10 Best AI Chatbot Apps [2020]


With advanced machine learning models and AI solutions, chatbots can talk like we do. And, the list is not limited to Google Assistant, Siri, Cortana, etc. Here, I have compiled a list of the 10 best AI chatbot apps that can talk like humans.

These friendly AI chatbot apps have won the famous Turing and Loebner awards. If you want to explore the AI solution’s ability to comprehend human conversations, then you should check out these chatbots. You will have some fun time talking with these AI chatbots and will bring loads of laughter.

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10 Best AI Chatbot Apps That Talk Liks Humans

  1. Mitsuku
  2. Replika
  3. Andy English Bot
  4. Cleverbot
  5. Jabberwacky
  6. Rose
  7. Swelly
  8. Elabot
  9. LaurenBot
  10. X.ai

Before you get started with the list, here is an excellent Ted talk from the founder of Pandorabots – Lauren Kunze, which you should watch if you know how these AI chatbot apps work.

Let’s now see these 10 best chatterbot websites or apps.

1. Mitsuku

Best AI Chatbot Apps - Mitsuku

Mitsuku is one of the best AI chatbot apps developed by Steve Worswick using AIML technology. The chatbot has won the Loebner Prize award five times in the following years – 2013, 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019. One of the primary abilities of Mitsuku is that it can reason with specific objects.

The chatbot app is built on top of AIML (Artificial Intelligence Markup Language) and contains all Alice’s AIML files with user-generated conversations.

Mitsuku is available on Facebook Messenger, Kik, Mousebreaker games, Twitch group chat, and Telegram messenger.

2. Replika

Best AI Chatbot Apps - Replika

Replika is another one of the best AI chatbot apps which acts like a personal companion. Eugenia Kuyda and Phil Dudchuk founded it, and the idea was to create a personal AI with which people can express their emotions and talk in a more human-friendly manner.

Getting started with Replika is easy. Visit the link provided above and create an account. The best part is that you can customize the avatar of Replika. After chatting with Replika, I was quite impressed with its replies as it correctly understood the conversation’s context.

As you can see in the screenshot above, the reply of Replika is quite similar to how a human would reply in that situation. I would highly recommend using Replika whenever you feel bored or want to have some fun with a chatbot.

However, I would recommend you not to share any personal information with it. In case you are feeling emotionally down, then go out with your friends, or you can chat with me (social media links in the author box).

Supported platforms: Android, iOS, and a web app.

3. Andy English Bot

Best Chatbot Apps - Andy English Bot

The next AI chatbot app on the list is Andy English Bot, and as the name suggests, it is designed to teach English conversationally.  If you want to learn English grammar and learn new words every day, you should make Andy your best friend. With it, you can study the language in a conversational style, as shown in the screenshot.

However, the chatbot app is not entirely free to use, and some Grammar lessons are locked. To use the full-fledged app, you have to buy its paid version.

Some exciting features of the chatbot app include:

  • Improve your listening skills with audio messages
  • Play fun games to learn new words and grammar rules.
  • Daily lessons.
  • When you make a mistake in any game, Andy explains the correct answer to have a better understanding.

Supported platforms: Android and iOS.

4. Cleverbot

best chatbot AI apps - cleverbot

Cleverbot is another one of the best AI chatbot apps with conversational abilities. A British AI scientist Rollo Carpenter developed it. To this date, Cleverbot has exceeded over 150 million conversations around the globe and has passed the famous Turing test in 2011 with a score of 59.3%. Chatbot apps have to score at least 50.05% to pass the Turing test.

The responses of Cleverbot are not pre-programmed. It looks at past saved conversations and sees how a human responded to that when asked the same question. The AI-powered engine of Cleverbot is made available to developers in the form of CleverScript.

Visit the link provided above to initiate your conversation with Cleverbot. I enjoyed my chat with Cleverbot, and I even asked if it is better than Siri. The answer was quite hilarious as it said it is better than Siri. I use Siri regularly, but she is not that good at understanding the context of a conversation. Cleverbot does a pretty good job, but still, Mitsuku and Replika are far better. At last, my gossip with Cleverbot became quite irritating.

Supported Platforms: iOS and Web app.

5. Jabberwacky

Best AI Chatbot Apps - Jabberwacky

Jabberwacky is another one of the best AI friend app with which you can talk whenever you get bored. Interestingly, Jabberwacky is the preceding version of Cleverbot and was developed by Rollo Carpenter. Jabberwacky aims to “simulate natural human chat in an interesting, entertaining, and humorous manner,” and it exactly does that.

To chat with Jabberwacky, go to the link provided above. After that, you will have an interface, as shown in the screenshot above. Based on my conversation with Jabberwacky, I can say that it is intelligent in conversating and closely resembles a human being.

6. Rose

Best AI Chatbot Apps - Rose

The next AI chatbot on our list is Rose, which won the popular Loebner competition award two times. Bruce Wilcox is the developer of Rose, and he gave the chatbot a female identity. Rose is a millennial who belongs to an orthodox family and has quirky attitudes to life. What separates it from other chatterbot apps on this list is that Rose has her personality, and the developer warns that she can offend you based on your conversation.

Visit the website to start chatting with Rose. Best of all, you can also speak your message if you don’t want to type. I had a fun time chatting with Rose, and its reply was quite witty and gave me a feeling as if I am talking to a human.

Supported Platform: Website.

7. Swelly

Best AI Chatbot Apps - Swelly Facebook Messenger Bot

Confused about which outfit to wear for your next date or any other occasion, or you want to pick the right shoes for yourself, the Swelly chatbot can help you make these sorts of decisions. Swelly is not an advanced chatterbot app like Mitsuku, Rose, Cleverbot, etc.

It is a Facebook bot that lets you connect with its 10+ Million community members to help you make buy-related decisions. So what it does is that, whenever you want to make a tricky decision, you can share the images with the Swelly bot, and it will create a poll for other members. Other Swelly bot users will be able to vote, and you can then see the results to make a decision.

To use this chatbot, visit the link provided above. After that, the Facebook page of Swelly will open, and you will get an automatic message. Allow Swelly to connect with you on Facebook Messenger to start making quick community-based decisions.

Supported Platforms: Facebook.

8. Elbot

top ai chatbot apps - Elabot

Elbot is another one of the top AI chatbot apps that can talk like a human. This chatterbot app has won the reputed Loebner award and fooled three judges out of 12 in perceiving it as a human being. To start conversating with Elbot, visit the link above, and you will see an interface as shown in the screenshot above. Now, you can begin conversating with Elbot. The best part is that with its every reply, Elbot changes its pictures, which relates to its funny and witty responses.

I will recommend you to check out Elbot as it truly showcases the artificial solutions’ natural language conversational capabilities. Elbot also understands the complex sentence structure and user sentiment. Therefore, it is fun to talk with this AI chatbot friend app.

Supported Platforms: Android, iOS, and Web app.

9. LaurenBot

top chatbot apps - LaurenBot

LaurenBot is another friendly AI chatbot app that can talk like a human being and is the winner of the first Divabot Pageant. Visit the link provided above to start chatting with LaurenBot. While speaking with LaurenBot, I was quite impressed with its witty replies. As you can see in the screenshot above, Laurebot claims to be more intelligent than Google Assistant.

Supported Platforms: Website.


10. X.ai

best ai chatbot apps - X ai

X.ai is an autonomous AI assistant,  which schedules events and meetings for you. It acts as a personal assistant for you and allows you to focus on getting critical work done for your business. Using X.ai is simple; you have to CC the email you are sending to invite your meeting or even participants to andrew@x.ai or amy@x.ai.

This excellent AI assistant app will do the rest of the work. Amy will connect to your calendar services, find the most suitable time for the meeting or event, and then send invites to all the participants.

Wrapping Up

Chatbots are redefining how businesses are interacting with their website customers. Here we shared a list of the 10 best AI chatbot apps that talk like humans. So, if you are getting bored and want to have some fun, you can try chatting with these top chatbot apps. From this list, I am impressed with Mitsuku, Replica, and Jabberwacky. Elabot is hilarious as it displays funny pictures with its replies.

In case I missed any chatbot app, please feel free to share it in the comments section.