7 Reasons To Add A Live Chat Feature In Your App

live chat feature in app

If your app doesn’t have an option to allow users to chat with your customer success team members, then you are leaving money on the table. In this blog, we will explore several reasons to add a live chat feature to your app.

A live chat option in your app will allow your users to resolve their issues quickly. Most importantly, it will make them feel heard and special. Therefore, you can increase user engagement and turn them into long paying customers with your exceptional customer service skills.

This article is not about the criticality of customer experience for your business but why you should consider adding a live chat feature in your Android or iOS app.

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1. It’s A Popular Feature

You can only add so many features to your app, which is why you’ll want to make sure that the features you do add are highly sought-after. In recent years, there’s been an increase in demand for chat features, which is why more apps are starting to add them.

If you do wind up adding a feature like this, you can trust that it won’t be ignored. It’s a feature that users will use time and time again. Having a popular feature like this could help you to make your app more successful.

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2. It’s Easier Than Ever To Implement

If you’re interested in chat features but have some concerns about how you would implement these features, you’ll be pleased to know that it’s easier than ever to add real-time chat to your app. You can use a framework to make it easy for you to add chat functionality in many cases.

Not only will it be easy for you to add a feature like this to your app, but it will be easy for you to resolve problems and ensure that the chat will wind up being a seamless part of your app. Whether you’re interested in adding a chat feature to an app that’s in development or patching it into an existing app, you’ll be able to add the feature without any issues.

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3. It Can Be Used In A Variety Of Ways

There are many ways for you to use a chat feature. These features are commonly used as a way to provide customer support. Instead of calling a number or sending an email, customers can connect to someone who can provide the help they need via chat.

It’s possible to use a chat SDK that can automatically provide an answer to several questions. Having an SDK in place will allow you to provide round-the-clock assistance, which should be a big hit with customers.

You can also use chat features to allow app users to communicate with each other! No matter how you opt to use these features, it’s likely that having built-in chat functions will increase your app’s appeal. It would help if you looked at some of the options you have and decide how you’d like to use the chat.

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4. It Can Be A Great Source Of Information

How much information do you have about the people that use your app? This kind of data can be invaluable, which is why a lot of companies spend a great deal of money to collect this information.

However, when you use a chat feature, you’ll be able to gather information like this without seeking it out. You’ll be able to get information directly from the customers that use chat support features. Chat features are a fantastic way to identify customer pain points.

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5. It Allows You To Provide Better Customer Service

If you use real-time chat features to provide customer support, you can expect great results. It will be far more comfortable to solve customers’ problems when you can speak with them directly. Many people have stated that they prefer to live chat support to other methods, which means you’ll also use the solution that your users like.

Customer service is crucial to customer retention, which is why you’ll want to make sure there are no issues with the level of service that you’re providing. When you have chat features in place, you’ll provide a first-rate service, and you can ensure that users have a way to resolve any problems they encounter.

6. Chat Features Can Increase App Usage

If you’ve released an app, you’ll want to make sure that people download and use it. If you add chat functionality to your app, you’ll have an easy way to increase engagement. People will want to have your app running so that they can utilize the chat features.

In some cases, adding a chat feature can lead to positive word of mouth. If users can use the chat feature to talk with other people, they’ll want to encourage their friends and family members to download your app as well.

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7. It Can Give You A Competitive Edge

Even if your app is free, it won’t necessarily be easy for you to persuade people to download it. There are so many different apps available, and with limited storage space, people won’t necessarily want to download apps that they don’t think they can use.

If someone is trying to decide between your app and an app offered by one of your competitors, having a chat feature in place will give you a significant edge over the competition. Even if your competitor already has a real-time chat feature in their app, using a feature like this can keep you from falling behind.

Final Words

At the end of the day, if you want your app to be the best that it can be, you’ll want to look into adding a real-time chat feature. No matter how you decide to implement this feature, it’s likely that adding chat functionality is something that will improve your app for the better.

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