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LuisAlbizu - Luis J. AlbizuLuis, has 10+ years experience as a software developer and currently works as a professional front-end developer within his firm known as “Luis J. Albizu Designs”.
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Luis Albizu is a Software developer from the Bay Area who focuses his attention on developing software products such as business websites, mobile and desktop applications and software tools for businesses of all types. At an early age, Luis Albizu was intrigued with how computers displayed such amazing graphics for the user experience and the unlimited power they possessed. It was here where, Luis Albizu, decided to learn more about the science behind the operating system.

During his studies, Luis Albizu, had learned much more then how to work among teams, achieve client needs with strong, savvy accuracy. His skill set gifted him with not only preforming amazing management and programming skills but an amazing ideology of understanding the client’s goal, what they need done, and how achieve the goal in a very strong and professional matter.

Till this day, Luis, continues to enjoy the amazing tech our communities including, Luis, have help develop and created for our future leaders to improve and recreate in order to bring the world closer, a tech at a time.

1. What is coding to you?

Oh man, coding to me is an inspiration. It’s much more then just inspiration, its a powerful motivator that that keeps me up late nights and up early mornings, just glancing over the text and having to view its amazing progress has made me view the world very differently since I first started coding. Just by having to experience its full power was enough to have me fall in love with the technology.

2. When did you begin coding and what inspired you?

I began coding when I was 16 years of age while going on my brother’s laptop, I was researching my options for a potential career choice one I entered college and found that programming, at that time, was the future, and still is. I did not know what programming was at that time but when I did a bit more research, I found it to be very cool and amazing. I then downloaded my first code editor, which was adobe dreamweaver and started to learn both html and css, afterwards I learned javascript and jquery and soon after php and sql. What inspired me so much about programming was the fact that it was unbelievably beautiful, inspirational and motivational. Just having to learn how it worked, how you were able to build games, websites, programs was enough to make me stay stuck and sprung on the topic. I know many developers who love their careers would understand that love they have for programming.

3.What were some initial challenges you faced while learning coding?

Well, for a fact, html and css were unbelievably easy to deal with but then came javascript and php. Here is where I had a hard time understanding the languages because at this time, I never knew that they were similar in many ways. It took me a while to understand that they were basically the same in the way they were build. All I had to learn was the way its concept was and the rest was easy. But I think the hardest challenge I faced was that of not knowing out to implement them together as one. I never started out with mentors so I had to learn it all before college, and the reason as to why I attended college was because I wanted to know if I was programming the right way.

4. Share some valuable resources that helped you in your coding journey?

I have had many upon many resources that have helped me in developing my coding knowledge, either it being on youtube, college or in the employment world. But I can share with you a website I developed and is always being updated with a lot of resources that will help developers find and choice websites, tools and softwares that will help them meet coding goals and also help then understand its full fundamentals and find them clients! The link to this page is:

5. Tell us about your work role:

There is so much to express here but I will try to make things super simple and less complexed. Every day I start with a meeting with my team, we drink some coffee, share what we did yesterday, what was finished, what wasn’t finished, what we achieved, what needs to be done and just put all the notes on our software platform and notepads. We make sure that it is well understood, a well established timeline and clean enough for anyone to view and understand the goal of the day, oh, and we also motivate ourselves to do the best we can before we begin the day.

I make sure that everyone works only in their own environments and not outside of it because we can not have anyone doing more then they can handle or take on tasks they don’t understand. To remain professional we stay in our own environments and only focus on one job.

My role is pretty much having to manage my team, their work, what they need, what I need, what the clients need, talk to our clients, attend meetings and work on software or design projects with my team. Many of them need an extra hand and so I always offer myself to help them, show them and teach them a thing or two about how to understand the fundamentals of programming in its deepest core, the client’s needs and wants, and the project itself.

Before the day ends, we all have a small meet up, show what we finished and what is to come for tomorrow’s projects just to stay prepared for the next day.

6. Do you think communication skills are important to become a successful developer?

Oh yes! Of course, this is a essential to becoming the best in your field. Without this, you will lose clients, sales and will always have problems within the business industry. My best advice for those who do not know how to communicate but want to learn is this: Be social, read books, learn to negotiate and sell yourself. Doing this will help you out so much! Knowledge will help you out so much and bring in so much income and blessings.

7. Is our current education system helping students to become a valuable source for IT industry?

To be honest, Ive attended a few colleges and out of them all, only one helped me achieve my goals due to its understanding of today’s modern world. They knew the value of trends and how to stay on top of it all. they knew that if they fell to short of trends, they would be losing a lot of students and value. They developed more courses, hired new teachers, some even being students from the school itself and getting help from the community as well. Their plan to achieve their goals of becoming the best college was flawless. Many educational systems do not have the funds nor the resources to help them achieve their own goals and this is why i think a lot of the educational systems are some what in need of help. many of them still teach outdated information while the world is already ahead of its time. But in a way, yes, I still believe that some educational systems are teaching valuable sources to IT students for future industries. It’s always best to know the fundamentals of programming before learning a language. Many schools still teach this concept and that is the best thing they can do to stay on top.

8. Entrepreneurship VS 9-6 (job). What would you advice to our readers?

If you are going into a 9-6 job, make sure you find that one job that you will love to work for and will have to problem going to every day. You only have one life, make sure you invest in it wisely and with wise, growth mindset individuals who will help you grow and become a successful individual in your field. If you are going into entrepreneurship, be ready to experience a hell of a ride. You will have many ups and downs, many exciting and hurtful moments, many loss and a few but at times, depending on your experience, wins. You will be up late nights and early mornings working hard and finding ways to find a way out of the struggle. But if you keep going and believe in your goal, you will eventually achieve it. My biggest advice for entrepreneurs is to surround yourself with many other successful entrepreneurs more successful then you and have already achieved what you are working for every day so they can teach you a few things about how to play the game right and not fall so hard. Don’t waste 10 years trying to find a way out and finally succeeding when you can find a person who already achieved the goal you want and will teach you what they learned in 10 years so you can execute them in one year and be successful in less then 3 to 5 years.

9. Where do you see Coding/Development sector after 5 years or how exciting will be the world of coding in coming future?

I’m excited to even think about that! We already have VR, AR, machine learning, AI and so on. And we did all of this in less then 5 years. I know that 5 more years from now we will have amazing new technology far beyond what we ever expected. We have already developed so many programming languages that have helped us improve our lives much easier, babies are now learning how to code before they even speak or draw. I know that in 5 years, we will have improved so much then what we have today. IT will be a beautiful moment in history. A moment in life that we are experiencing.

10. Any advice for us which can help us achieve our goal?

Yes, keep giving other developers great content, keep helping them improve, learn from those you interview and always keep on learning and growing. Your community depends on it.

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