7 Best Voiceover Tools [Do Voiceover Like a Pro]

best voiceover tools

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Here we have compiled a list of the 7 best voiceover tools. Any commercial production piece that includes a voiceover guarantees that your brand’s identity is recognizable, identifiable, and distinctly yours. However, achieving the objectives you’ve set for both the branding and your firm isn’t easy.

You must perfect your voice-over content. You will almost definitely need to tape voiceovers if you create videos, particularly how-to and instructional films. Based on the number of videos you create, you may be expected to perform a significant amount of voiceover work.

While producing a video for your company’s product, the audio voice-over is crucial as the visual quality. By expressing your idea, voice-over helps you gain greater recognition from your audience, so it should be a component of your marketing and branding plan.

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Voice-over is required for various brand awareness products, such as appealing explainer videos, tutorials or how-to manuals, presentations, compelling videos for advertising products, social media advertisements, and radio or television commercials.

This article will discuss seven tools to help you do voiceover like a pro.

7 Best Voiceover Tools [Do Voiceover Like a Pro]

Here is a list of seven voiceover tools that will take your videos to the next level.

1. Murf.ai

murf - best voiceover tools

Murf provides a library of 100 percent natural-sounding AI voices in 20 languages for professional voiceover for your videos and presentations. They offer entirely human-sounding voices and have been quality-checked across various factors.

The software also offers text-to-speech with realistic AI voices. Robotic text-to-speech is a thing of the past; most people can’t tell the difference between their sophisticated AI voices and prerecorded human voices.

In the free plan, most languages have voices accessible for evaluating quality. Some languages, such as Spanish, English, and Portuguese, also enable various accents.

Try this voiceover tool here.

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2. Audacity


Audacity has a lot of positive attributes. It is open-source software available for download for both Mac and Windows PCs. Even though it is free, it offers high sample speeds, different audio types, and extensive bitrate recordings for clear audio.

You can configure the software to use a USB mic or an audio interface, allowing you to use a choice of microphones. You may even use some simple effects to add reverb or change the sound quality you’ve captured and edit any mistakes.

Try this voiceover tool here.

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3. GarageBand

garageband - best voiceover tools

GarageBand is a thoroughly equipped music composition and voiceover laboratory integrated into your Mac, replete with a sample catalog and voice presets that take the difficulty of editing your audio files.

It’s simple to learn, play, capture, produce, and publish your voiceovers worldwide with Touch Bar capabilities for MacBook Pro and a simple, innovative look.

This software is commonly found on Mac computers and is pre-installed. As a result, Mac users are free to use it. It is an Apple product, so you cannot use it on other devices.

Although advertised as a music production tool, you can also use it for voiceover. In audio creation, GarageBand is regarded as a beginner’s tool.

Try this voiceover tool here.

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4. Wondershare Filmora

wondershare filmora

Wondershare Filmora is one of the top voice-over software options for Windows 10.

Unlike the other tools mentioned in this post, this application can assist you not only tape your audio but also edit audio clips and adding voice to videos.

Just click the Add button to add an audio file if you want more voice-over features. Simultaneously, you may apply several effects to your audio recording to make it personalized.

You may learn more about Wondershare Filmora’s fantastic capabilities by visiting their site, where you’ll find helpful tools like audio ducking and other video editing tools.

By utilizing such a valuable tool for voice-over clips, you instantly reduce your work while improving sound quality.

Try this voiceover tool here.

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5. Logic Pro

logic pro

This is a beautiful alternative if you need some compelling audio software for your Mac machine. Logic Pro not only delivers professional voice-over software for Mac, but it is also a fantastic solution for musicians. It’s frequently used to record podcasts, music, and voice-overs.

It takes some time to become used to the software; it is pretty strong, and it isn’t inexpensive, but it does come with a package of awesome plugins. It also enables high recording in various formats, and it is simple to connect an audio interface or USB microphone. It’s a Mac-only app that significantly improves Apple’s GarageBand.

Try this voiceover tool here.

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6. Windows Voice Recorder

windows voice recorder

Windows Voice Recorder isn’t a full-fledged audio editing program, but it’s excellent for voiceover work. There is also no need to install anything else.

The Voice Recorder software lets you record audio, narrations, interviews, and anything heard through the microphone. You can highlight important areas of the speech recordings, which is a great function.

Press the Record button to begin a voice recording with Window Voice Recorder. You may also quickly pause and resume the recording if you need to take a break.

Windows 10’s Voice Recorder software stores your audio clips to Documents automatically. If you need to change your recorded voice, you’ll need to use a third-party audio processor for Windows.

Considering the lack of audio editing capabilities, the Windows 10 Speech Recorder app is perfect for quick and simple voice recordings. Furthermore, it is an entirely free voiceover software package.

Try this voiceover tool here.

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7. Pro Tools

pro tools

Pro Tools is a popular industry program for audio production, such as podcasts, or use in a music studio with musicians and artists. Pro Tools could be a good choice if you need voice-over editing software that provides sophisticated editing and mixing.

Some people find the program to be cumbersome. There is a high learning curve for individuals unfamiliar with audio editing. Though it appears to be a little old-fashioned compared to some other apps, it allows you to record in full quality and achieve exceptional results.

It supports video, so you may input a video file and have the audio synchronized within milliseconds.

Try this voiceover tool here.

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Wrapping Up

That’s all for this article. Hopefully, the tools mentioned above will help you create voiceovers like never before and take your video marketing initiatives to the next level. Remember, recording a video and concentrating merely on the graphics is not enough. If you have any questions about voiceover tools, reach out to us via the comments.