15 Best Wayback Machine Alternative Websites

best wayback machine alternative websites

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Wayback Machine is an online tool that lets anyone go back in time and see how a specific website looked back then. It is a handy tool for research purposes, especially for digital marketers who want to analyze their competitors. But Wayback Machine is not the only tool that archives the world wide web. There are many others, and in this post, we will explore some of the best Wayback Machine alternative websites you can check out.

With the advent of time, the internet is quickly becoming a competitive zone. More websites have emerged recently for business purposes. To survive the competition, businesses must develop websites after analyzing the success routes of their rivals. How do successful websites change over time to become successful?

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15 Best Wayback Machine Alternative Websites

Let’s explore these Wayback Machine alternatives without any further ado.

1. Stillio

stillio - best wayback alternative website

Stillio captures website interface screenshots frequently. One of the best things about Stillio is that the website offers complete information on ad validation, SEO rankings, compliance, and many more. Wayback Machine shows faulty results at times in interpreting HTML and images. But, Stillio can do it with precision.

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2. Archive.today

archive today - wayback machine alternative

Archive.today is one of the best alternatives to the Wayback Machine and is as popular as the Wayback Machine. The website has a clean and straightforward interface. You will get multiple snapshots of the on-demand pages on this website.

Users can also visit the duplicate pages if the new version of the website has migrated to a new web framework. While Wayback does not provide JavaScript support, this website is compatible with JavaScript websites. Thus, you will find screenshots of all websites with this online tool.

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3. Domain Tools

domaintools - wayback machine alternative

Domain Tools is also a reliable website to observe the historic transformation of the websites. However, it has a few differences from the other tools. Domain Tools hosts two websites. You can inspect valuable information about the website owner through the Whois feature.

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4. Pagefreezer

pagefreezer screenshot

Small and large enterprises forever use the website to protect their web and social media content. At the same time, one can use the website to replace the Wayback Machine. It can archive multiple websites and social media profiles through a single portal.

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5. WebCite

webcite - best wayback machine alternative

The WebCite is a meticulously named tool for checking the historical transformation of websites. The tool is suitable for authors, publishers, editors, etc. You can view the old content of the website through this tool.

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6. Resurrect Pages

resurrect pages - firefox extension - wayback machine alternative

Till now, we have discussed the alternative websites of Wayback Machine. But, Resurrect Pages is an alternative tool. Instead of visiting a website, you need to install this Mozilla Firefox browser extension to check the historical transformation of the website. You can view the older versions of the websites through Google Cache through this tool.

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7. YubNub

yubnub screenshot

YubNub is another popular archiving tool that helps you access business-related information on the web. The website has a simple interface, and it is user-friendly. Users can use the website as a search engine.

You enter the URL of a website to check the digital transformation of the website with the advent of time. Overall, YubNub is a trusted Wayback Machine alternative.

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8. iTools

itools website screenshot

If you are looking for an alternative to Wayback Machine, iTools is the best tool. You can use the website to generate insight into the traffic volume, contact information, rating, and many other aspects of the website. The tool comes with a convenient and straightforward interface.

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9. Time Travel

time travel - wayback machine alternatives

As the website’s name suggests, it will take you on a time travel tour. Using this website, you can check the digital changes to a website over time. The best thing is that Time Travel allows you to enter a specific time to view a website at that particular time. The website has been developed using the Archive.today’s API.

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10. Alexa

alexa site info - wayback machine alternative

There is no trusted website other than Alexa to check the essential information. Alexa has a ranking system that is known to all. Depending on different parameters, Alexa gives raking to a website. At the same time, people can use Alexa to retrieve historical information on the website.

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11. MirrorWeb


If you want to retrieve historical information from a finance website, MirrorWeb is the best tool. The web tool can monitor the websites belonging to the financial niche. At the same time, it keeps records of such websites.

The tool also inspects the compliances of the financial websites. Many financial inventors use the MirrorWeb tool to judge the authenticity of finance websites.

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12. CachedView

cachedview - internet archive

CachedView is a perfect tool to check Google cached website versions. Even though a website owner updates the website, Google cache can still retain some previous information. If any cached website view is available on Google, you can reach that through this tool. The web tool has a simple and user-friendly interface.

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13. MessageWatcher

message watcher

MessageWatcher is similar to the Wayback Machine website, though some differences exist. The website has tools for peripheral services such as email, social media, texts, etc.

The web tool has a simple and convenient dashboard, which gives you access to all crucial information on a website. The tool only captures screenshots of the websites and does not keep any cached version of a website.

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14. ChangeTower


ChangeTower shares many similarities with the Wayback Machine. Along with those similar features, you will notice some differences. One of the significant differences is that the web tool gives you a notification when your targeted website changes. You can measure your competitor’s website every step through this unique feature.

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15. Smarsh


You can use Smarsh for archiving large dynamic websites. At the same time, the web tool is suitable for supervising texts, emails, and other collaborative platforms. Users can also monitor the social media activities of an online business through Smarsh.

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Final Words

We sum up our list of the 15 best Wayback Machine alternative websites. My favorites from the list are Archive.today, YubNub, and CachedView. Let us know which one you liked the most by writing to us at [email protected]. Also, please don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter.