Let’s Meet Igor – Full Stack Web, Mobile, and Desktop App Developer


igorskyflyer - full stack web developerFirst of all, I would really like to thank Igor for participating and sharing his wonderful professional experience with our readers.

As a beginner in the coding world, you can learn from his journey and get some hot tips to improve your learning and coding skills.

Bio: “A young self-taught full stack Web, desktop and mobile developer from Serbia.”


So let’s hear from Igor as he explains how amazing is the coding world with a reference to his professional journey :0

1. What is coding to you?

“I know I’m going to sound like a total geek now, but coding to me is pure FUN. Yes, I do get paid for coding, but that was NOT why I started learning how to code in the first place. Read ahead, to find out the real reasons for starting my developer journey.”

2. When did you begin coding and what inspired you?

“I started coding at the age of 15, which was a long time ago (😓) – haha, kidding, but almost 10 years ago by the way. I was always interested and fascinated with all the tech stuff and gadgets in general. The only thing that I knew about programming at the time is that you need strong logic to be a programmer and I remember that one day I decided to challenge myself mentally and learn my first programming language – even though technically what I’m about to reveal is not really considered a programming language – and that language was HTML, actually WML at that time. Feeling old yet? 😁 After mastering HTML, I’ve started learning CSS and JavaScript and after mastering them I started with Desktop and afterward with mobile development.”

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3. What were some initial challenges you faced while learning coding?

“It was the summer of 2008 and I remember spending countless hours staring at my Sony Ericsson J300i, which has a screen size of 1.5 inches, just imagine that, haha. I would start reading about HTML each night, pretty late, when everyone in my house was asleep and I would read until the morning, like 6-7 AM. After a few days, I launched my first site, using a website builder, where you rarely need to add HTML code manually, and that was cool, but… I don’t like doing things the easy way.

So I ditched that and I created yet another site, but this time from scratch. There were a lot of things that were unclear at the beginning, but somehow I managed to get my site up and running, with 0 lines copied from any resource. I was so proud of myself at the time, so much that even now I like making all things (in coding) vanilla. And vanilla is my favorite ice-cream flavor.

And yeah, actually I won an award for that vanilla mobile site. Here’s a reference, the site’s name was SkyWap, it was pretty popular. 😥 What is important here is that you should NEVER give up on your dreams and goals. I am not going to lie, it may not be easy at the start, but as you grow as a developer, things will get a lot easier.”

4. Share some valuable resources that helped you in your coding journey?

“Okay, as I have mentioned earlier I started my developer journey 10 years ago and most of the sites from which I learned from, aren’t there yet and/or are with outdated resources (sorry). Here are the two sites that helped me the most in learning HTML, CSS and later JavaScript.

W3Schools is the place to go, to learn any programming language in fact,
and Quackit, another great resource for learning Web languages.

But things have changed now, it’s a lot easier to learn coding, there are many great Udemy courses online which offer excellent knowledge so that you can begin your developer journey in no time.”

5. Tell us about your work role (also include total work experience).

“As I have mentioned, I am a full stack Web, desktop and mobile developer and in the last (almost) 10 years I managed to learn a plethora of programming languages. I have 30+ projects on my Git which you can check out and numerous freelancing projects and some of them are top-secret, pssst. You can follow me and my developer journey on Instagram, I would be glad to follow you too. :)
Basically, that means that I do both the backend (the logic behind) and the frontend (the user interface) of a site or a (desktop/mobile) application.”

6. Do you think communication skills are important to become a successful developer?

“Well, I know some of you won’t agree with this, but actually no, you don’t need great communication skills to be a great/successful developer, but if you ask me if you need to have great communication skills and be sociable in life, yes, yes, yes.”

7. Is our current education system helping students to become a valuable source for IT industry?

“Unfortunately, no. Most of the materials are either outdated or not relevant. “Wait, what do you mean exactly?”. I mean, those “calculate the area of a rectangle” types of exercises are good, but that’s really not something that you (as a developer) are going to solve in your professional life. Things are a bit or byte different, haha. I personally think that to become a great developer, first, you need to develop a strong logic and only then start with learning a coding language. And yes, I did finish college and I am a graduated BSc IT with Hons, but most of the things I learned in coding I learned on my own.”

8. Entrepreneurship VS 9-6 (job). What would you advice to our readers?

“I prefer entrepreneurship because I am always in HUSTLE mode. Haha. I really don’t like 9-6 jobs. I prefer being a freelancer because you get to choose when and how you want to work.”

9. Where do you see Coding/Development sector after 5 years or how exciting will be the world of coding in coming future?

“I think that in the future the focus in coding will be on the AI and VR, which is something I am excited about. 😎”

As I am also trying to learn programming, I also learned quite a few things from this interview. I also hope you will also get some value from this interview and get over your fear of coding as practice makes a man perfect.

I have also decided not to give up even if I am in my 30s and studying programming with my kids. Believe me, it’s not that tough, as I was just kidding :P

If you wish to connect with Igor, then you can find him on Facebook and LinkedIn. And of course, you can follow his journey on Instagram [Link above].