7 Super Easy YouTube Thumbnail Maker Tips

If you want to create unique thumbnails for your YouTube video, then you are in the right place. In this four-minute tutorial, we are going to share seven super easy YouTube thumbnail maker tips.

Read the post until the very end to know about the tips and tricks that can help you make perfect thumbnails for your videos.

You must know that although thumbnails might not look important to you, they are essential parts of your video in getting traffic and views.

So if you want to start earning using YouTube as a platform, you must be occupied with the best tips and thumbnail maker apps and tools that can help you create the best videos thumbnails! The YouTube thumbnail maker by CA Apps is the best one in the play store!

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7 Super Easy YouTube Thumbnail Maker Tips

The video thumbnail is the first glimpse of your video that a viewer sees when surfing down the tab.

Thumbnail is typically the first impression of a video. You might have heard the famous saying that the beginning impression is the last, so if you want to attract viewers to your channel, you have to use the perfect thumbnails for your channel for this purpose.

If you do not know how they make a perfect thumbnail for your video, you should follow the best practices that we have mentioned below for you guys!

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1. Use the right thumbnail size

The first thing is the size. If you are spending time creating a thumbnail for your video, you should make sure that you are doing it correctly. You have to start with the proper size and the appropriate dimensions of the YouTube thumbnail.

As you create a thumbnail for YouTube, you must follow the guidelines issued by YouTube and google. According to Google and YouTube, the perfect dimensions should be 1280×780 pixels, and the width must be within 640 pixels.

The aspect ratio of the thumbnail should be 16:9! This site and dimensions are considered the ideal ones! Make sure the file size does not increase by 2 Mbs! You can take help from the best YouTube thumbnail maker apps.

You can also use this YouTube Thumbnail maker that can help you in design an eye-catching thumbnail that can help you grab more views.

2. Use a great photo as the thumbnail background

You should know that a good thumbnail can only grab users’ attention on the web when you are pining the right image in the background.

A high-quality image is the one that acts as a teaser for the users. You should know that the image you put in the background does not have to be a part of the original video. The image should be in context with the actual content to not disappoint the users/viewers.

We want readers to know that with the help of a high-quality image, you can quickly help your viewers in familiarizing themselves with your signature style.

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3. Include the title text in the YouTube thumbnails

Now you should know that adding text that is the actual title of your content is crucial if you want to get more views. It would help if you understood that adding a video title in the thumbnail has many benefits, and one of them is that it gives the context about your video.

You should know that a simple image cannot convey the message about your video that a textual heading can, and this is why experts always recommend that you use textual titles in your thumbnails. The most reputed thumbnail maker tools on the web can help you with textual addition as well.

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4. Use the best fonts for YouTube thumbnail

When you have decided on a title that you want to add to the thumbnail, you should know that the next important thing is that you have to select the best font for your audience.

Consistency is the key to success, and you should know that with the help of the same style fonts, unique colors, and robust designs, you can quickly get good traffic.

YouTube has many recommendations concerning the videos of different niches, but the most common one is Snappa. This font is considered to be the best one for brand awareness and expression.

5. Create branded YouTube thumbnail

You should know that with the assistance of branded thumbnails, one can quickly get a lot of traffic on the video based on the trust based on the brand.

If you already have a running website or brand famous among people, you should use the logo or the signature emblem style of your brand.

This will also help you in easy designing and staying consistent in making your branded thumbnails with slight editing every time you publish your content!

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6. Use YouTube thumbnail design with good contrast

You should know that contrast is crucial in a YouTube thumbnail, and if you use the right thumbnail maker app for yourself, you will see that it will help you set the best contrast for your nail.

We have already told you that text is essential to add in a thumbnail, but have you ever thought that what is the point of adding the text if it is not readable. For this reason, you have to be specific and careful in setting the contrast of the thumbnail.

7. Be honest and accurate

Now you should be sincere in your thumbnail if you want to gain the trust of your viewers. If you are misleading the viewer’s YouTube, then you should know that it can be impossible for you to win their trust again. A thumbnail is meant to give context, and if it’s not doing that, you will only lose a lot of traffic.

You should use a thumbnail maker application to make sure that you make a very extravagant designed nail for your videos.

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Closing Thoughts

In this blog, you read about seven super easy YouTube thumbnail maker tips. Use these tips to design and create attractive thumbnails to compel people to click and watch your YouTube videos.

Just a pro-tip – don’t spam people with wrong thumbnails. Be creative and genuine to get real success and use the app mentioned in the article to ease generating YouTube thumbnails.

If you have anything to share with our readers, then do leave us a comment :)

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