5 Best Online Timesheet Calculator Websites

In this blog, we have shared a list of the 5 best free online timesheet calculator websites. A timesheet is a document and data table used to record and track an employee’s time during a specific period, on-site or remotely.

During the olden days, this was traditionally achieved using a sheet of paper with all the information arranged in a tabular format.

But now, the timesheet is often a digital document like a spreadsheet which makes it easy to simplify the entire timekeeping process.

Timesheets are extremely important for businesses as they play a crucial role in upholding the budget, distributing work efficiently so that no single person is overburdened, and accomplishing all the tasks before the completion of the deadline.

Timesheet calculator applications are then required to track and calculate the employee’s total work hours, keeping in mind the lunch breaks, scheduled/unscheduled holidays, and more.

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5 Best Online Timesheet Calculator Websites

The options available for timesheet calculators can be Simple paper and Calculators, Online Timecard Calculators, Powerful applications like Excel or Sheets, Workforce Management Applications, and more.

As far as applications are concerned, numerous free options are available over the world wide web. This article will explore Online Timesheet Calculators, independent applications well-suited for occasional usage.

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1. DollarTimes

dollartimes - online timesheet calculator websites

The first one on the list is the DollarTimes Time Sheet calculator. It is a straightforward application and, by default, provides only a single entry (Start time / End time) in the timesheet. You can click the ‘Add Row’ button and insert as many entries as you require.

Enter the Start / End time for each record and click on the ‘Calculate’ button to generate the timesheet that displays the time for each entry and the count of the total hours worked.

Click here to navigate to DollarTimes.

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2. Miracle Salad

miracle salad

Let’s move to the second application on this list, Miracle Salad. This time sheet calculator provides twin functions. It provides three rows for each time entry (Start/End time).

You can enter all the values in the entries and calculate the total time worked by clicking on the ‘Compute’ button.

Further, to expand the range of the timesheet, you can move the sum of each entry (sum of hours in 3 rows) to the Sum Hours section on the right-hand side by clicking on the ‘Move to Sum’ button.

Alternatively, you can enable the ‘Auto Move to Sum’ checkbox to automatically move the sum of each entry after computation to the Sum Hours section.

When you click on ‘Sum Hours’ at the bottom of this section, it will give you the total work time spent. Miracle Salad Time Sheet calculator also provides a rounding option that rounds off time by a certain number of minutes depending on the option you choose in the drop-down list.

To visit Miracle Salad, click here.

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3. CalculateHours


The next one on our list is CalculateHours. This application provides a bi-weekly timesheet calculator that you can use to calculate the total time that you have worked in two weeks.

Enter the Start / End time for each day of the week that you have worked. Repeat the same process for the next week too. You will automatically see the total time that you have spent daily.

For better organization and tracking, you can select the week on the calendar to be more precise.
Once you finish all the entries, CalculateHours will display the total time you have worked for each week.

You can then add an hourly rate for your work and get the estimate of the total pay in the timesheet itself. Subsequently, you can email the timesheet directly to your inbox or get it printed for your records.

Click here to navigate to CalculateHours.

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4. TimeCard Calculator Geek

timecard calculator geek

This time sheet calculator boasts some excellent and handy features. Using the panel towards the right of the page, select the number of Weeks that you want to include per timesheet (1 or 2), number of Days per Week (1–7), Lunch breaks (0-2), number of hours after which Overtime is considered and the Overtime Pay, Sick & Vacation hours, etc.

Next, select the Start and End date of each week using the calendar and enter the In / Out times for each day of the week you have worked.

When you have entered all the information, the Total Hours you have worked per week and the Grand Total will be displayed at the bottom of the sheet. You can then type the Hourly Rate and calculate the Total Pay per week and the Grand Total amount.

If you have specified the Overtime details, they will be considered in the Pay calculation. Once the timesheet is done, you can download it to your system, take a print or email it to yourself.

To visit TimeCard Calculator Geek, click here.

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5. Connecteam Timesheet Calculator

connecteam timesheet calculator

This time sheet calculator possesses a simple yet neat interface and displays all the initial options that you need to configure at the top, such as the number of Weeks per time sheet (1 or 2), Daily overtime, Weekly overtime, Pay rate, Number of Days per Week and Overtime multiplier.

Next, begin the process of entering the Start/End times for each day as well as the Lunch hours. The total hours worked per day will be displayed alongside each day after deducting the lunch hours.

The Regular hours, Total overtime, Total hours, Regular pay, and Overtime pay will be displayed at the bottom of the timesheet along with the Grand Total amount.

Once the timesheet is prepared, you can download it in PDF/CSV format or print it directly from the browser.

Click here to visit Connecteam Timesheet Calculator.

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Closing Words

You must spend some time with each Time Sheet calculator we have listed above and see which suits your requirements.

My vote will be cast in favor of TimeCard Calculator Geek as it has many handy features that are not present in the other applications. Let us know which one you liked the most.

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