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5 Best Free Online Coding Courses

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Online Coding Courses are training programs that teach you the programming abilities that businesses are looking for. It helps you focus on crucial programming parts and solve real-world computer programming challenges.

These online coding certification courses are less expensive or free and faster to learn than traditional college degree programs. These online programming courses will assist you in improving your logical thinking and problem-solving abilities.

Everyone nowadays wants to learn coding to boost their professional career. Coding is in high demand among youngsters, students, and working professionals. As a result, many online coding courses for computer programming are popping up in the worldwide tech sector to help students gain a better grasp and idea of coding.

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5 Best Free Online Coding Courses

Here are five free online coding courses to help you on your way. A description of the content and structure for each course will help you determine if it is the appropriate option. You can explore more courses at nicelocal.

1. Programming for Everyone

The University of Michigan offers Programming for Everyone on Coursera. Some of the best free online coding courses are available on Coursera, where you can learn Python programming and how to analyze real-time data. This course teaches programming fundamentals and trains you to employ variables to store, retrieve, and compute data.

This course is the most popular Python course available and one of the most popular online courses ever, with about 2.5 million students enrolled on Coursera. It is one of the easiest ways to learn how to program online, and once you’ve finished the course, you’ll be familiar with basic concepts like functions and loops.

It uses Python to cover topics including data structures, databases, and networked application programming interfaces. Complete newbies can learn the basics of programming using Programming for Everyone, which will prepare them for many more programming languages.

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best free online coding courses

2. FreeCodeCamp

FreeCodeCamp has more than 8,000 lessons and aims to have students coding from the first class. You should start with this course if you want to learn how to create websites without prior programming knowledge. Each lesson is displayed in a split-screen format, allowing students to see their code in action as a concept is discussed via an interactive coding tool.

There are classes offered on various subjects, including machine learning, front-end and back-end web development, data analysis using Python, and website designing. The course walks you through the fundamentals of HTML and CSS by developing several little projects and five substantial ones.

It teaches you how to create websites using languages like HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). The interactive format of freeCodeCamp classes allows students to get plenty of coding practice and apply what they learn immediately.

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3. JavaScript Basics

If you’ve completed the introductory course or attempted to develop a nice-looking website using HTML/CSS but aren’t sure where to go, choose this course from the University of California. Over 97% of websites utilize JavaScript as a programming language. It is used to modify a webpage’s HTML and CSS after loading it from the server. In some ways, it injects new life into a static HTML and CSS webpage.

The course begins with an overview of JavaScript and what it can perform. You’ll learn about the history of JavaScript and its structure. After a quick examination of your HTML and CSS knowledge, you’ll be able to write simple JavaScript instructions in the web browser console and build variables and arrays.

A Complete JavaScript Course is also available, which will assist you in developing new abilities through various coding tasks. It covers essential concepts like Boolean logic, loops, functions, variables, arrays, etc. It has covered topics like function constructors, closures, and prototypal inheritance, among much more.

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4. Codeacademy

Many of Codeacademy’s career-focused courses are paid, but its beginner-friendly programming courses in more than a dozen languages are free. They have an extensive library of free coding classes and paid resources available through their Premium collection, including certificates of completion.

There are three primary lessons on programming fundamentals, seven lessons, and seven quizzes to help you better understand coding. The most fundamental starting courses on Codeacademy are free if you want to try your hand at learning programming languages. Additionally, it provides instruction in various programming languages, such as Python, HTML/CSS, SQL, Ruby, C++, Javascript, and PHP.

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5. Code with Google

Google offers free one of the best coding classes to students interested in learning about coding and computer science. Several hackathons, projects, challenges, and competitions assist students in learning about coding through their mistakes and tenacity.

Code with Google provides classes for teenagers and adults, from foundational computational concepts to machine learning fundamentals, using step-by-step videos and a basic coding app. Code with Google simplifies computer science ideas by breaking them down into short videos, engaging students in beginner projects, and teaching them Javascript.

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So, with these 5 Best Free Online Coding Courses for Computer Programming, you can master the programming abilities that companies are looking for. It allows you to concentrate on crucial parts of programming and solve real problems. In light of this, why not start your path into computer programming by looking into the top programming courses near me?

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