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8 Best Animal Identifier Apps [Find Animals in Picture]

Here we have compiled a list of 8 best animal identifier apps. Use these apps to identify animals in pictures. Explore these apps here.

We have compiled a list of the 8 best animal identifier apps here. For people studying or working in wildlife conservation or residing near natural habitats for wildlife, it’s easy to identify what that specific animal is, along with its name, nature, diet, and pattern(of behavior).

But for city folks, many don’t know anything about animals or how they might behave if encountered. We might commonly encounter wild animals while on a camp or trek.

Though we recommend avoiding them, we can’t help but be curious about what that animal might be. From a safe distance, you could use an application to identify and get a lot of information about them.

An Animal identifier is an app used to identify and get information about a particular animal using its picture(it works like a Pokedex). The app uses reverse image search, biometrics, and pattern recognition to identify the animal.

In this article, we’ll be looking at some of the best Animal Identifier applications. These apps will help you identify any animal from a mere photograph. Make sure you stay tuned till the end of this article.

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8 Best Animal Identifier Apps to Find Animals in Picture

Below is a list of the 8 best Animal recognition apps you could use to satisfy your curiosity and even become more knowledgeable.

Each app Aces at its job, but we recommend you stick to the end to find the app that you find the most useful.

1. iNaturalist

inaturalist - best animal identifier apps

iNaturalist is one of the most popular and used apps for identifying animals. It is a community of wildlife biologists, experts, conservationists, and enthusiasts trying to spread their knowledge and understanding of nature.

iNaturalist doesn’t use reverse image search but crowdsourcing to identify the animal. iNaturalist is run by the California Institute of Nature and the National Geographic Society.

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2. Google lens

google lens - find animals in picture

Google Lens has more excellent utility than just searching for animals or plants. It enables you to use Google’s reverse image search for almost anything.

Still, Google’s reverse image search generates top results for anything, including animal identification.

Either take a pic(or snap) of the animal using the camera of a Google lens or upload it from your phone’s gallery, and the reverse image search finds almost all the information about the animal.

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3. Bing Visual Search

bing visual search - identify animals apps

Not a fan of Google? Bing does precisely the same thing, sometimes better. To use this, you need to download the Bing app. You’ll get the option to reverse image search in the app itself.

Bing works like Google: take or upload the animal’s picture and hit the search button. Bing will search the internet to find all the information about the animal.

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4. iAnimal

ianimal - animal identifier apps

Available only for iOS, iAnimal uses AI to identify Animals. This app generates results with an accuracy of over 95%.

You can take a picture in the app or upload it from your phone’s gallery, and iAnimal finds information about the animal, like its name and other unknowns.

5. Smartscan

identify animal apps with these android apps

Smartscan uses image recognition from the internet and generates results based on it. This app works similarly to Google Lens and Bing’s Visual search and generates searches related to almost anything.

You need to download and open the app, use its camera, and take a picture (snap) or upload it from your phone’s gallery. The app provides all the available information about the animal.

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6. Seek

seek android app to identify animals

Seek by iNaturalist works differently from its parent app. The app uses image recognition and searches through the observations uploaded on iNaturalist’s platform to generate the best results.

You can identify animals, birds, amphibians, insects, plants, and fungi using the Seek’s Camera. Open the app and point the camera towards the living things you want to know more about.

7. Animalia

animalia - free animal identifier app

Animals is a fun and educational app that uses the power of AI and image recognition to identify animals. Animals identify animals using IR and AI on the convolutional neural network.

Designed for kids, Animalia comes with a straightforward UI and delivers excellent results. This app also makes learning fun for kids by having animal quizzes and facts about the animals.

8. Animal Identifier

animal identifier

Animal identifier uses image recognition and generates results with an accuracy of over 94%.

With a very user-friendly UI and identification of thousands of types of animals and their species, you can use this app in case of a higher frequency of usage.

The animal identifier provides astonishing animal facts with fact sheets and complete scientific classification.

Get this app from the Play Store.


With this, we conclude the list of the 8 best animal identifier apps you could use to feed your curiosity and knowledge.

I hope this article helped you find the most suitable animal recognition app. But make sure to stay in line with safety first.

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