6 Reasons Why Hostinger is Good for WordPress


Are you planning to start a WordPress website for your business or simply a new blog and wondering whether to go for Hostinger or not? If yes, read this article to understand better why Hostinger is good for WordPress or any other website type.

Hostinger provides one of the most economical web hosting services today. It is an excellent place to start if you’re new to web hosting. Their fantastic support service will be there to assist you if you have any issues with your website.

It offers good features, and its prices are one of the most competitive in the industry. On the other hand, when it comes to creating websites, WordPress is a great option, as it provides all the tools and resources needed to develop a solid foundation for all your marketing needs.

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Is Hostinger good for WordPress?

This article will look at some of the factors that make Hostinger an excellent option for WordPress websites.

1 Fast Speed

We ran a speed stress test on our Hostinger US test site and benchmarked it using Google’s recommended 200 ms. The speed test results for our Hostinger US test site came back with a worldwide average of 143 milliseconds, which is good.

Then we put our Hostinger Singapore site to the test, seeing how it handled pings from all over the world. Hostinger responded in 3 milliseconds from Singapore, with an average speed of 168.9 milliseconds worldwide.

Hostinger Europe is also quite speedy like its American counterparts, and they came back with a decent worldwide average speed of 141.3 ms.

2 It is optimized for Word Press

Hostinger’s shared hosting plans include the most recent versions of WordPress and are custom-optimized to give some of the industry’s best loading times.

There’s a reason WordPress powers 30% of the internet (they’re that excellent). As a result, it is pretty safe to suggest getting your hosting from Hostinger on a WordPress website.

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3. Pricing

Hostinger’s starting costs are what set this web hosting company apart from the competition. With that in mind, Hostinger’s pricing plans for the services it provides are shockingly affordable.

For example, promotional pricing (which only applies to your first payment cycle) starts at $1.39 a month for a single website. If you pay a little bit more ($2.89 per month), you’ll also get a free domain name to go along with your hosting.

Furthermore, higher-tier services provide free backups and allow you to create an infinite number of websites on your account.

Along with beginner-friendly hosting plans, Hostinger also offers advanced hosting alternatives such as cloud hosting (starting at $9.99), VPS hosting (starting at $3.95), email hosting (starting at $0.99), Windows VPS hosting (starting at $26.00), and Minecraft server hosting (starting at $8.95).

4. Free Domain name

If you didn’t know, you’d need to buy a domain name from a domain registrar in addition to paying for web hosting to get your website up and running.

Small expenses like these can quickly mount up for small business owners, especially when they’re just getting started.

Getting a free domain name from your web hosting provider may be beneficial, and Hostinger is genuinely making a difference by assisting new entrepreneurs by providing a free domain.

5. Uptime Guarantee

Few people take uptime guarantees seriously, yet it can make or break our impressions of a web server. A business website needs to be up and running as much as possible, as any downtime results in a loss of revenue.

More extended downtimes can cause websites to drop in Google rankings, which is terrible for business. While some web hosting companies offer an uptime guarantee, others can be pretty ambiguous with words.

They often slide in terms like “release of payment is up to our discretion,” which means that they can choose not to reimburse whatever they have promised. We looked through Hostinger’s Terms of Service and couldn’t find any evidence of such ambiguity.

6. The support team is quick to respond

Dealing with a web hosting company’s support for our WordPress website can be quite a drill sometimes. However, we are happy to report that our experience with Hostinger’s support team was quite pleasant and productive.

Not only did the support person answer the call almost immediately, but they were also educated, patient, and fun to talk with. They will also hold your hand and comfort your tormented spirit and guide you through the process of resolving your issues.

Another fantastic feature of their assistance is that it is localized. The support team covers 20 nations from four help centers in their original language, making it easier for locals to communicate with the team. They are also hoping to add additional localized languages in the future.


Now that you have gone through the article, this is the right time to ask yourself:

Is Hostinger good for WordPress?

This one won’t be difficult to answer now as you know all the benefits that Hostinger offers. Overall, Hostinger is a highly cost-effective solution. This is particularly relevant when considering the server’s speed. This is a terrific place to start for newcomers, and you can always upgrade your plan as your site grows.