How To Insert Bar Charts in the Excel

how to insert bar charts in excel

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This tutorial will teach you how to insert bar charts in Microsoft Excel. The average or mean value for each data group is displayed in a bar chart. It is easier to virtualize the data so that the person reading it can get a quick snapshot of the representation. Bar graphs are an excellent tool for this.

It compares data across categories. Microsoft Excel allows you to create different graphs with multiple colors and views to provide an appealing interface. There are also various types of bar graphs that are appropriate for multiple data sets.

This article will tell you how to insert a bar chart in excel. Stay tuned till the end to find some quick fixes to the common issues regarding the bar chart.

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How to Insert Bar Charts in Microsoft Excel

Follow these steps to insert a bar chart in Microsoft Excel:

  • Open the Microsoft Excel sheet containing the data for which you want to create a bar graph. It would be best if you first had a range of data before creating a bar graph.
  • You can highlight the data you want to represent by clicking and dragging.
  • Select one column, then press Ctrl and drag over the other column to select columns that are not adjacent.
  • Click Insert in the top toolbar and select the Bar Chart icon from the Charts group.Inserting Bar Chart In MS Excel
  • You have the option of using a 2-D or 3-D chart. The former will provide an essential representation of the data, whereas the latter will add depth to your chart.
  • You can select  More Column charts in the drop-down menu to find other chart options like line chart, pie chart, scatter, stock, etc. Hover your cursor over your preferred choice.
  • Click on OK. The graph menu will be removed because your graph is now a part of your document.

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Customizing A Bar Chart In MS Excel

Follow these steps to customize a bar chart in MS Excel:

  • In the chart tools option in the ribbon, you can change the color theme of the chart under the Chart Design tab. Monochromatic and Colorful themes are available.Changing Bar Chart Color In MS Excel
  • In the Format Tab, you can edit the chart’s appearance.
  • You can perform the same changes by selecting the brush button on the right of the chart.Changing Chart Format in MS Excel
  • The options of style and color will enable the editing features.

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Editing The Chart Title For A Bar Chart in MS Excel

Follow these steps to edit the title of a bar chart in MS Excel:

  • Click on the Chart title, which is located above the chart.
  • You can change the name as needed.Changing Chart Title in MS Excel
  • To remove the chart title entirely, click the +(plus) sign on the right side of the chart and deselect the chart title option.
  • The chart title will be removed once you deselect the checkbox.

This is all about the bar charts in Microsoft Excel. Excel has many different chart types, and selecting the right one can make your data presentation clear and engaging. If you enjoyed the article, please spread the word.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Why Isn’t the Data in the Excel Chart Showing Up?

If you create an Excel chart and then hide rows or columns in your worksheet, the confidential data may disappear from your chart. Excel charts do not show data in hidden rows and columns by default.

What To Do if My Chart Is Floating on My Screen?

To lock the position of a chart, right-click on it and choose Format Chart Area from the pop-up menu at the bottom. If you don’t see the option to format the chart area, you may have clicked on the incorrect section of the chart.

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How Do You Display Data in an Excel Chart?

Select a chart, then click the plus sign in the upper right corner.

Select Data Table and then the arrow next to it to display a data table, followed by a display option. Uncheck the Data Table option to hide the data table.

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