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60 Best and Funny Java Programming Memes

Laugh out loud with the 60 best and funniest Java programming memes. Enjoy a hilarious collection of Java-related humor. Read more here.

In this article, I have curated a list of the 60 best and funny Java programming memes 😂. Are you a Java developer looking for a way out from your Monday blues?

If yes, then worry not, as I have shared the 60 funniest Java programming jokes here. From Java 21 to Java vs. Python, we have collected hilarious coding memes from the Internet.

Java is a general-purpose and high-level programming language. The best part about Java is that it is platform-independent, following a “write once and run anywhere” approach.

Java first converts high-level code to a bytecode, which you can run on any machine using Java Runtime Environment (JRE).

Despite being a popular programming language, you will find more memes on Java because of its long sentence.

For example, you must write a single code line to print Hello World in Python. However, doing the same in Java is cumbersome.

Be ready to enjoy these memes with your friends or colleagues and share laughter.

Let’s now see these Java coding memes.

Disclaimer: These memes are shared for fun purposes only and are collected from the internet. For copyright issues, please contact me, and I will be more than happy to remove the meme or give credit.

60 Best and Funny Java Programming Memes

1. Java 21 will introduce Unnamed Classes and Instance Main methods.

21? We are using Java 17

17? We are still on Java 11

There is a newer version than 8.

java 21 un named class - java programming memes

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2. Java RAM usage.

java ram usage - programming jokes

3. Funny job description of a Java front-end developer.

java front end developer

4. All letters in the Java meme have a meaning now.


A, help me, please I’ve been stuck in this enterprise dev job for the past 5 years, and I’m slowly deteriorating

V, this isn’t a meme. It’s a legitimate call for help


all letters in java meme meaning now

5. Typical Java user memory management.

Just because I like Jave doesn’t mean I am bad at memory management


I am bad at memory management

But not because I like Java

java memory management joke

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6. I can’t think of another video game using Java. I mean, there WILL be more, but I haven’t seen them.

video games using java

7. The Boys! version of Java vs. C#

java vs c sharp - programming meme

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8. Why did Microsoft create C# instead of just using Java?

microsoft java programming meme

9. I hate Java programming, and I will not learn it.

i hate java programming joke

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10. Java use cases.

Should you use Java?

Are you building Android apps? -> Yes -> Please stop, use Kotlin

Are you building Android apps? -> No -> No

java use case meme

11. Java developers using Python.

He thought printing “Hello World” was one line of code!! He mad!

python to java programming meme

12. Errors in Java project.

Me watching the 67 errors I have never seen before pop up every time I try to create a project with a new Java framework after following a YouTube tutorial step by step.

errors in java project

13. The best language for web dev? Java

Best language for enterprise backend? Java

Best language for big data? Also Java

Best language for Android dev? Java

Best language for cloud computing? Believe it or not, Java

best language for web dev java programming meme

14. Lisp vs. Java

lisp vs java

15. Your programming language sucks

My language is a wise and common choice

Language are tools

Languages are tools, but Java and Python2 suck!

get comfortable with java

16. Java pays well, guys; remember that!

java pays really well guys

17. Oracle is trying to troll us!

oracle trying to troll us

18. Checking if Java is installed on Windows OS.

checking if java is installed on windows

19. Talk dirty to me, babe; tell me you code Java; tell me you use the worst date format (yyyy-dd-mm) 😂

Oh yeah, tell me what you want.

Talk dirty to me.

I hard-coded sensitive information into the code and then did a commit


talk dirty to me java programming joke

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20. Average Java developer.

average java developer

21. Chad C++ vs virgin Java.

chad c plus plus vs java programming joke

22. I don’t always have a need to update.

Java: Oh wait, yes I do.

java update meme

23. I promised my girlfriend that I would learn her language

Where is she from?


promised my girlfriend to learn java

24. Tried to learn data structures and algorithms using Java.

tried to learn data structures and algorithms using java

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25. Java and semi-colon to each other:

java and semi colon love affair joke

26. Minecraft and Java: I am something of a scientist myself.

minecraft and java meme

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27. Java and Javascript: They are the same.

java and javascript - they are the same

28. Java programming meme on print.

java programming meme on print

29. Junior Java Dev vs. Senior Java Dev!

junior java dev vs senior java dev

30. Judge: I sentence you to the maximum punishment…
Me: (whispering) Please be death…
please be death…
Judge: learn java
Me: f**k

judge maximum sentence learn java

31. Which programming language do you like?

which programming language do you like - java

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32. Java programmer says: No problem, I can use these seven design patterns for that.

java programmer several design patterns

33. One does not simply learn Java by watching programming videos.

learn java by watching programming videos

34. What are you studying? Java

what are you studying - java

35. I told him I couldn’t open the Jar!

He said to download and install Java 😂😂

cant open jar - java programming meme

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36. English Teachers: You will rarely use the semicolon.
Java programmers:

never use semicolon - java coding joke

37. When you write a hello world program in Java 😎😈

when you write a hello world program in java

38. Saying Java is good because it works on all operating systems.

Is like saying a**l sex is good because it works on all genders.

java is good because it works on all operating system

39. Java is telling me my var isn’t used anywhere.

java telling me my var isnt used anywhere

40. Java is better or Python

java is better or python

41. Arrays in Java

arrays in java

42. The floor is Java.

the floor is java

43. I program games in Java.

Oh really? Name at least 1 game developed in Java.


That’s on me; I set the bar too low!

program games in java

44. When you’re hired as a Python developer and asked to work with Java.

hired as a python developer and asked to work with java

45. Symmetry rule of equality: if x equals y, y must equal x.

Java developers: Hold my beer 🍺

symmetry rule of equality - java programming meme

46. Me making a stack in Java.

Why can’t you just be normal?

*Screams* Java wants an arraysize.

making stack in java - programming jokes

47. Shortest ever Java class name.

shortest ever java class name

48. Just print it

just print it

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49. Why don’t they let me learn Java in peace?

let me learn java in peace

50. Java has been disabled in France.

java disabled in france

51. Kotlin is an improved version of Java.

kotlin is improved version of java

52. Me after going from Python to Java.

python to java programming meme

53. Photo of a “burnt out Java developer on their 4th day of the sleepless night fixing production bug” generated by Midjourney.

Prompt in quotes.

midjourney java developer memes

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54. If you hate Java, write in HTML.

hate java write html

55. Java developers vs. C# developers

java developers vs c sharp developers

56. Java tutorials for beginners

java tutorial for beginners

57. If anyone ever asks why Java sucks, show them this.

why java sucks show them this meme

58. Learning Java is fun.

learning java is fun

59. Three Java devs walk into a bar. All of them drink a…

java devs walk into a bar

60. I was gonna google a Java question, but uhh, thanks, Google?

google java question programming memes


I hope you liked these 60 best and funny Java programming memes. Please don’t forget to share these hilarious Java coding jokes with your fellow developers and colleagues and bring laughter to their busy software development lives. If you would like to share your Java programming meme and add it to this list, then write to us at [email protected].

Happy Coding!

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