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Do You Think AZ 204 Certification Is Worth Your Time?

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Microsoft Azure certifications are often a good choice. The AZ-204 certification should be completed for various reasons by students and cloud computing professionals at different levels.

You should take the AZ-204 certification the time it takes to complete by cloud technicians, engineers, strategists, and architects today who wish to keep up with the development of cloud computing technology.

What you need to know about the AZ-204, who should take it, and how challenging the test is will all be covered in this post.

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What Does AZ-204 Certification Mean?

The AZ-204 is a Microsoft certification that confirms the abilities an Azure developer gains over their first couple of years of employment. When you finish the AZ 204 certification, you’ll discover the following:

  • How to create and integrate Azure solutions?
  • How to design for Azure storage?
  • How to adopt best practices for Azure security?
  • How to monitor, diagnose, and optimize Azure solutions in real time?

The AZ-204 certification, although an Associate-level exam, covers the critical elements needed to create, deploy, and maintain Azure applications. The Azure Developer Associate certification will be awarded to those who complete exam AZ-204.

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One of the simplest methods to prepare for the AZ-204 test is to enroll in an immersive cloud Bootcamp, which covers all exam topics through practical projects, interactive laboratories, and mentor-led sessions.

The test certifies that, as a developer, you know the tools needed to create cloud applications.

Make sure you have enough practical expertise with the following Microsoft techniques before you start studying for the AZ-204 exam:

  • Create an Azure Service Web App.
  • Enable diagnostic logging; distribute code for web app integrations.
  • Configure web app settings like SSL, API, and connection strings.
  • Put into practice the auto-scaling rules, such as planned auto-scaling and scaling based on system or operational parameters.

The percentage of these subjects in the overall exam might range from 10% to 15%. Each topic blends product expertise with expertise and methods unique to Azure. Furthermore, the AZ-204 presumes a fundamental understanding of one or more programming languages.

It’s crucial to remember that although the AZ-204 exam is developmental, exam study materials do not impart programming knowledge. Instead, Microsoft advises you to get practical programming skills before the exam.

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AZ-203 through AZ-204

do you think AZ 204 certification is worth your time

Microsoft identified the Azure Developer Associate Certification as the successor to the vanishing Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD) certification in 2018, requiring both the AZ-200 and AZ-201 examinations.

Microsoft consolidated the AZ-200 and AZ-201 examinations into the AZ-203 exam later in the year. Microsoft introduced the AZ-204 as the AZ-203’s successor in February 2020.

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How Challenging Is the Microsoft Azure AZ-204 Exam?

The AZ-204 test has an “intermediate” difficulty rating compared to other Microsoft role-based examinations. You must concentrate on the main five modules and plan according to how much weight each module will receive.

The format and syllabus of the test lead us to conclude that work and planning are required to pass it and earn the certification. You will have a higher chance if you are well-prepared. Additionally, using learning resources will be necessary.

On the other hand, selecting trustworthy resources is a necessary action. So that you can study well and confidently take the exam, we have compiled a list of resources for you.

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Benefits of AZ-204

1. A Greater Comprehension of Microsoft Azure

This Microsoft-certified course is appropriate for you if you are a dedicated developer who uses.NET but lacks sufficient familiarity with Microsoft Azure. With the help of this course, you may experience how Azure’s numerous features operate.

Additionally, you’ll learn which scripts work better on Azure than on other platforms and how to use Azure to the most potential of your creative abilities. Developers who wish to improve their proficiency with the Microsoft Azure platform should pursue this certification.

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2. Demonstrate Your Skills

If you are a seasoned coder or developer using Azure, you may already have a solid knowledge base in addition to your technical talents.

Obtaining certification for these abilities confirms your comprehension of the platform and shows prospective employers you possess the required capabilities.

Additionally, there are a lot of topics you may learn with this certification that isn’t part of your current developer profile. In any case, you will benefit from this qualification.


Do you think AZ-204 is worth your time? If you have programming experience, the quick answer is yes. You may undoubtedly advance your career as a developer by obtaining the AZ-204 certification.

Be advised that this is not a stepping-stone qualification that will enable you to leave a support desk position. Make use of Microsoft online courses for training purposes available online.

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