15 Best Android Apps to Share Screen to PC, TVs


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This article has compiled a list of the 15 best apps to mirror your smartphone screen to PC. You can share an Android screen to a PC effortlessly using these apps. Apart from Windows, most of these apps also work with Mac. So if you are looking for a way to mirror the screen of your Android device to your Mac, then we have got you covered.

Android screen-sharing apps enable users to mirror their computer screen, phone, or tablet to another device. The best part is that you can use these apps for video conferencing, movie streaming, and playing games.

Most people want to use a mirror app because of the small screen of the tablets or phones. It comes in handy when providing people with technical assistance, DIY tutorials, etc. There is no need to set up a projector with this technology as these apps make it possible to stream everything on your PC.

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15 Best Apps to Mirror Android Screen to PC

Let’s now explore these 15 best apps for Android that you can use to effortlessly screen share to your PC.

1. AirServer Connect

airserver connect - android screen share to pc

This is a valuable screen mirroring app that you can use for making presentations. It can reflect the screen of android phones to many devices in sync, which is the most significant advantage of this application.

However, this screencasting application does not support the audio from the android device or any other operating system even though the screen is mirrored. Other features of this app include a QR code scanner that helps the users connect to the correct device and fantastic picture quality.

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2. Chrome Remote Desktop

chrome remote desktop

A great app by Google for an android screen share to pc, this app delivers a lot. It does more than just screen-mirroring one’s phone on pc. With the help of this app, users can remotely access their smartphones, which you can also use for screencasting.

The desktop can work right away from the website, and there is no need to download an app. To connect to the intended device, the connection needs to be authenticated with the help of a PIN.

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3. ApowerMirror

apowermirror - screen mirroring to pc

ApowerMirror is a well-developed screen mirroring app that works on multiple operating systems, including Android. This is one of the best Android apps available for Screen Mirroring in Android.

It is an easy-to-use screencasting app perfect for making PowerPoint presentations and viewing PDF files. It also works well if you want to live stream a program on TV or android screen share for PC. You can use it with cameras to better view the pictures clicked.

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4. Vyosar

vysor - android screen share to pc

This simple application can mirror your Android screen on your PC. This is a straightforward, intuitive mirroring app. Once connected to a device, one can play games, take screenshots, record screens, and do many more activities. Vysor mirroring application can be used by connecting the Android device to a PC, after which the computer detects the Android device and then casts the phone’s screen to the PC.

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5. AirDroid

airdroid - file and remote access

AirDroid app screencasting app is quite popular among android users. It has many other functionalities other than screen mirroring. You can use it to transfer files from an android device to a PC.

The screen mirroring feature is available only through desktop clients. It mirrors calls and notifications messages received on the phone. Users can remotely access the camera in the paid version and switch on or off the built-in features.

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6. Screen Stream Mirroring

screen stram mirroring

Screen Stream Mirroring is worth the try if looking for the best way to stream the contents of your android device to a PC in real-time. You can share the screen of the phone like a dual-screen. Instead of a USB cable to connect the android device to a PC, it uses WiFi to connect to the device for screen mirroring.

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7. Mobile to PC Screen Mirroring/Sharing

mobile to pc screen sharing

Mobile to PC Screen Mirroring/Sharing may not be a well-known app, but it is considered an excellent screen-sharing option. There is no need to install any application on the desktop. Both should be connected to the same network, open the app, and write down the IP address to link the two devices.

After that, you should paste this IP address on any laptop or desktop browser’s address bar. This will enable the user to see the mobile screen displayed on the desktop web browser.

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8. Mobizen Mirroring

mobizen mirroring

This app focuses more on mirroring games than any other content, from Once phone one’s phone screen to a laptop or PC. With this, one can easily control their phone from their PC remotely. It can connect to devices through wired or wireless means such as WiFi, LTE, USB, etc. Smartphone screens can be copied, and you can access all smartphone keys via the big screen.

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9. Miracast Display Finder

miracast display finder

This app enables users to share their mobile phone screens to compatible Miracast/Wireless display devices such as laptops, PCs, Smart TVs, etc. With the help of this app, you can easily view content from one’s smartphone on other devices. It perfectly streams HD and ultra HD images while supporting different video and audio formats.

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10. Screen Cast

screencast - view mobile on pc

Yet another screen-sharing app allows users to reflect the contents of a smartphone screen on other devices with large screens for better viewing. It supports the connection of multiple devices, which is one of the positive aspects of this app. The app utilizes WiFi, a mobile hotspot, or mobile internet for screen mirroring. It can also record the contents of the mobile phone.

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11. SecondScreen

secondscreen - better screen mirroring

SecondScreen is also a much-preferred app suitable for screen mirroring Android devices. This is an excellent option among Android applications for screencasting for bigger picture views. This app allows users to adjust screen resolution. One can also select different profiles, and easy navigation is possible through shortcuts offered by the app.

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12. Castto

screen mirroring to pc and tv

SoomApps develop this app. It is again a good application for screen mirroring. It is suitable for people who love simple applications as this app doesn’t have complicated functionalities. Castto needs a WiFi connection to work. It is a fast app that quickly detects the device you want to connect with.

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13. TeamViewer

teamviewer - android screen sharing app

It is a well-favored app that is top-rate for its advantages and ease of use in screen sharing. The app is suitable for non-rooted and rooted devices. Apart from screen mirroring, it can be used for transferring files and even changing the WiFi setting from the large screen of the connected devices.

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14. HD Screen Mirroring

hd screen mirroring to tv

People use this app to play games on large screens or stream movies to enjoy with friends. It works with all versions of Android. However, it requires Miracast on TV to reflect the smartphone screen. To screen share, both the devices should be on the same network, and there is no need for wired connectivity.

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15. LetsView- Wireless Screen Cast

letsview - wireless cast to pc

LetsView is another good Android app that you can use to share your phone screen to a desktop. The best part is that you can also use it to cast your screen with audio and video. Apart from desktops, you can also use LetsView to share your phone screen with smart TVs, projectors, and other intelligent devices.

Your Android smartphone and PC should be on the same network to facilitate screen sharing. Apart from media files, you can also cast documents and streams from other apps such as YouTube, Instagram, and Twitch.

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In this blog, you explored the 15 best Android apps to share phone screen to PC. My favorite apps from this list are AirServer Connect, Chrome Remote Desktop, and Apowermirror.

Screen sharing, mirroring, or reflecting is a groundbreaking technology that allows people to do many things by overcoming the small screen constraint. Whether it is file transfer, playing games, or streaming live programs in real-time, you can do it all effortlessly with the help of these apps. They help us do more and achieve better satisfaction by allowing remote smartphones from a big screen.