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5 Best Age Detector Websites: Find Age By Photos

Here we have compiled a list of 5 best age detector websites. Upload your photo and leverage AI algorithms to guess your biological age. Read more here.

Are you wondering how old you look? Well, most people often come across this question inside their heads.

To find out, either they ask their friends or colleagues. But there is no guarantee that other people will tell you exactly how they feel, and that’s where these age detector websites can help you.

In this age of AI slowly taking over, guessing a person’s age from their photo has become a piece of cake. These online age detector tools leverage machine learning and AI concepts such as neural networks to guess accurately how old a person is.

The best part is that all of these websites are free and straightforward. All you have to do is upload your photo; these websites will show the results instantly. In this blog, I have created a list of 5 best free age detector websites that you can use to find out how old you look.

Different age detector websites use different AI models, and their accuracy may vary. I have tested all of these tools and shared the accuracy of the results. So, for more information, keep reading the blog.

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5 Best Age Detector Websites: Find out how old you look

You need to know some rules to get an accurate answer from this website. These rules are given below:

  • The photo that you upload should be of a complete and straight face.
  • The face in the photo should be closer, and it should be 50% of the photo.
  • The photo should only contain one face.

Following these rules will give you accurate results and surprise you!

Here, we list the 5 best age detector websites to guess age from photos. So, let us see how these websites work!

1. Facial Age

face age calculator - facial age

Facial Age is a free online tool that you can use to detect age by photo. All you have to do is upload your photo; the tool will tell you your face age.

Apart from facial age, it also shares gender, facial expression, and shape. The best part is that it can accurately detect facial expressions as well.

For best results, upload a selfie with only one face. Visit the website using the link above and upload a photo. After that, click on the “Test How Old Am I” button. The tool then shows the facial age below the uploaded photo.

Facial Age deletes the photo once the processing is done and is not used for other purposes. So, this online age detector takes care of your privacy.

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2. Facelytics

facelytics - age calculator

Facelytics is another of the best online age detectors on this list. This face age detector uses AI to identify several face attributes accurately.

It also offers API and an online platform. So, if you want to detect face attributes in your project, you can check Facelytics.

The best part is that it offers a free online demo. You can use this demo to find out how old your face looks.

For this, visit the link added above and upload your photo. Again, for results with greater accuracy, upload a selfie with only a single face.

Once done, the tool displays the facial age range along with gender and whether there is a mask on the face or not.

3. How old do I look?

how old do you look

How old do I look? is another online face age detector website on this list. Along with face age, the tool can also detect gender. The tool uses state-of-the-art deep learning and computer vision algorithms to guess your age.

It also uses a customized deep neural network based on the RestNet architecture.

For better results, upload a photo showing your face from the front, which should cover more than 50% of the photo.

Apart from that, your photo should have only one face, and the age should be above 12 years.

Access the tool using the link above and upload your photo. The tool displays the age instantly, along with your photo, as shown in the screenshot above.

I am very impressed with the results of this tool as it gave the closest guess of the age. Use this tool and share your experience with me in the comments section.

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4. ToolPie

detect age by photo - toolpie

ToolPie is a platform that offers many nifty tools, such as a translator, beauty calculator, and many others, along with online age detection.

To use its age detection tool, visit the link above and upload your photo. The tool displays the facial age after uploading your photo, as shown in the main screenshot above.

Again, use a photo showing your face from the front for best results. Also, ensure there is a single face in the photo.

5. PicPurify

picpurify - face age geneder detection

PicPurify is an online platform that offers APIs for image moderation. So, if you are working on a project and need a solution to detect drugs, nudity, or other controversial objects, you can check out PicPurify. The only downside of this tool is that it doesn’t specify the age in years.

It also offers a free online demo to detect facial age. Visit the link above and upload your photo. You can also provide the URL of the photo.

Once you have provided input, the tool then detects the face from the photo and shares attributes such as gender and if the person is a minor or major.

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If you want to know how old you look and check your biological age, these online age detector websites can rescue you.

All the tools listed here are straightforward to use. Upload your photo with your face; these tools use AI technologies to guess your age. Interestingly, these age calculators share other face attributes such as gender, expressions, etc.

The accuracy of these age detector tools varies and will depend on the photo quality you use. The most accurate tool for me was “How old do I look?”. Other tools were off by 3-5 years.

Check out these tools and share your experience with me at [email protected].

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