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How To Make a Discord Server Public

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Discord has gained rapid popularity over the last couple of years, and its user base has significantly grown. You must live under a rock if you haven’t heard about Discord yet. Aimed primarily at gaming enthusiasts, Discord is a multi-platform application that lets people from all over the world connect and interact in several different ways.

You can find all kinds of communities heavily active in Discord, and these communities function in groups called ‘servers’. In this article, we’ll learn more about Discord servers, so let’s begin without further delay.

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Discord Servers: A Brief Overview

how to make a discord server public

The key to understanding Discord servers lies in believing that a Discord server is nothing else but just another social media group that exists and works in unique manners.

It is relatively easy to create a Discord server; the same goes for joining a Discord server. The Discord application now comes with a free and paid plan.

Although the paid plan includes more features and functionality, it’s not like you don’t get the essence of Discord in the free version. You can create and join servers in the free Discord plan as well.

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Difference Between Public And Private Discord Servers

Like any other social media group, Discord servers have privacy options. You can decide to keep your Discord server private or public when creating it, and you can always change it later. However, changing the privacy of a Discord server takes a little effort and exploration of the application’s settings.

Private Discord Server: A private Discord server means that only the creator of that Discord server can invite other users to join the server. This is a great way to keep a Discord server free from inactive and spam accounts. However, it is recommended to carefully and thoroughly moderate a Discord server, even if it’s private. Being too safe is never a thing.

Public Discord Server: It is safe to say that many servers on Discord are public. Since Discord is a hub for hobbyists and gamers, it makes sense for the community to allow public sharing and invites.

A public Discord server gives the users permission to send out invites. However, it is very likely for spam accounts to join these public Discord servers and ruin the experience for everyone. It is advised to strictly enforce rules and moderation policies for public Discord server owners.

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How To Make a Discord Server Private and Public?

In this section, we’ll look at the steps we need to follow if we wish to alter the privacy settings of our Discord server(s) and change them from private to public. Do note that doing so may increase the chances of your Discord account being more vulnerable to spam accounts.

Making Discord Server Private

Before learning how to make a Discord server public, let’s learn how to make it private if it was set to be a public server at the time of creation:

  1. Launch Discord.
  2. Right-click on your server in the screen’s column on the left-hand side.
  3. Find Server settings from the menu and click on it.
  4. Please navigate to the Roles tab, and under it, click on the Default Permissions button.
  5. Turn off all the permissions.
  6. Doing so will restrict everyone but you from sending out invitations to anyone, changing your Discord server’s privacy from public to private.

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Making A Discord Server Public

Now, since you know how to make a discord server private, here’s how to make it public as well:

  1. Open the Discord application.
  2. Right-click on your server from the left-hand side column.
  3. Navigate to Server settings and select it.
  4. Find the Enable Community tab, and enable it.\Once you’ve enabled community for the server, find and click on Discovery. Enable it as well.
  5. Follow the instructions Discord provides to you to enable Discovery.
  6. Ensure to run a check of the roles and permissions of the members of your public Discord servers to secure it.

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Discord may be seemingly hard to use and get the hang of, but it is just like any other social media application. It is a community where people log in to meet new people and connect with friends.

It is essential for any community to stay safe and secure, which goes for Discord servers. In this article, we went over a brief guide on how to make any Discord server public. Whether your Discord server is public or private, you should always moderate it regularly to ensure certain activities.

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