5 Interview Tips For Hiring React Native Developers

React native developers are in demand now, and many are available for hire, balancing the overall supply and demand. However, finding a React Native developer who will fit your company’s requirements can be challenging when many apply simultaneously. This is because you can never know how good a developer is until they are put to work.

Asking the right questions and putting developers through tests are great ways to assess their skills. Although, what kind of questions should you ask? What kind of assessments should you give to your candidates?

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5 Interview Tips You Should use when hiring react native developers

This article will give you tips on hiring the right react native developer.

1. Know what kind of skills you are looking for

Before hiring a React Native developer, you must know what we mentioned.

In short, you are looking for React Native developers who fulfill the requirements and have the required experience you are asking for. It would help to mention this before saying you are hiring a developer. Here are the vital skills you should be looking for in a react native developer:

  • High-level knowledge of JavaScript: A React native developer belongs to the JavaScript framework, so you can’t be one if you don’t have good knowledge of JavaScript. Above all, when hiring, you must ensure your candidate has excellent knowledge of Javascript.
  • Good experience with React Native: Even if you are a beginner, you must experience React Native. These include the frameworks, APIs, components, and much more.
  • Android and iOS experience: the primary duty of react-native developers is to build cross-platform apps, and this means that the app they make must look Native to any platform it is operating on. In addition to that, they must ensure that their app follows all guidelines regarding Android’s UI and iOS.

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Other skills to look for

When hiring a React Native Developer, technical skills are not the only thing you should focus on.

Developers should cooperate with their team, be flexible and easy to work with, have good communication skills, and always try to solve a problem and not create it.

Look for developers who don’t stick to the same working methods and always try to bring innovations to their work.

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2. Use a React Native test

react native test

You can give your candidates a coding test for React Native to assess their overall knowledge of the React Native framework to hire the right people. This test helps you determine which React Native developers have the proper knowledge and abilities to create, maintain, and update Reach Native apps.
The covered skills in this test are:

  • Developer Workflow
  • UI Development
  • React Framework
  • Native – Android/iOS

These React Software engineers build native tests, and even the most popular apps worldwide, such as Instagram and Facebook, are made using the React Native framework.

React Native allows you to build native apps through the iOS and Android platforms, cutting down development time by a vast amount by using the same JavaScript code for both platforms.

The React Native test helps identify developers who can build native apps for your business using a React Native framework. Candidates who pass this test can develop a new app from the beginning and fix issues that arise during the development phase.

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3. Find candidates in the right places

job search

So, where do you find the best React Native Developers? Not every platform or portal is the same. You must look in the right areas and see where these experts hang around.
Let’s dive right in and see where we can find the best React Native Developers.


If you’re looking for top-rated React Native developers, Toptal is your right choice. Toptal claims the world’s top 3% of developers, and only 3% of applicants make it through the screening phase.

Hiring on Toptal may be a little expensive. However, complete applications are disregarded, and the chances of hiring a highly-skilled React Native developer are guaranteed.

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LinkedIn has the world’s largest professional network, allowing you to hire the people you seek. With nearly 800 million users, LinkedIn allows you to filter all searches you conduct.

In this case, you can put a hiring frame on your profile picture and attract potential candidates. LinkedIn allows you to post that you are trying to hire, but the only downside is that you will need to put applicants through a testing phase to determine if they meet requirements. There are many active users on LinkedIn, so you may be getting a lot of applications after you post that you are hiring.

The best way to post about hiring is to mention whether you need a senior or junior React Native. Even though you may get many entry-level applicants applying, you can always screen them out with an ATS.

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Freelance sites

Freelance sites can be a good way of searching for a React Native developer. Some popular sites include:

  • Upwork is a widely used freelance site that rates freelancers based on their clients’ satisfaction. You will also see signs such as ‘top-rated freelancer’ that increase trust even before you make a hire. What is so good about Upwork is seeing the client’s reviews about a particular person. This makes the hiring process easier for you!
  • Freelancer: similar to Upwork, but different in its way. Freelancer has a lot of freelancers available, especially developers. Although the only downside is that many of them fight to offer services at a lower price, which may not be the best option in some cases. However, like Upwork, Freelancer will show you client reviews and what kind of rating the freelancer has.
  • Guru: another popular freelance site similar to Upwork and Freelancer. You have the option of hiring, and the good thing about Guru is that before you hire someone, it shows you their experience and what kind of problem they can solve for you. In this case, a React Native developer can state what they know and what other clients say about them.

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4. Ask good questions

ask good react native questions

Asking good questions is probably an essential part of the hiring process. After choosing who will participate in the interview, you must answer the right questions.

You don’t need to be an expert in asking good questions but ask questions related to the job. Here are some you can use during a technical interview:

  • In what cases do we use ReactJS?
  • What is the difference between React Native and React?
  • Talk to us a little about the lifecycle of one react component
  • What are the advantages of using React Native?
  • What are the threads of ReactNative, and describe what we use them for?
  • Please explain to us about Timers used in a React Native Application.
  • How can you debug React Native Applications?
  • Define the term ‘Props Drilling‘ and how you can avoid it.

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5. Don’t forget about your job description

No, we didn’t forget about this step. Writing a good job description is crucial to attracting suitable applicants.

Define what your business stands for, the years of experience required, what kind of skills the React Native needs to possess, and what they can expect when working with you.

You don’t want to write a job description that will scare away your experienced applicants and attract those you don’t need. A job description has no ideal length, but it needs to be described well and specify every requirement. Whatever you forget to write will only be against you.

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Wrapping it up

Well, that’s about it for this article. Hiring top-rated React Native developers are essential for your development team and the apps your business creates. Although it may be challenging, having a team of experienced developers is outstanding.

Put your candidates to the test and see what they can do. You want to see what people can do before working for your company. A few interview questions won’t ever do the trick, but it is all about their technical skills.

The time and money you use for your business are precious and must be valued, so you must pay attention to every tip we recommend. Otherwise, you are good to go!

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