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Programming Interview: How to Prepare and Ace It

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Have you received a call for a programming interview? Do you have everything you need to prepare for it? If not, don’t worry; we have some tips for you in this article. You are also most welcome if you want more ideas on preparing for your programming interview.

Programming interviews determine your fluency and technical understanding of programming languages. When preparing for the interview, you need to highlight the skills and capabilities you have in computer programming. Knowing what to expect in the interview helps to prepare answers for the questions they might ask.

In this article, we’ll share some pointers on how you can prepare for your programming interview and then ultimately ace it.

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How to Prepare for a Programming Interview

how to prepare for programming interview

Going through a programming interview allows you to demonstrate your technical skills in a practical environment. You will be provided with a problem and must use your programming skills to solve the problem through a working code.

Check out the following tips when preparing for a programming interview:

How Good is Your Knowledge?

This is where you recall what you learned about programming back in college.

The company that is interviewing you expects you to know about the language they use in their operations, so it’s ideal that you familiarize yourself with concepts.

Research course materials online to refresh your memory about the technical terms and programming courses.

You need a reliable internet connection to prepare for your interview without interruptions.

Dial the Xfinity phone number for super-fast internet with seamless connectivity. You can stay online and intensively research programming terms to polish your skills.

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Have You Researched the Company?

Interviewees often make the mistake of not researching the company before going for the interview. That is a mistake.

If you research the company, you can learn about their work, the languages they use in their operations, the systems and tools they use, and other aspects of programming.

Some companies let you work in the programing language of your choice. You may also research other candidates who have taken programming interviews from the same company and their experience throughout.

Have You Previously Worked on Projects?

This is a good way to let the company know more about you and your skills.

If you have worked on projects before, share details about specific works, the languages you used, and your accomplishments.

You can also share documentation of the projects so that the interviewee can follow and observe your processes. Prepare an online portfolio to show when they ask; make it appear organized and neat.

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Have You Practiced a Bit?

You also need to practice and solve algorithm questions in your preferred language.

There are various tools, such as LeetCode, HackerRank, CodeForces, etc., that you can use to practice questions online and get familiar with the chosen language.

You must learn and understand the space complexities of common operations in the preferred language.

Also, learn about the common pitfalls of the language. If you were lucky enough to avoid such during your interview, that will surely win you bonus points from the interviewee.

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Do You Know CS Fundamentals?

You may have been out of college for some time now, whether months or years, but it’s still a good idea to review the CS fundamentals.

CS fundamentals are some quick questions the interviewer asks to figure out your basic computer skills. So do not miss out on refreshing your basic knowledge.

Some standard questions may include listing components of a computer system, types of computer processors, data structure, and more.

And as a programming candidate, you should be familiar with these basics because of your past education and work experience.

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Wrapping Up: Time to Ace the Programming Interview

Programming interviews are tough, sure. But as long as you follow the tips mentioned in the article and carry them out, you can ace it.


  • What languages are you good at?
  • Have you researched the company? What languages do they use?
  • Have you previously worked on projects using these languages professionally? Prepare your portfolio.
  • Have you practiced? There are various tools online where you can practice and brush up your skills.
  • Don’t forget the basics! Refresh your memory on the CS fundamentals.

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