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The Beginner’s Guide to Writing an Essay

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An essay is a short research paper that contains reflections on a chosen topic based on more than one work or scientific article. Therefore, it is not a summary from an exam book or course textbook. If you have asked yourself, “how to find someone to do my assignments for me, ” you need clear advice and services from the Bidforwriting team.

Essays are a form of self-learning that provides an opportunity to gain new knowledge and deepen existing understanding of critical topics related to a subject.

Essays may be taken in all specialized subjects in history and advanced studies and ethnology in independent study of the content of the course.

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How is the essay structured?

how to write an essay

The essay is more accessible in style and structure than a scientific article. However, the text should proceed systematically, focusing on the main points. The essay is structured according to its content into chapters, which are titled. The most typical way of writing an essay is as follows:

  1. an introductory chapter, which introduces the topic or research question, gives a brief background to the topic, presents the perspective, and defines the scope of the work
  2. the main body of the paper, the structure of which depends on the perspective chosen
  3. A conclusion, in which the author summarizes the main points of view, develops the ideas further, reflects on the implications, etc.

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Key points

Review the points you have previously written down in the memo and choose the most telling ones. You should place these points in their subheadings so the reader can keep up.

The subheading doesn’t have to be the statement you read in your memo, but it can be if you want. The aim is for the content of these paragraphs to reveal the arguments and your reasoning behind them.

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Scope and format

The essay should begin with the name, contact details (e-mail address), date, the course for which the essay is being written, and the number of credits.

  1. The number of pages depends on the assignment, the perspective chosen, and the scope and style of the literature to be read. Unless otherwise agreed with the tutor, one credit corresponds to approximately three pages of text.
  2. The format should follow the guidelines given in the bachelor’s or master’s seminar. Sources used should also be indicated in the same way for seminar papers: in the footnotes and the bibliography.
  3. The font size (e.g., Times New Roman) is usually 12 for the main text and 10 for the references. All margins are approximately 2.5-3 cm. Line spacing is 1.5 for text, 1 for references, and for bibliography.
  4. Footnotes are uniformly marked, typically in the form of the author’s surname, the year of publication, and page numbers (e.g., Jutikkala 1994, 24-28). Where several authors are referred to, they are separated by semicolons.
  5. In the bibliography, bibliographic information is given for the literature, showing the author, year of publication, the title of the work/article, other identifying information (for an article, e.g., where published, possible editors, volume/vintage, and number), possible scientific series were published, place of publication and publisher, and page numbers for the article.

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Check your grammar

Grammatical errors take away credibility, and the better the text is grammatical, the faster the reader will be convinced. Read the text several times from beginning to end.

Word points out the most common typos but cannot point out unnecessary words yet. So, specialists who do my homework for me homework assignments keep the text concise and avoid unnecessary jargon.

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Control requirements

The essay assignment is:

  • Comparative analysis of sensory and logical levels.Word count: minimum 1500 – maximum 2000.
  • Excess is to be submitted.
  • TNR (Times New Roman), 1.5 lines, 2.5 cm margins.
  • Diacritics are mandatory.
  • According to APA standards, a minimum of five bibliographical sources used in the text are to be found at the end of the References.

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Paper format

  • Weight: one-third of the semester mark.
  • With possible feedback from the course teacher.
  • Plagiarism will result in a mark of 1, exclusion from the examination, and, where appropriate, expulsion.
  • For essay 1, 5 reading sheets from the recommended material are required. Each
  • the reading sheet will have the bibliographic source specified according to APA rules and will have a
  • minimum itinerary of one reading
  • page and max two pages.

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This blog presents several clarifications and criteria derived from international standards of standards for the production and writing of an essay. It is not a recipe but rather a guide designed to coordinate the learning process and produce an excellent academic paper. Apart from any techniques, perhaps the most important thing is to do what you have to do with love and interest and to enjoy what you have achieved in your work.

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