How To Market Your App To Boost Your Startup Growth

how to market your app to boost your startup growth
How to market your app to boost your startup growth.

Startups in 2018 should target mobile platforms, or else they will be left far behind. Most people nowadays use their smartphone as their daily driver and restrict themselves to desktops only at work. They shop online, watch online, and even find their life partners online. Therefore, it becomes essential for a business to target this exponentially growing mobile community.

Having an app for your startup will allow you to connect with your customers directly and offer your services in a personalized manner. An app is just like a platform for your business, where you can apply a set of strategies to increase the number of leads and convert them into your customers. Thus, it is the correct time for you to take your brick and mortar business online and increase the overall revenue.

But is it enough to just have an app? If you asked me several years later, I would have resounded with a big yes! In the present mobile ara, the competition is quite stiff.

As of March 2017, there are over 2 billion apps in Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store. This daunting number of available apps is making the competition a lot stiffer than ever, which has resulted in the reduced organic visibility of apps in the marketplace. Therefore, you need a market plan as well to make your app stand out in the crowd and get more eyeballs.

In this post, I will tell some of the best ways to market an app to acquire more users and retain them over a more extended period.

That being said, let’s start our discussion.

1. App Store Optimization

App Store Optimization is a very prominent way to promote your app and drive organic downloads. If you do app store optimization in the right manner, then half the battle is won as your app will enjoy higher rankings in the app store search results and who even knows if your app also gets featured in the top charts.

Generally, for app store optimization, you have to take care of the following components:

  • App Name: Keep your app name short and unique so that it is easy to remember for users. Also, do not forcibly embed keyword in the title.
  • App Icon: Hire a professional graphic designer to make an icon that describes your app and stand out from the crowd.
  • App Description: Write a short and effective app description, which explains why it is useful for users and why the person reading the description should download it without any second thought. Include only the right keywords in the app description and stay away from keyword stuffing – it leaves a negative impact in front of both users and app store.
  • App Reviews: Foster positive app reviews as users are more reluctant to download apps with lower ratings and negative reviews.
  • App Category: Pick the right category for your app as it improves the ranking of your app in that specific category of the app store and its discoverability.

2. Landing Page

If you own a website, then you should include a landing page for your app to leverage website traffic to drive app installs. The app landing page must include the following sections:

  • App name and logo.
  • App screenshots and videos that demonstrate the app in action.
  • Short and concise app description.
  • Listed features and how does it compare it with your competitors.
  • QR Code to allow website visitors to download your app quickly.

3. Attend local meetups

One of the best ways to market your app is to attend local meetups and talk with people about your app. Word of mouth serves as a good marketing strategy in case of apps as users tend to check out apps referred by their friends and peers rather than search engines and even influencers too.

4. Paid advertisements

Display text and video ads using Google Adwords to get your app in front of a broad audience, and if your app serves its purpose, it will get lots of downloads. To get a positive ROI from this strategy, make sure that the LTV (Lifetime Value) of a user is more than its CPA (Cost Per Acquisition).

5. Press coverage and press release

If you have a reasonable marketing budget, then host a launching event and invite the press to get the entire event covered. If it is another way around, then send press releases to get your app featured in local newspapers to gain some limelight.

6. Promote app on social media

Make sure you create your social profiles with your app name and connect with the audience in a more personalized manner. It will help you in 2 ways. Firstly, it will help you in creating brand awareness, and secondly, it will eventually bring more app downloads. The key here is to build an audience and target platforms on which your targeted audience spends most of their time.

7. Submit your app to review sites

Reach out to tech bloggers and webmasters to write a review of your app. It will help you to present your app in front of an audience, which is more likely to check out your app and retain for a more extended period.

Final Thoughts:

So these were some of the best ways to promote an app. The above-stated methodologies can bring fruits for your business. You just need to be consistent and continuously refine your marketing process. Set up smart goals and, after each end cycle, only continue with marketing activities with higher ROI (Return on Investment).

In a nutshell, it is all about washing, rinsing, and repeating the overall strategy. Also, be creative and think about some out of the methods to market your app. If you need some help in promoting your app, then post your comments, and we will be more than happy to help.

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