10 Best App Development Companies in San Francisco

Here we have compiled a list of the 10 best app development companies in San Francisco. The internet is an important place for your business to be. Not just for the marketing and advertising aspects of it but also for ease of doing business and customer service. Today, many companies of all sizes are trying to strengthen their presence on the internet. And the most popular way of doing so has an app.

Having an app is easier said than done. You’ll need proper designing and programming knowledge, marketing and advertising knowledge, and a ton of experience.

Or, you can hire a software company to do that. These companies are full of people who know much about the app and its market. Many of these even provide marketing and strategizing consulting services so that you can focus on your part of the business.

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10 Best Mobile App Development Companies in San Francisco

best app development companies in san franscisco

Here’s a list of the 10 best App Development Companies in San Francisco, California, the oldest silicon valley. We recommend you stick to the end and go through each of the companies listed below, as it is a crucial decision to make and should not be taken on a whim.

1. ArcTouch

arctouch - best app development companies in san franscisco

The list starts with ArcTouch, a premium custom software development company that also excels at making mobile apps. With over a decade of experience in designing and developing mobile apps, along with providing growth strategy and DevOps services, this company would deliver with excellence.

Some remarkable works of ArcTouch include apps for Hawaiian Airlines, McCormick, Audi, HP sprocket, Travelocity, Honeywell, and Yahoo! ArcTouch also contributed to making apps for Warner Bros, and Salesforce, Pringles, Marriott, etc.

You need to be well funded if you wish to give this company your job of making the app, as the pricing starts from $1,00,000 for a project, with the average hourly rates varying from $150 to $200.

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2. CitrusBits


CitrusBits, founded in 2005, has helped hundreds of businesses get onto the app. This company designs and develops impactful, stunning apps for businesses and companies of all types.

The company primarily provides mobile app development, AR/VR development, and application management and support services. A few projects CitrusBits delivered are apps for Burger King, Quicksilver, Symantec, and Sotheby’s.

Pricing starts from $25,000 for a project, with the average hourly rates varying from $100 to $150.

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3. mTraction Enterprise

mtraction enterprise

mTraction Enterprise is a subsidiary of Affle, headquartered in Singapore, with offices worldwide, including one in San Francisco. Affle mE(mTraction Enterprise) is a leading mobile app development company focusing on serving businesses of all sizes with complete mobile app solutions.

This company specializes in custom Mobile app development, AI/ML, and Web development. Some of the apps made by Affel mE include Agribazaar, BookMyShow, Muthoot MotoDesh, berpay, paperclip, My Spectra, Yokeshia Mall, etc.

Pricing starts from $25,000 for a project, with the average hourly rates varying from $25 to $50.

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4. iTechArt Group

itechart group

iTechArt is a custom software development company that excels in everything tech, especially mobile apps. iTechArt, out of 3500 developers, dedicates teams of engineers and designers to scale every client to new heights.

Incorporated in 2002, this company has helped many ventures turn unicorns and beyond. The company has had over 350 clients, contributing around USD 13 billion in acquisitions and 21 IPOs. The company’s shining portfolio includes apps for Gain Capital(forex.com), Thirty Madison, Doctors without borders, ClassPass, Freshly, convene, and many more.

Pricing starts from around$25,000 a project, with average hourly rates varying from $50 to $100.

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5. GeekyAnts

geekyants - app development agency san franscisco

GeekyAnts is a design and development studio with up to a thousand developers and designers. The company specializes in mobile and web development, UI/UX design, product management, DevOps and business analysis, etc.

This company also created React native’s most famous UI library, NativeBase, with over 1,64,000 GitHub stars, builderX, Vue Native, Flutter Starter, apibeats, etc. GeelyAnts has delivered and worked with over 500 clients worldwide.

Apps for KhataBook, MPL, Liviit, Scroll News, Amana Skincare, Marigold Health, etc., are some notable projects this company delivered. Also, GeekyAnts has been running the official server of Google since 2017.

Pricing starts from just $5,000 a project with average hourly rates between $25 to $50.

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6. Matellio


Founded in 2012, Matellio is a custom software development company that can help you even with your app. Matellio is a team of full-stack developers that provides top-notch software of any kind.

Over the past decade, this company has delivered more than 500 successful projects to clients of different sizes, ranging from small startups to large enterprises. Some of the apps made by Matellio include apps for Siemens, EzEve, BirthDayte, and Eureka, among others.

Pricing starts from just $10,000 a project with hourly rates around $25 to $50.

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7. Impekable


Founded in 2012, impekable is a premium custom web and app development company that designs and builds enterprise-class web and mobile apps. The services provided by impekable include Design Systems, Adobe UI kits, UI/UX designing, mobile and web app development, and product strategy.

The company has expertise in developing apps for various industries like banking, insurance, SaaS, e-commerce, retail, healthcare, legal, automotive, and fitness & wearables. Impekables are partners and official vendors for Adobe, Stripe, and Twilio.

This firm has delivered many projects, including mobile apps, websites, web apps, etc. The most striking are Boss TV Mobile App and Adobe XD Google Sheets.

Pricing starts from $1,00,000 a project with hourly rates varying from$150 to $200.

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8. Kin + Carta

kin carta mobile development agency

Founded in 1981, Kin + Carta, also known as Kin and Carta, is a global digital transformation consultancy that helps businesses go digital in every way possible.

This B Corp certified company has over 1700 strategists, engineers, developers, and designers. Kin + Carta focuses on mobile app development, cloud consulting & SI, and IT strategy consulting for mostly big enterprises.

The company’s robust clientele consists of AstraZeneca, EFL, Lexus, Corteva, NatWest, and many others. Some of the promising projects delivered are mobile apps for NatWest Bank, Gordon Food Services, and Corteva Agriscience.

Pricing starts from around $150 to $200 per hour.

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9. Zazz


Zazz provides a list of services. Mobile app development, app analytics, and reporting are a few of them. The company has delivered to hundreds of Funded Startups, government agencies, companies, big corporations, and enterprises.

The company has served many firms across various sectors and industries like Health care, Medical, Music and art, Consumer Products and services, fintech and financial services, and hospitality and tourism. Zazz has deployed over 400 apps and delivered over 750 projects. Some of the striking ones include apps for maxsold, Riyadh Season, Roundup, ECAO, TaxVolt, etc.

Pricing starts from $25,000 a project with an average hourly rate between $50 to $100.

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10. Geekbears


Geekbears, founded in 2015, is a custom app design and development company. The company has delivered hundreds of digital products for clients of all sectors, industries, and sizes.

Geekbeara has delivered to various companies like Financial Services, Medical and healthcare, Business Services and Education. Apps for Evolve, Heavv, Pregame, Treads, and Hangurs are some of the remarkable projects delivered by Geekbears.

Pricing starts from $50,000 a project with an average hourly rate of $50 to $100.

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Wrapping Up

Thus, we conclude the list of the 10 best app development companies in San Francisco, California. I hope this article has helped you find the right company to trust for your business needs.

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