5 Websites to Make PDF Look Hand Scanned

Are you looking for some of the best tools to make your PDFs look hand scanned? If yes, you have landed on the right blog, as here we have compiled a list of the 5 best websites to make PDF look hand scanned.

Nowadays, many documents are sent in PDFs for either official or unofficial work, and they are scanned to clarify what has been written in that document.

But sometimes, even after scanning the document, it does not look like one. Besides, scanned PDFs do not let you search and copy any text.

Sometimes scanning a document is also very bothersome. You need to take the document, click the photos of it, upload it for scanning, and then convert it into a PDF.

Not everyone has that much time, so what to do now?

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5 Websites to Make PDF Look Hand Scanned

Here, I have shared a list of the 5 best free websites to make PDFs look hand scanned.

1. Make Scanned

make scanned - make pdf look hand scanned

If you want to add the scanning effect to your document, this is one of the finest websites. All you need to do is upload the document, select other necessities such as the color and format size, and then click on ‘Produce.’

After hardly any seconds, the file will be processed and converted into the scanned format.

You can also delete the document if you want to defend your specifics and solitude.

Generally, you do not need to sign in to the website. Although, if you desire to transform many pages, you must sign in.

The website might not allow users to customize their PDFs, but you will be assured that the resultant document will look like a scanned one.

Visit Website.

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2. SafePDFkit

convert your pdf to look like scanned pdf

By the name of the website itself, you may have understood that this is a safe website solely devoted to helping its users’ work.

The only difference between the website Make Scanned, and SafePDFkit is that the other allows you to customize your documents.

First, you can select the file that you want to upload. After the selection is made, select the rest of the things, such as the document’s color, noise level, page rotation, etc.

Preview the page, and then click on ‘Proceed.’ The transformation procedure will begin. After that, see the preview of the final output and download it.

One fantastic thing about this website is that you do not delete the documents manually; instead, it will delete them automatically once you exit the website.

Visit Website.

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3. ScanYourPDF

upload any pdf to make it look like it was scanned

ScanYourPDF is another website that helps PDFs look scanned. However, it does not allow other customization operations other than letting the user choose the document’s color.

Click on ‘Add File’ so your file can be adjoined and ‘Propose’ it. Then the document will start processing its conversion. After that, ‘Download’ it, and your file is ready to be used.

However, there are some conditions. The file that you are advancing to utilize must contain a minimum number of 10 pages. Also, the final document will only be available for one hour to be downloaded.

This is a very well-organized and quick website that will make your work easy and rather enjoyable. You can put out scanned-like documents in front of your clients.

Visit Website.

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4. OakPDF

oakpdf - make pdf hand scanned

Another website that helps you to generate scanned-like PDFs is OakPDF. Upload your document after choosing it. Then select the ‘Imitate Scanner’ and click on ‘Download.’

After a few seconds, the converted file will be downloaded automatically after the complete process.

One exciting feature of this website is that it permits you to put your signature in the PDF either by uploading your saved signature or by creating one on the spot.

You will be amazed to see the output and how the PDF can look so real like it has been scanned.

Visit Website.

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5. Look Scanned

look scanned - make pdf look scanned

Look Scanned means it looks like it is scanned. This website has several options to help make your scanned PDF look much better with all the edits.

For scanning the PDF, choose ‘Select PDF’ to upload your file. Click on the Color-Space button to select the color, border, etc. Now, further customize the Noise, Blur, and Rotation very carefully.

After that, click on ‘Preview’ to check the output and finally download it.

Look Scanned is one of the websites that provides you with the most customization options to make your scanned PDF look more authentic.

Visit Website.

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Wrapping Up

So, the next time you want to make your PDF look scanned-like without making it scanned for real, these websites will surely help you.

Check them out and go for the one that sets out your motive.

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