Python 3 Program to Print Hello World

The best way to learn any programming language is to practice. Today, we will see a basic example that we learn whenever we begin our journey with a new programming language, i.e., printing “Hello World” to the screen or console. I have also hosted the code on GitHub so that you can find the code of all Python Programs easily.

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For this series of Python programs, I will use Pycharm Community Edition. Please feel free to use any Python IDE of your choice. Apart from Pycharm, I will recommend Microsoft Visual Studio Code, which comes with useful features.

If you are using mobile, you can practice these Python programs using the Online Compiler Android app.

Python 3 Program to Print Hello World

To run this program, create a new project in Pycharm and add a new Python file. After that, copy the code below and run the Python file to see the output. There are many other ways to run Python files, but in our series of Python Program examples, we will use Pycharm, Jupyter Notebooks, and Microsoft Visual Code.

We will use the print() function to display Hello, World on the screen or console.


# Program to print Hello in Python
print("Hello, World")

Run The Program


Hello, World.

GitHub Repository.

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