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8 Best 3D Character Creator Free Software for Windows

Here we have compiled a list of 8 best 3D character creator free software for Windows. Use them to design 3D cartoon, game, or alien characters.

Here, we have compiled a list of the 8 best free 3D character creator software for Windows. Using these 3D character creator software, you can create cartoons, game characters, aliens, and human characters.

The best part is that most of these 3D character creator software provides many built-in features that allow you to design characters from scratch effortlessly.

Three-dimensional characters are essential for video games, animated films, animated advertisements, and many more.

Creating unique 3D characters is also a part of a business branding strategy. So, animators often get assignments for developing attractive and effortless 3D characters. Along with the skills of crafting unique characters, animators also need top-quality tools.

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8 Best 3D Character Creator Free Software for Windows

Let’s explore these eight best free 3D character creator software for Windows without further ado.

1. MakeHuman

Professional animators consider MakeHuman one of the best character-creator tools. Since it is an open-source tool, anyone can use the software to create 3D characters.

This free 3D character creator software is compatible with multiple operating systems such as Windows, Linux, Mac, etc. Animators can use the morph targets to create characters using the MakeHuman software.

Creating a character using this software is easy, as it offers many sliders. You can use those slides to cope with weight, height, gender, ethnicity, etc. The software is ideal for creating 3D human characters.


  • Beginner-friendly tool
  • An interactive interface
  • Pick the gender to craft 3D characters quickly
  • Customize body parts easily


  • Limited clothes and accessories
  • No option for adding scars and wrinkles

Use this software.

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2. Blender

At the second position in the list of 3D character creator tools for Windows, we have Blender.

It is not only free, but Blender is also an open-source platform. Thus, anyone can use the software and add features to the tool.

The software has been used for many reasons, including VFX, video editing, simulation creation, video rendering, and many more.

For creating 3D characters, the software does not offer arrays of features. However, there is an exciting and unique feature for the animators.

You can import a photograph of a human to the dashboard. The software will scan the photo and create a 3D character.

You will find tools to change the height, weight, and other physical features of the 3D character.


  • Open-source software
  • Multiple utilities
  • Scan photos to create 3D characters


  • Minimal features for creating 3D characters
  • It is not a tool for professional animators

Use this software.

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3. iClone

If you want reliable and efficient character-creator software, iClone is your best option. You can create real-time 3D animation characters using this software.

Besides 3D character crafting, users can deploy the tool for video editing, animated educative content development, video games, and many more.

The good thing about iClone is that the tool keeps updated with time. Every update adds new features to this 3D character creator-free software.

Creating 3D characters becomes more accessible with the tool for motion workflow, animation, intuitive characters, real-time visuals, etc.

Apart from these features, the software has an unlimited plug-in, advanced 3D tools, and gaming engines.


  • A perfect tool for game developers
  • Feature-rich software
  • Unlimited plug-ins


  • Not an entirely free tool
  • It is a complicated tool for beginners

Use this software.

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4. DesignDoll

DesignDoll is another free software for Windows to create 3D characters. You will find a default doll model on the dashboard as you launch the tool.

You can use the Model Tag feature to customize the 3D character per your requirements. Apart from Model Tag, you will find tags such as Positioning, Scale, etc.

While the Scaling Tag helps change length and thickness, the Position Tag gives freedom to create 3D characters in different states.

Use this software.

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5. Bforartists

The list of free 3D character creators for Windows is incomplete without mentioning Bforartists.

You can develop 3D content using this software. Apart from game graphics, you can create stills and movies using this tool.

The features of this tool are similar to the elements of Blender. The tool allows users to import three types of 3D files on the dashboard, and those files are X3D, FBX, and 3D Studio.

Use this software.

6. DAZ Studio

DAZ Studio is a free tool for 3D character modeling for Windows users. Both professional and beginner animators can use the tool to create unique three-dimensional characters.

The software comes with a dedicated set of tools for creating unique characters. Users can quickly select a gender to create a character according to the male or female shape.

Apart from gender, you can alter many other parameters. For example, you can explore the wardrobe section to find clothes and accessories for your 3D character.

Animators can change hair color, physical attributes, and other vital parameters to create 3D characters using this 3D character creator, which is free for Windows.

Use this software.

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7. Misfit Model 3D

misfit model 3d

Misfit Model 3D is another free software for creating 3D characters. The software is suitable for developing human and non-human characters. The most beautiful thing is that the tool is helpful for beginners.

Features of Misfit Model 3D:

  • Supports OpenGL-based 3D model editor
  • Multi-level undo
  • Command-line batch processing

Use this software.

8. ZBrush

ZBrush is another of the best free 3D character creator software for Windows, with many valuable features.

The software allows painting, texturing, modeling, and other features. Users can create unique 3D characters using the tool’s advanced pixel technology.

The software is available for free for Windows users. However, the free version is available for only a limited period.

After the free trial, you must purchase the subscriptions to continue with the software.

Use this software.

Wrap Up

This sums up our list of the 8 best free 3D character creator software for Windows. My favorite free 3D character software from this list are MakeHuman, Blender, and iClone, as these free character creator tools offer comprehensive features and an intuitive user experience.

However, I still recommend you check out every software on this list.

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