Essentials Tools For Programming Beginners: A Definitive Guide


Coding and software development has become one of the most demanding careers where a person can be paid high bucks for a job well done. In this career, you have to keep practicing at all costs because there’s very little room to mess up.

Just a piece of paper declaring that you have studied coding for four years would not be enough; you have to know it well to end up with a well-paying job.

Many people who don’t know how to code and are willing to learn turn to online sessions. So, the next generation’s coders are teaching themselves how to develop software.

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Let’s look at the essentials a coder needs to have on their computer to become a successful self-taught coder.

How to choose a good laptop for programming

When you start your coding journey, the first and foremost rule is to buy or build a computer that would do the work without lagging.

Plus, when you will equip your computer with a different set of coding tools, your computer should handle all the burdens. One more thing is that building a PC saves up the cost and contains all the components that are good for coding.

When you buy a pre-built one, it might not be the best, and you would have to upgrade it to make it up to the mark.

So, to make the coding process more straightforward when you are going to begin the learning process.

Following are the components that you need to focus on:

1. Processor:  The processor that you need for coding should be at least an i5 or an i7 with a frequency of 3 GHz because this is the minimum requirement to get on with your coding passion. Plus, you won’t be spending tons of money on it.

2. RAM: It is considered an essential component because, without enough RAM, you will face lagging, which isn’t the most remarkable thing even if you aren’t coding. So, you should have at least 8 GB to 16 GB so that your computer can handle all the actions being done simultaneously without any lag.

3. Storage: To store large files, you should have at least 256 GB SSD. It is more expensive than the HDD, but an HDD will slow down your computer and, essentially, the coding process.

4. Cooling system: Without this, your whole building-a-PC process will come to nothing because if you won’t install an excellent cooling system like the best CPU cooler for i7 9700k, you will be facing overheating problems and will ultimately damage the PC components.

It would be best to have a good, ergonomic keyboard that will be easy to use and work faster. Because coding requires typing in loads of commands, you will not work quickly without having a good keyboard.

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Different types of programming tools you will require

This is another most essential that every coding beginner needs on their computer. Because these software tools help better in learning if you are starting your coding journey. Let’s take a look:

1. Structured Query Language: Structured Query Language helps you learn how you can work with a database. With this, you will be able to read, update, or delete information from the tables.

As it covers the most basic commands, you need for coding, and then it will take you through the complex queries that will allow for creative exploration through advanced functionalities.

2. Text Editor: When you are beginning to learn, then you need to know how to use at least one text editor at an expert level.

A notepad is a standard tool widely used in the industry, but an advanced option like Sublime Text can take your work to the next level since it supports search and replace functionalities.

3. Linux: On your coding journey, you will need to use Linux at some point in your career. When you learn Linux commands, it will help you troubleshoot issues, find necessary information, and stay productive.

It will allow you to individualize your processes without sacrificing productivity, so in short, it will enable you to customize your workflow.

4. MS Office: As a coder, you will constantly have to use Excel, Access, Word, and PowerPoint in your career. So they will enhance your communication skills, and on the side, you will be able to manage data systems once you get to know these programs and the reports they generate.

Plus, a tool like this can help you recover files quickly if they become corrupted or when you could not save them correctly or accidentally deleted them.

5. Git, GitHub, and Subversion: These are the tools that will help you become a better coder because they will teach you some of the advanced concepts you need for professional applications, such as merging and branching.

Each person takes a different approach to the advanced concepts you need to know for your daily coding work. So make them a must-have solution as you work to increase your skills.

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6. Python: This is a script-building, high-level, and general-purpose programming language. So it will allow you to build big applications to promote additional levels of automation within your code.

Almost anything is possible with its modules, including machine learning, to improve your long-term efficiencies. It will also provide syntax in non-complex ways to help beginners learn the fundamentals of coding as they are just getting started.

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7. PowerShell: This PowerShell tool is similar to the Command Prompt in Windows, but it will give you more power to work on coding.

It provides you with task automation and configuration assistance using a scripting language and command-line shell based on the .NET framework.

Additionally, it will eliminate many of the constraints you will have to eventually encounter when working in Windows while providing more familiarity with Linux concepts.


The help of a handful of programming tools will help you in becoming a better coder. Many people learn something new every day because software development is constantly changing and does not remain still.

So for learning coding on your own, becoming a self-taught coder is not that expensive once you have all the tools to learn from and set up a learning plan to build up your skills.

To those of you starting your coding journey, good luck!