, we’ll present to you some of the best apps we could find that are great for anyone who owns a dog or is planning to become a dog parent soon.

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10 Best Apps for Dog Owners and Lovers

In this section, we’ll take a brief look at some great applications guaranteed to help you in more than one way if you’re a dog owner or about to become one.

These apps cover everything your furbaby needs to have a healthy and happy life. So without any further delay, let’s begin.

1. Puppr

puppr - best apps for dog owners

Starting off the list, Puppr is a trendy application used for training dogs. Puppr is a great way to learn how you can teach your dog some of the most astonishing tricks out there, and you don’t need to worry as the basics are included there as well.

Whether it’s a spin or a sit command, Puppr will use a variety of visual elements to break them down and tell you how you can instruct your dog to follow your command step by step. Puppr has a total of over 50 tricks that you can teach to your dog.

Puppr provides ample description of instructions so that you know what to do right away. It also has an in-app store where you can buy accessories and other stuff.

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2. GoodPup

goodpup - best dog owner apps

GoodPup is an application similar to Puppr. However, the training methods in both applications differ significantly. While Puppr instructs you on how to teach your certain dog tricks, GoodPup provides you with a list of certified trainers that you can reach out to for training your dog.

GoodPup also offers its users a feature that lets them train their dogs at home and their leisure. The training sessions recommended by the certified trainers on GoodPup are planned thoroughly and will surely help you train your dog to be much more than just a good boy. You can count on GoodPup to be your ally on the journey of disciplining your dog while making sure to have fun along the way.

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3. Chewy

chewy app for dog lovers

Chewy is easily one of the best applications for pet supplies. The user interface and quality of its goods make Chewy a good utility. Chewy is a one-stop solution for all dogs and other pet supplies.

It has all sorts of playthings, treats, snacks, food, clothing, and other crucial accessories for your pet, and their prices also seem fair. Chewy is relatively easy to use and has well-sorted categories that can quickly help you find whatever you’re looking for.

You can go for Chewy if you’re looking for an application that’ll fulfill all of your pets’ shopping needs.

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4. FitBark

fitbark - best app for dog owners

This application is of great utility to every dog owner out there. FitBark’s primary purpose is to keep you updated with your pup’s general and overall health status. FitBark effectively tracks and keeps tabs on your dog’s overall fitness.

It can monitor a dog’s anxiety levels and calories it burns in a set period and locates your dog using GPS. FitBark has been around for a while, and many people across the globe have this application installed to stay updated with their pet’s health status.

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5. Tractive Dog Walk

tractive dog walk

Tractive Dog Walk is yet another application that aids you by keeping track of exercises you do with your dog, time taken to do all that, and distance covered when walking.

Taking a walk outside is something almost all domestic dogs love, and using Tractive while walking them will make the whole session even more efficient and fun. The application Tractive records a walking session and lets you know about the overall results of the walk.

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6. Dog Monitor

dog monitor app

As the name suggests, this app can monitor your furbaby and see what it is up to when we are not physically present to keep them company. Separation anxiety in dogs is more common than we think, and not every household can afford to set up physical cameras to keep an eye on their dogs to ensure they’re okay.

This is where the Dog Monitor app comes in. Dog Monitor connects to your smartphone and alerts you whenever your dog barks, is awake, or tries to escape for a short while. You can also interact with your dog using voice commands, and it’s more likely for your dog to behave itself.

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7. Pet First Aid

pet first aid

We cannot emphasize how essential this app is for everyone, even those who don’t have any pets. The Pet First Aid app has a series of treatments you can administer to your pet in case of any emergency by yourself. However, visiting a veterinary hospital still takes priority, and you should only rely on first aid when you can’t go to a vet.

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8. Dog Scanner

dog scanner app

Dog Scanner is an entertaining app that you can use this application to find out what breed a dog belongs to. All you have to do is to use a photo of a dog or scan one directly using your phone’s camera, and this app will tell you the breed of that dog.

It works perfectly fine with mixed breeds as well. Dog Scanner is a great way to pass some time while learning about beautiful dog breeds.

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9. Whistle

whistle - best apps for dog lovers

Primarily, Whistle is simply a dog tracker app for our mischievous boys that love to give their parents a scare by running freely around the streets.

The Whistle app can also act as an activity tracker, but its primary purpose is to find your dog’s current and live location. Whistle has a range, and whenever your dog goes out of that range, the app notifies you of it.

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10. BarkHappy

barkhappy - app for dog owners

BarkHappy application provides all dog lovers a platform to come together and form a community of dog lovers. You can learn about dog-friendly locations around you and fellow dog owners and socialize with other pets and their parents using BarkHappy.

It is a great way to find and make friends with fellow dog parents and participate in pet-oriented events.

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Although it may not seem like it, raising a dog is no less than raising our kid, and we cannot afford to be careless when doing that. Hence, we need complete knowledge of how to raise and care for a dog properly.

That is precisely why this article covered some of the best apps for dog lovers and owners that will surely help you with your dog’s training, activity tracking, diet, and many more. We’d recommend going with Puppr, Chewie, Pet First Aid, and Tractive together. These applications form a complete package of your dog’s needs and requirements.