How To Backup and Restore Chrome Bookmarks Locally

This tutorial will learn how to backup and restore Chrome bookmarks locally. Using the steps in this tutorial, you will export Chrome bookmarks as an HTML file and keep it as a backup in your local storage. The best part is that you will export all bookmarks as an HTML file. You can view them on any browser and import them.

After backing up bookmarks, we will also see how to restore Chrome bookmarks using its “Import bookmarks and settings…” tool. Using this in-built Google Chrome functionality, you will be able to restore your bookmarks and settings using the exported HTML file.

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How to backup Chrome bookmarks locally

If you have signed in to Google Chrome, it automatically saves your bookmarks, history, and other settings to the cloud. The best part is that you can turn on its Sync feature to automatically import all of your browsing data to any other Chrome browser by using the same Gmail account.

However, you might encounter scenarios where you would like to backup your bookmarks locally. In that case, you can follow these steps to backup or export Google Chrome bookmarks locally.

Please note that the steps are here for macOS but will work similarly to Windows and Linux versions of Google Chrome.

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Step 1: Let’s first open the Chrome Bookmark Manager. Click on the three-dot menu and select Bookmarks > Bookmark Manager.

chrome backup bookmarks

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Step 2: Now, you will see the Bookmark Manager of Google Chrome, where you can access the option to export bookmarks.

export chrome bookmarks as html file

Click on the three-dot menu on the top-right and select the “Export bookmarks” option to move to the next step.

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Step 3: As soon as you choose the Export bookmarks option in the previous step, Google Chrome will ask where you want to save the bookmarks HTML file.

export chrome bookmarks locally

Choose the Save option in the dialog box, and Google Chrome will save the HTML file consisting of all of your bookmarks on your PC.

That’s all you have to do backup Chrome bookmarks. Now, let’s see how you can restore them in any of your other Chrome browsers on the same or different PCs.

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How to restore Chrome bookmarks

Step 1: To restore or import Chrome bookmarks, we will use the in-built tool of Google Chrome named “Import bookmarks and settings…“.

import chrome bookmarks and settings

Open the Chrome menu by clicking on the three-dots at the top-right, shown in the screenshot above. Now, access the tool from “Bookmarks > Import bookmarks and settings…”.

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Step 2: As soon as you click on the option to import Chrome bookmarks, Google Chrome will open a tiny window in a new tab, as shown in the screenshot below.

import chrome bookmarks html file

You have to click on the “Choose file” option from this tiny dialog box. Also, ensure that the “Favourites/bookmarks” option is checked.

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Step 3: Now, all you have to do is select the exported bookmarks HTML file in this step.

open bookmarks html file

Select the bookmarks file and click the Open option, and Google Chrome will successfully restore all the bookmarks.

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Enable the “Show bookmarks bar” option to see the imported bookmarks. You will then quickly access the restored Chrome bookmarks right from the default Bookmarks bar.

successfully restored chrome bookmarks

You can also access the imported bookmarks from the Bookmark manager of Google Chrome.

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In this tutorial, we explored how to backup and restore Chrome bookmarks. You can backup or export Chrome bookmarks as an HTML file and use its “Import Bookmarks and settings…” option to restore them effortlessly. If you encounter any issues, write to us at [email protected], and we will try our best to assist you.

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