How to Fix Mobile Hotspot Connected But No Internet on Android

Our life without the internet and WiFi is unimaginable in today’s world. Whether we have to work from home or post our vacation pics on social media platforms, we need an internet connection to stay online. A portable hotspot is a feature to turn your Android phone into a WiFi router and connect additional devices if you want an internet connection. However, we often get hotspot connected but no internet issues on our Android phones.

This is a common issue, and if you face the same, then in this tutorial, you will find 5 easy troubleshooting tips to fix this error and enjoy the internet on your additional devices. You can also apply some fixes to your WiFi router and get back online instantly.

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5 Ways to Fix Mobile Hotspot Connected But No Internet on Android


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Most people must have encountered a situation when their phone had no internet connection despite being connected to the WiFi. This isn’t very pleasant, mainly because our lives depend heavily on our phones, where we perform essential activities like sending emails, shopping, banking, and many more.

There could be scores of reasons that lead to this problem. However, there are multiple ways to troubleshoot the issue. One can diagnose and resolve the problem by getting the internet connection back on their phones when they are already connected to an active WiFi.

Without further ado, let’s now see how to fix mobile hotspot connected but no internet on Android devices.

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1. Disconnect the phone from WiFi and connect again

The first step to resolving an IT-related problem is turning off and then turning on a device. Whether it is a WiFi router, smartphone, or computer, 50 percent of the problems would vanish with this minor fix. It is best to resort to this solution when a phone isn’t connected to the internet despite being linked to a WiFi network.

You can do this by going to the settings, turning the WiFi toggle off, and waiting for 30 seconds. The phone may receive the signals again when the WiFi connection is turned on.

Alternatively, one can switch off the phone, wait for 30 seconds and then turn the phone on. This also eliminates the problems in many cases.

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2. Forget the network

If the above method didn’t work, this solution might work for your problem. This solution is just an upgraded version of the previous solution, but it works sometimes. All you have to do is forget the WiFi network you are connecting to and then connect back to it again.

A more advanced solution lies in the WiFi settings if the problem persists. This is a more effective solution and works most of the time. One must go to the WiFi settings and click on the connection’s name. This transfers you to the settings of the WiFi network you’re connected to. Here, choose the option “Forget this network.”

Wait for at least 30 seconds and connect to the WiFi network from the list of networks displayed on your screen. For this, one has to enter the security password for the web.

So, it is better to keep the network password handy if one doesn’t remember it.

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3. Check if the internet connection is active

If all this fails, check if your WiFi network is connected to the internet. If the router is on, the phone will receive the WiFi signals, but that doesn’t imply that the internet is working or strong enough for the connected devices.

One of the ways to determine this is by logging in to your account dashboard through the service provider’s website or application. Check if your internet connection is active or not. Contact the service provider to resolve the issue of inactive internet connection.

Sometimes, your local internet service provider may turn off the connection. This happens during lightning and thunderstorms when they may switch off the connection. Call them to know if that is the case.

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4. Examine the router

The problem may also emanate from the router. You can fix it by implementing some simple solutions. Before using any other trick, switch off and switch on the router. If this doesn’t work, check if the router is coming on network traffic in the router dashboard.

Navigate to the browser and go to the router’s dashboard to know whether the Traffic Control is activated. In the Advanced tab, choose Traffic Control, turn off the Traffic Control, and check if the phone has an internet connection.

After these don’t work, the remaining solution is to reset your router. Press the router reset button for at least 15 seconds. After this, press it once more. This will reset the router, and you need to enter the router password in your phone in WiFi settings to connect to the network.

If one cannot implement this solution, one can log in to the router dashboard and navigate the configuration settings. There will be a list of options such as restore, backup, reset, reboot, and save. From here, select Reset and choose confirm to complete the process.

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5. Change network settings on the Android phone

For those still facing the problem, there exists one more effective solution. To bring back network connectivity to your Android phone, a simple trick could be to reset the setting in the network section. You can locate this option in the setting and under that network. It is safe to do it as it doesn’t delete the saved data on the phone.

This step only deleted the activities related to the network, hardware, and those involving the Bluetooth history, such as files sent and files received or devices connected. Following the reset, connect to the saved WiFi network and check if the phone is connected to the internet.

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If nothing works, then.

Following the above solutions, one can detect if the phone is linked to WiFi, but there is no internet. These fixes are most likely to work and eliminate almost all issues that disrupt the internet connection even though it is linked to a strong WiFi.

However, if none of these solutions work, get in touch with your internet service provider. The internet connection may be disrupted because of the service provider’s snapped wires or hardware issues.

Rain, storm, and other natural events can also disrupt internet connectivity. You can obtain a better solution only from the service provider in such situations.
Further, opening your phone or mending the router is not advisable. Seek the help of experts, and possibly you may resolve the issue within minutes.

Following the methods in this tutorial, I hope you will fix your mobile hotspot connected but with no internet issue. If you still face any problems, please leave your comments, and I will do my best to assist you.

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