The Long Term Effects Of Data Breach – Understanding the Impact on Businesses

Here in this infographic, we will see various long term effects of data breach. In this hyper-connected world, a data breach is one of the biggest cyber threats posed to organizations. Securing data from outside threats should be the ultimate goal of every business leader.

According to a report by IBM, it takes approximately 197 days to identify a data breach and around 69 days to contain a breach.

A data breach can cause significant data loss, financial loss, and long-term reputation damage.

When a data breach occurs, the effects quickly multiply, leading to a ripple effect:

  • Operational downtime results in poor customer service.
  • The media uproar about a data breach in your organization impacts your market reputation and stock.
  • Many unforeseen expenses, including significant fines, penalties, forensic investigation, etc. 

There have simply been too many data breaches for businesses to remain unaware of the dire consequences one has. While companies struggle to maintain a robust security posture, given budget and resource restrictions, a data breach can be detrimental to organizations. Therefore, it is necessary to take adequate action to ensure your organization is well protected from data breaches. 

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Here are some of the long-term effects of a data breach on businesses:

long term effects of data breach
Image Source: Cypress Data Defense

Author Bio – Aaron Cure is the Principal Security Consultant at Cypress Data Defense and an instructor and contributing author for the Dev544 Secure Coding in .NET course.  After ten years in the U.S. Army, I decided to switch my focus to developing security tools and performing secure code reviews, penetration testing, static source code analysis, and security research.

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