6 Best Workplace Safety Apps You Should Know About

Innovation is what helps humanity flourish. Due to all the technological advancements, many industries have evolved, and life has become more accessible. From communication to healthcare and security, technology is revolutionizing the world in ways no one could even imagine in the past.

Now it is possible to overcome the barriers of place and time via computers, virtual reality, augmented reality, and e-learning. Technology has changed the workplace, too, lowering the risk of injuries and increasing workers’ productivity.

It’s undeniable that every employee wants to work in a positive environment where they feel safe and valued. Employers who don’t provide this within their company risk losing their reputation, investors, revenue, customers, etc. In short, your entire business will suffer if you don’t protect workers.

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Why workplace safety is paramount for all companies

Workplace safety and business success go hand in hand, and you can’t expect to achieve milestones unless you put your employees first. An unsafe work environment raises employee concerns, preventing them from focusing on their tasks.

Some sites are more dangerous than others, such as construction sites or factories. But in every case, employers are responsible for their team members’ well-being and health. Therefore, you should start by identifying workplace hazards and ensuring the equipment can be safely used without posing risks to employees.

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Enhancing workplace safety is the key to boosting productivity within your company. Plus, it also ensures that employees will stay loyal to you for a long time.

Unfortunately, workplace injuries happen frequently, causing disastrous effects on an employee’s life. And yet, these accidents can often be prevented if proper safety protocols are implemented. Workers can make a claim in the UK if they get injured, leading to significant financial losses.

However, if you ensure safety within your company, you will never have to worry about compensation claims. So what solutions are there? You should provide employees with safety training and the proper equipment they need while on-site.

But leveraging technology is just as essential. Luckily, plenty of apps help managers, company owners, and employees prevent injuries and enhance workplace safety measures.

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6 handy apps to ensure safety in the workplace

best workplace safety apps

1. Heat Safety Tool

Companies can control different factors in the workplace, but not everything. For instance, there is nothing they can do about hazardous weather. For this reason, it is paramount to have accurate and updated information regarding actual weather conditions.

This app has been developed through the collaboration of the OSHA, CDC, and NIOSH, and it is available in Spanish and English. It can calculate a real-time heat index and show risk levels according to workers’ location. Moreover, it also helps employees prevent heat-related illnesses by reminding them about protective measures they should take.

The app is free, being available on both Android and iOS devices. It is ideal for field workers and those working in an area that doesn’t provide heat or humidity control.

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2. Ladder Safety App

Besides the Heat Safety Tool, NIOSH has also developed the Ladder Safety App, which is designed for workers whose job involves ladders. The app’s tools can be used for angle measuring, inspection, selection, accessories, and proper use.

Illustrations make this app extremely effective, allowing non-English speaking workers to use ladder safety practices to prevent falls.

Among other features, this app provides tips for workers on planning their job while considering materials, time, and the tools required. It is suitable for construction workers and service technicians and is available for free download.

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3. WorkPose App

This app is ideal for manufacturing employees and those working at the office. It addresses different areas of bodily discomfort, like fingers, shoulders, feet, wrist, back, and legs, offering ergonomic and self-care tips. It also includes instructional videos on desk and chair adjustment and microbreaks.

The WorkPose app starts with a 15-point self-assessment, providing suggested products and recommendations after each question. Moreover, workers can read further instructions by selecting ‘Read More.’ The app promotes wellness, posture, and movement to boost energy and productivity.

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4. First Aid: American Red Cross

Workplace safety also involves being prepared for accidents that may happen. To this end, First Aid: American Red Cross app can come in handy. It enables you to access life-saving information from professionals and learn how to handle first aid situations. The app prepares you for different kinds of emergencies by providing interactive quizzes and videos.

You can call emergency medical services, find hospitals near your location, and change the language from English to Spanish. The app is best for workplace evacuation officers and first aid responders and can be downloaded for free on iOS and Android smartphones.

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5. iAuditor

iAuditor is a safety audit app that employees can use to enhance the safety practices in their company using regular assessments and frequent checks. The app includes more than 90,000 premade templates regarding safety that you can download for free. Or, you can customize a safety checklist if that’s what you prefer.

iAuditor also allows you to take pictures or videos of incidents or hazards at the workplace. You can attach these to inspections or make a report to notify your supervisor about an issue.

Moreover, this app can also analyze recurring incidents and create improvement plans. It can benefit workers in every industry and is available on mobile devices and web-based software.

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6. Safety Compass

Safety Compass allows users to stay informed of the different hazards early on through a map view, an indoor proximity view, and an indoor floor plan view. Moreover, it enables you to inform other workers about your location’s dangers so they can avoid these hazardous areas. These things are possible because of augmented reality technology and interactive hazard mapping.

The app is ideal for employees operating in industrial fields and large worksites. It’s available as an APK on Android devices, and you can download it free.

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Wrapping it up

Workplace accidents are preventable only when employers and employees work together to create a positive environment. Safety is everyone’s responsibility, and taking the necessary steps toward building a safe workplace culture is paramount.

Apps can be highly effective for businesses as they allow workers to identify and address hazards, encourage workers to report safety issues, and reduce the number of safety inspections needed.

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