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How to Breed Camels in Minecraft [Camel Farming]

Learn how to breed camels in Minecraft. Follow our step-by-step guide to expand your virtual world with adorable baby camels. Start your camel ranching adventure today!

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In this guide, you will learn how to breed camels in Minecraft and how you can tame them.

So, saddle up and prepare to embark on a journey filled with desert landscapes, adorable baby camels, and the satisfaction of expanding your in-game universe.

Camels are a cute and tall addition to the barren desert lands in Minecraft 1.20 or later. While there are many other animals like cows, pigs, and horses that you can tame and breed in Minecraft, breeding camels has a lot of advantages.

For example, you can ride camels and enjoy a desert safari. The best part is that you can ride a camel with your friend. This helps when wild mobs attack you, as your friend can shoot them with a bow and arrow.

Apart from that, mobs find it difficult to attack you as you are of greater height. However, camels can’t protect you from creepers, as they will still explode.

Now, let’s see how you can breed camels in Minecraft so you don’t have to play hard to find them in your virtual world.

Let’s jump right in and discover how to breed camels in Minecraft!

How to find camels in Minecraft

As in the real world, camels are found in desert areas. This holds for the virtual world of Minecraft as well. In Minecraft, you will find camels in the desert biomes with villages.

Camels only spawn around villages in the deserts. So, search for a desert in Minecraft to find the two camels for breeding. Remember, it is time-consuming as you won’t find camels in a desert biome without villages.

Fortunately, you need only two camels to breed and create an unlimited number to form your camel army.

how to find camels in minecraft

Usually, camels will not run away when you go near them as they are friendly mobs. However, as a precautionary tip, once you find your two camels, trap them into blocks or use lead to tie them to a fence.

Tips while searching for camels in Minecraft:

  • You can use cactus to make a camel follow you to a specific spot.
  • To speed up the process, you can use Minecraft village seeds.

How to feed camels in Minecraft

Are you wondering what camels eat in Minecraft? If yes, then you are not alone. After catching two camels in the breeding hunt, everyone ponders the same.

Camels eat cacti in Minecraft, just like in the real world. And, again, you will find cacti in any desert biome in Minecraft.

Once you’re in a desert biome, start exploring. Cacti are scattered throughout the desert and have a distinct appearance with green stalks and prickly texture, as shown below.

how to find cactus in minecraft for camels

They are often found in groups, so keep an eye out for clusters of cacti. You can use shears or break the cacti blocks by hand to collect cacti.

I will recommend you collect cacti using shears as it will prevent you from damage while destroying it.

How to breed camels in Minecraft

how to breed camels in minecraft

The process of breeding camels in Minecraft is pretty straightforward. If you know how to breed cows, pigs, or other animals in Minecraft, you can also use the same method to breed camels.

Here are the three easy steps to breed camels:

Step 1. Find two camels in Minecraft and put them close to each other. After that, trap them in blocks so they don’t wander off.

Step 2. After that, grab two cactuses and feed one piece of cacti to each of your camels. Right-click to feed your camels.

Step 3. Once your camels finish eating the cactuses, hearts will pop up on top of them. They will move closer to each other, and a cute baby camel will spawn in seconds.

camel breeding to produce baby camel

Once two of your camels produce a baby, they can’t breed for almost 10 more minutes.

minecraft baby camel breeding

The baby camel will be an adult in around 15-20 minutes, and after that, you can also use it for breeding.

Can you tame camels in Minecraft?

No, you can’t tame camels in Minecraft. If you have ridden horses in Minecraft, you should be aware that before riding a horse, you must tame it by feeding it.

Only after that you can hop onto a horse and ride it. On the contrary, camels are friendlier mobs, and you don’t have to tame them for a ride. They are not designed to be tamed.

How to ride a camel in Minecraft

To ride a camel, move near them and hop on to begin your next Minecraft adventure.

But wait, this isn’t as simple as it seems because you need a saddle to steer a camel in Minecraft. If you hop onto a camel without a saddle, you cannot control its movement.

Therefore, let’s see how you can create a saddle in Minecraft:

1. Saddle is an item in Minecraft that you can use to steer mobs, including camels.

2. However, you can’t create a saddle using the craft table. You have to find it in your virtual world.

3. In Minecraft, chests at specific locations contain saddles:

  • End City
  • Dungeon
  • Village City
  • Nether Fortress
  • Jungle Temple
  • Bastion Remnant
  • Ancient City

4. You can ride a camel After obtaining a saddle in your inventory. Go near a standing camel and open your inventory (E key). There is no way you can make a sitting camel stand in Minecraft.

5. You will now see your inventory mixed with camel inventory. Move the saddle to its dedicated cell within the camel’s inventory.

camel inventory in minecraft

6. Finally, exit the inventory setup and use your movement keys to ride the camel.

how to ride a camel in minecraft

Press and hold the jump key to take a boosted leap with your camel.


Now, with this guide, you can form your camel army in Minecraft by breeding camels. Find a desert biome with the village and capture two camels.

Next, collect cactuses and feed your camels. Once your camels are fed, they will breed and produce a baby camel, which will grow into an adult.

After 15-20 minutes, you can also use the adult camel for breeding. Use this technique to create your camel farm, but ensure the fences are tall enough so camels don’t escape.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What do camels eat in Minecraft to breed?

Camels in Minecraft eat cacti, which you can find in any desert biome.

2. Why won’t my camels breed in Minecraft?

You can breed camels only using the primary source of feed, which is cactus in the case of camels.

3. What can you do with camels in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, you can use camels for carrying items by equipping them with a chest. They serve as mobile storage and can help transport resources over long distances.

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