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14 Best App Creation Companies in the USA [App Development]

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In this article, we have compiled a list of the 14 best app creation companies in the USA. You have a business, it’s going well, generating revenues, making profits, everything is going well, but you find out that your business is not increasing its customers with the speed of your competitors. Or you have an idea that you believe to be a million-dollar idea but not the base to sell it.

If you’re in situations like these, the answer might be, “you need an app for your business.” And it’s true, having a mobile app has increased customer base and revenues and decreased advertising costs compared to traditional ways. Having an app for your business saves you and your customers time to get information about your products and choose the right one for them.

Of course, making and running an app is effective in a positive way, but only if done right. While making the app, you must ensure that it is easy to use and navigate. Also, different products need different kinds of apps to be marketed, which can be a hassle and brain-wracking for many. So, having a software company does it is more accessible and cost-effective.

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14 Best App Creation Companies in the US

best app creation companies in the usa

Here is a list of 14 of the best mobile app creation companies in the US, curated with the suitable filters and specifications you might need. So, we highly recommend sticking to the end of the list and carefully picking the most suitable company to trust your business needs with.

1. Metova

Metova is a premium app development company that provides all the related services from design and strategies. With an experience of over 16 years, this company has delivered over a thousand projects and apps to their consumer-facing client companies like TNAA.

Metova provides services like Product Strategy Prototyping & Concept Development Product Design, iOS App Development, Android App Development, Web App Development, Quality Assurance, Automated Testing, Mobile Backend Engineering, Security and Compliance, App Analytics, and Reporting.

Pricing starts from $100,000 and has an average hourly rate of $150 to $200.

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2. Fueled

Fueled is also a premium software development company specializing in developing business apps. With services like iOS and Android app development, React native development and flutter development, and DevOps services up its sleeve, fueled provides top-class apps per your needs.

Starting in 2007, fueled has developed apps for big companies like MGM resorts, Wall Street Journal, Verizon, happify, and many more.

The pricing starts from around $75,000 a project and above with an hourly rate of $150-200 according to the complexities.

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3. Hedgehog Lab

Hedgehog Lab is a digital products consultancy with a global presence in the app development market. In business since 2007, this company provides, with experience, everything you need.

With services like iOS app development, android app development, DevOps, security, and designing, hedgehog lab is among the best companies.

The pricing starts from $75,000 a project with a $100-150 hourly rate.

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4. Sapphire Software Solutions

Founded in 2002, Sapphire Software Solutions is a Mobile App and Web development company offering a variety of IT services ranging from Android and iOS app development to UI/UX design. It has worked for industries like Aerospace, Fintech, Ecommerce, etc.

This company proves its qualifications with a portfolio including apps for MG, American Express, Adani Emcare, and over 700 others.

Sapphire Software Solutions provides services at very budget-friendly rates, starting from $5,000 a project with hourly rates lower than $25.

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5. Willow Tree

Willow Tree is a premium Mobile and digital product agency specializing in android and iOS app development, conversational AI, web app development, and mobile.

Backend programming provides product strategy, prototyping, designing, and marketing and app analytics and reporting services. With a clientele of over hundreds of companies and thousands of projects, including notables like HBO’s cross-platform OTT, Electrify America, and orange theory fitness.

The pricing starts from $250,000, with an hourly rate of $150-200.

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6. Zazz

Zazz is a digital agency that focuses on app development with best-in-class standards. With services like iOS and Android app development, Flutter app development, react native development, Conversational AI, AR/VR app development, Product prototyping and designing, strategy, security and compliance, and app analytics.

Zazz can serve any size and type of company or startup. Some of the crucial projects of Zazz include apps for max sold, ECAO, and the ROUNDUP.

Pricing starts from $25,000 with a different hourly rate of $50-100.

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7. Blue Label Labs

Blue Label Labs is a premium software development company focusing primarily on app development and managed services. This company provides app development services for Android and iOS.

Blue label labs have delivered thousands of projects, including some notable ones like apps for Sol LeWitt, Hyer, Mayo Clinic (LMAO xd), PayPal, and Bloomberg.

The pricing starts from $75,000 with an hourly rate of $100 to $150.

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8. Messapps

Messapps is a full-service app development company, providing services like iOS and Android app development, React Native and flutter development. Founded in 2013, Messapps has developed many apps like Ground Central, RUNON, AR Darts, Cakemix, Vola, etc.

You can hire these tech-savvy devs for $75,000 per project with an hourly rate of $100-150.

Rightpoint is another premium app development company that provides end-to-end solutions in digital products workspace. With the right point, You can leave all the work from concept and development to launching the app on the market.

Right point specializes in iOS and Android app development, react native and flutter development, Ui/UX design, and various related services, and has provided apps to prominent clients like Schneider electric, Bloomingdale’s, and Virgin Pulse.

Pricing starts from $250,000 with an hourly rate of $150-200.

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9. Chopdawg is one of the best companies you could rely on for top-class app development—founded in 2009 and specializes in cross-platform development for iOS, Android, and web, UI/UX designing, integration of technologies, and app analytics.

Pricing starts from $25,000 with an hourly rate of $100-150 and comes with a 30-day bug warranty and maintenance period.

10. TekRevol

TekRevol is an industry-leading app development company specializing in providing creative digital solutions like iOS, Android, and web app designing, making it stand among the top game devs like ea and epic games.

Some important projects and clients of TekRevol include AMJ workplace wellness, Arrow Recovery app, Muirfield private equity, etc.

Pricing starts from $25,000 with an hourly rate of $50-100.

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11. GeekyAnts

Geekyants is a San Francisco-based app designing and development studio specializing in react, react native, flutter, angular, and many others, providing services like cross-platform development for web and iOS, Android, UI/UX design, business, and app analysis.

The company has served around 500 clients worldwide from various industries like healthcare, Fintech, banking, gaming, real estate, etc.

Some notable contributions to the world react Native’s UI library, NativeBase, BuilderX, Vue Native, Flutter Starter, apibeats, and other open-source contributions and apps like Liviit, Traction app for Child Mind Institute, ONE Championship, Parccel app for PayPoint and many more.
The pricing starts from $5,000 with an hourly rate of $25-50.

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12. ZCO

ZCO Corporation has been one of the most trusted custom software development companies since 1989. The app development firm specializes in cross-platform apps for Android, iOS, web, games, VR and AR, and Ui/UX design.

ZCO has served various clients, including big names like Volkswagen, Harvard University, MindLAMP, GolfLogix, Samsung, and Burndy Connect.

Pricing starts from $10,000 with an hourly rate of $25-50.

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13. Tapptitude

Tapptitude is a digital product studio that creates apps for funded startups and established brands focusing on clients’ business value and MVP development.

Tappititude provides services like Product(MVP) strategy and development, iOS, Android, web-based app development, UI/UX designing, and app launching and growth.

Some notable works of Tapptitude include Tenor’s GIF keyboard app, OxWash’s app, Wellory, and others.

Pricing starts from $50,000 with hourly rates of $50-100.

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14. Confianz Global, Inc.

Confianz Global, DBA StackBench, is a worldwide enterprise providing top-quality custom apps to businesses around the globe. The mobile app development firm provides end-to-end integrated solutions for a complete automated experience to promote business growth.

The app creation company specializes in cross-platform app development for iOS, Android and web, React, React Native, Flutter development and UI/UX designing, app launching, growth, and marketing. Confianz has many clientele projects out of which some names stick out, like the WhooCan app, MedNet Bahrain app, and others.

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Wrapping Up

With this, we conclude the list of best app creation companies in the USA. I hope this article was helpful in your search for the right company to choose for your business’s digital/mobile needs.

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