Python Vs Javascript | Key Differences | Which One Should You Learn

If you are looking for the key differences between Python and JavaScript and are confused about which programming language you should learn, this article is for you. In this blog, we will cover Python vs JavaScript so that you can make an informed decision and pick the correct programming language to kickstart your career.

Both Python and JavaScript are the most widely used modern programming languages, and there is a massive demand for skilled professionals. Apart from that, you will also learn the critical application areas for both of these programming languages and common.

So, which is the best programming language between JavaScript and Python? In the following section, you can find an analysis of Python vs. JavaScript. A programmer can see benefits in a professional field if he learns both languages. However, you can check some basic details on them before mastering them.

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An Introduction to Python

At first, let’s discuss some basic things about Python.

Python is a general-purpose programming language that features excellent flexibility. You can use Python to create the back end of any application, be it software, website, or even a mobile app.

Initially, programmers used to write scripts and utilities with this programming language. But, gradually, it became famous as a general-purpose language used for back-end web development.

python vs javascript

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Developers can create advanced web applications using Python and run those applications on the webserver. Django and Flask, Python-based website development frameworks, come with prebuilt Python code to simplify the development process.

Python offers a wide range of community-backed libraries, from machine learning to artificial intelligence. You can even use Python to develop browser-based games.

You can also find extensive use of Python in machine learning, artificial intelligence, scientific computing, image processing, and many more.

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An Introduction to the JavaScript

Unlike Python, you can use JavaScript to create both the front and back end of any application.

For discussing Python vs. JavaScript, it is essential to know the basic details of JavaScript too. JavaScript was developed to design dynamic features of the web pages. Previously, developers had Java, Silverlight, and Flash for dynamic web development.

But, these programming languages have become obsolete for web development today. JavaScript has replaced all of them successfully. However, Java has many other extensive uses, and it continues to be one of the most popular programming languages.

Today, you can find multiple front-end development frameworks. All of those frameworks are developed on JavaScript. However, JavaScript is more than a front-end programming language today.

Using Node.js, you can run JavaScripton a web browser. With a framework like Express, developers can create APIs using JavaScript.

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Python vs JavaScript – Key Differences

So, what are the differences between these two programming languages? Which is the best language for beginners? You can find the answers to these questions through an analysis of Python vs. JavaScript.

1. Ease of Learning

The most critical parameter is the ease of learning. When it comes to learning a programming language, beginners search for languages that are easy to understand. Python is known for having an easy syntax.

Due to the simple syntax, people can learn this programming language quickly. Moreover, ease of learning has made Python popular in a short span.

If you have mastered Java, learning JavaScript will not be a matter of concern for you. One can run the JavaScript on a web browser.

While Java comes with strict syntax, JavaScript is comparatively easier to learn than Java. Thus, both Python and JavaScript are easy to learn programming languages.

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2. Availability of the Learning Resources

Along with the ease of learning, comparing the learning materials available for these programming languages is essential. For learning these programming languages, one can find many free and premium resources online.

Both of these programming languages have a strong community. The community members contribute new things relentlessly. As a result, the resources increase for the learners and developers. In terms of the availability of learning resources, both Python and JavaScript are equally poised.

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3. Syntax and Code Blocks

Python uses indentation for defining the code blocks. At the end of each line of scripting, you should indent a block code for Python. There is no need to use the brackets for scripting programs with Python.

On the other hand, JavaScript uses curly brackets for categorizing the statements on the same code block. Though there are differences in the syntax and code blocks, both JavaScript and Python are easy to learn.

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4. The Functional Arguments

In Python, you will find that the programming language raises an exception when a function is called due to incorrect parameters.

Nevertheless, this scripting language accepts the additional parameters to pass through the syntax.

In sharp contrast, JavaScript does not react when the parameters raised are incorrect. Where there are some missing parameters, JavaScript receives an unidentified value.

As a result, JavaScript does not respond to the wrong parameters. Moreover, JavaScript considers the additional parameters as special arguments.

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5. Uses in Application Development

Since JavaScript is a full-stack language, it is suitable for both mobile and web application development. You can find extensive uses of this programming language in recent times.

Developers use JavaScript for crafting applications for both Android and iOS operating systems. On the other hand, Python is not native to the mobile application development environment.

Thus, Android and iOS do not support this programming language as their official programming languages.

However, the uses of Python on mobile application development are not rare. The programming language is used for mobile application development through packages such as PyQt, Kivy, etc.

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Job Opportunities for the Developers

If you want to build a career in programming or coding, you need to learn advanced programming languages. Today, both Python and JavaScript are advanced and extensively used programming languages.

So, what are the jobs opportunities for people mastering these languages? Since Python is an emerging programming language, it has more job vacancies. JavaScript has been here for many years, and thus the jobs are saturated.

However, JavaScript has extensive uses in mobile application development. Thus, the programming language can still create a large number of jobs.

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The discussion on Python vs JavaScript helps us understand the pros and cons of these programming languages. Beginners can learn Python for more job opportunities.

If you want to develop applications with machine learning, Python is a robust programming language. On the other hand, JavaScript is essential for aspiring mobile application developers.

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