Spotlight on SOAR and How it Compares to SIEM

Security is among the most crucial elements of an organization’s operation. Any organization that cares for its customers, employees, and company data needs reliable and effective security.

The emphasis on cybersecurity has increased over the past ten years as more businesses have automated their operations. Automation increases the effectiveness of security systems overall as well as their efficiency.

The amount of data gathered by an automated cybersecurity system will be enormous. You can improve the organization’s operations with the help of this data. Automation using AI and machine learning improves physical layer security and visibility, like the services provided by

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Defining SOAR

soar compares to siem - cybersecurity

Security orchestration, automation, and response are referred to as SOAR. By incorporating automated responses to various situations, SOAR aims to reduce the pressure on IT workers.

Additionally, a SOAR system can be configured to meet the specific requirements of a company. This enables teams to select how SOAR can achieve broad goals like time savings, a decrease in the number of IT professionals, or the release of current employees to work on innovative projects.

The management of threats and vulnerabilities, handling security incidents, and automating security operations are three software skills that SOAR integrates. As a result, SOAR security offers a comprehensive threat management solution. An efficient SOAR system might be a valuable tool for relieving the pressure on IT personnel.

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Defining SIEM

Security information and event management are referred to as SIEM. It is a collection of tools and services that aid the security team’s data collection, analysis, policy creation, and notification design.

Management of security information and security events are combined in SIEM. Real-time monitoring and alerting of system administrators are used to achieve this.

Information from network devices and intrusion protection systems are included in the data being scrutinized by the predefined rules. Rules are then utilized to raise alerts.

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What is the difference between the two?

Both SOAR and SIEM identify security problems and gather information about their nature. Additionally, they deal with alerts that security staff might employ to handle problems. They do, however, differ significantly from one another.

Using a centralized platform akin to SIEM, SOAR gathers data and notifies security personnel, whereas SIEM notifies security analysts. However, SOAR security goes a step further by automating the answers.

It utilizes artificial intelligence to recognize patterns in behavior that allow it to foresee similar dangers. This facilitates the detection and mitigation of cyber risks by IT security personnel.

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Benefits of Utilizing SOAR

Improved collaboration

Teams that would typically handle different risks separately can work together to develop the appropriate SOAR settings and automation when the central SOAR system addresses diverse threats. This may lead to a more uniform set of protocols and enable IT teams, to work together on creative solutions.

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Incidents more effectively dealt with

When dangers are dealt with more rapidly, businesses might also gain. Faster response times and more precise interventions are made possible by the SOAR system.

Less time is required to remedy issues because fewer errors are created. A method for managing issues becomes more efficient when human error is reduced.

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Staying Within the Budget:

Enterprises face severe financial challenges because of the kind and number of risks that are developing. You must devise new protocols in response to every new threat, which may need the appointment of additional personnel to oversee the operation.

Every aspect of the SOAR approach is simplified, and most of it may be automated, saving time and money.

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Platform Flexibility:

SOAR can be configured to meet the unique requirements of a company. Due to the flexibility of its architecture, SOAR can adapt to the requirements of the current security system.

This indicates that it can be integrated into your existing configuration without requiring a time-consuming or resource-intensive system redesign. You can gather data from several sources through SOAR.

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A solution that allows automation and orchestration of security protocols improves an organization’s ability to address security concerns while allowing teams to focus on other tasks. Joining hands with an industry specialist allows the implementation of this kind of control to feel effortless.

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