Get Traffic Analytics of Your GitHub Repositories For Free

By default, GitHub doesn’t provide any analytics to its users. Therefore you will have to use third-party tools to get this information. If you want to know how many users view your GitHub repos, you can use trackgit. It is a free GitHub traffic analytics tool that can provide you this data. The best part is that you can track the data in real-time and analyze trends right from its dashboard.

free github traffic analytics tool


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Free GitHub Traffic Analytics Tool – trackgit

trackgit is a free GitHub traffic analytics tool that tracks the number of visitors viewing your GitHub repositories. It plots all the data on a graph, making it simple to analyze trends.

Apart from that, it only shows you the count of views. Other important data, such as unique views, location, etc. are not available. It would be great if we can get this data in the coming updates. For now, you can use it to count visits to your favorite GitHub repos.

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Let’s now see how you can use trackgit to enable GitHub repo traffic analytics.

Time needed2 minutes.

Getting started with trackgit is pretty straightforward. Visit the website and create a free account. After creating your account, follow these 3 easy steps to start tracking visitors of your GitHub repos. The best part is that you can use your GitHub account to access the trackgit dashboard quickly.

  1. Generate a token

    From the trackgit dashboard, generate a new token by clicking on the Create new token button.
    create trackgit token

  2. Integrate trackgit into GitHub repository

    After you have generated a new token, you will see the code you have to paste into the file of your GitHub repository file. Add the code at the bottom of your file.
    embed trackgit token in github repo

  3. Start tracking from the dashboard

    That’s all you have to do to start tracking the number of visitors to your GitHub repos. As soon as you have embedded the token in your GitHub repo, you can see real-time stats right from the trackgit dashboard.
    github repository traffic analytics

A graph makes it intuitive to track trends, and you can easily switch to see weekly, monthly, or yearly data.
Apart from that, it also gives you the option to transfer the ownership to someone else (using email).

This feature might come in handy while transferring your GitHub repo ownership to someone else without losing the analytics data.

The interface of trackgit is intuitive and user-friendly too. There is one important feature missing, i.e., exporting the analytics data. The data export feature would have been handy for further data analysis and visualization.

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Final thoughts

trackgit is a free GitHub traffic analytics tool. Using trackgit, you can track how many people are viewing your repositories daily. You should certainly check it out as it is pretty easy to use. Within a few minutes, you can enable tracking and access all the real-time on its dashboard.

The only downside is that if you have multiple repos to track, its integration process is cumbersome. Do let us know your thoughts on trackgit in the comments section. Which features do you think should be in the next version?

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