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11 Best Free Android Apps To Learn Data Science

Here we have compiled a list of 11 best free Android apps to learn data science. Use these apps to understand data science concepts in a coherent manner.

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Here, you will find the 11 best free Android apps to learn data science. You can use these apps to quickly understand various data science concepts and begin your career as a data scientist.

Data Science is an evolving technology changing the world and how businesses operate. It is also the most trending and high-paying career option these days. The amount of online Apps available today to study Data Science is ridiculous.

It’s a subject where so much needs to be learned and many courses to pursue. And all this excitement is fantastic.

However, finding out where to start or how to stay focused can be daunting and even frustrating for new individuals entering this field. Now, these Apps alone will not magically turn you into a Data Scientist.

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11 Best Free Android Apps To Learn Data Science

The purpose here is to use these Apps in combination with what you have learned elsewhere and, in the process, gather sharp analytical skills.

Here is a list of the top ten Data Science learning Apps for Android that will help you gain knowledge and practice Data Science.

1. Learn Python

learn python android

Note: This app has been removed from the Google Play Store.

Learn Python is an App that lets data science enthusiasts learn Python on the go, on their tablets. This app is only available for Android and covers simple and short Python lessons and tutorials, functional programming, data types, control structures, etc.

These tutorials are for beginners who want to learn a new language and pro-data scientists who constantly need to improve their skills.

Learn Python covers the following Python concepts:

  • Python basics
  • Data types and control structures
  • Functions and modules
  • Functional programming
  • Object-oriented programming
  • Exceptions and working with files
  • Regular expressions and more topics.

Rating on Play Store: 4.4

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2. Datacamp

datacamp android app

It is rare to miss this app while looking for resources to teach you Data Science. Datacamp is an incredible forum with dozens of courses on Python, SQL, Git, and R.

One thing is for sure: you will not run out of stuff to learn in this app. It is intended for beginners and intermediate users and allows you to practice particular sections of each course that you have completed.

Short snippets are a perfect way to revisit and consolidate what you have learned. You can use it for short exercises on the phone very quickly, but you can explore many other things.

Rating on Play Store: 4.5

Get it on Google Play.

3. Elevate

elevate data science android app

Elevate is built for your brain to act like a personal trainer. Based on your previous results, the app will show you three daily challenges, focusing on improving attention, processing speed, memory, logic, speaking, etc.

This is quite a teaching tool, considering how vital analytical and communication skills are for a data scientist.

The paid version might provide more variety, but if you opt for the free version, at least you’ll be able to know what kind of exercises they offer.

Rating on Play Store: 4.5

Get it on Google Play.

4. Programming Hub

programming hub - app to learn data science

Programming Hub is like the coding apps’ Holy Grail. It has all kinds of languages in it for programming, and it works very well.

This app has lessons on Javascript, HTML, C, C++, C#, Python, Swift, R Programming, CSS, and Java.

They even have a collection of numerous code examples that can be transposed to your machine. You would find the experience interactive and learn how easily the code is assembled.

Of course, you must pay for a subscription if you want the whole experience, but you can still do a lot with the free edition.

Rating on Play Store: 4.7

Get it on Google Play.

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5. Data Science 101

data science 101 - app to learn data science

As the name suggests, Data Science 101 is an interactive App that can help users learn about machine learning and classification models from Data Science.

It is primarily an App for beginners but can be used by anyone who wants a high-quality resource to research the field and understand various ML algorithms’ internal workings, such as K-Nearest Neighbours, Support Vector Networks, regressions, etc.

The best thing about it is that it serves as a cheat sheet and has some code snippets ready to be used.

Rating on Play Store: 4.4

Get it on Google Play.

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6. Basic Statistics

basic statistics - android app

To succeed in this data-driven age, we all need some statistical understanding. Basic statistics will help you refresh the concepts that most of us have forgotten between high school and college.

Basic Statistics appears someone in our Statistics class got the best students’ notes and compiled them into a simple app.

And when you were studying, we are sure you remember how handy those notes were.

Rating on Play Store: 4.0

Get it on the Play Store.

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7. Enki: Learn data science, coding, and tech skills

enki - data science android app

Enki is an award-winning app for learning data skills, coding, and improving your work skills. Over 1 million people have used Enki to learn and develop their coding, data, and tech skills.

It’s useful for non-technical beginners with little to no coding experience and developers at any level. Enki is like a one-on-one personalized mentor.

It provides a science-based, immersive learning environment to help users learn and retain coding, data, and technical skills.

Rating on Play Store: 4.5

Get it on the Play Store.

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8. Data Science with R & Python

data science with r and python

This app covers Python, statistics, and R. The most important feature of this app is that most of the content is available offline, except for the sample project.

Since the developers add new updates regularly, sample projects are available online. Using an online compiler, you can write and run code on a mobile device and see the results.

A user can verify their knowledge of Data Science by taking the simulation test/exam. Each question in this simulation exam has four options and one correct answer.

Rating on Play Store: 4.3

Get it on the Play Store.

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9. QPython

qpython - android app

Note: QPython has been removed from the Google Play Store.

This article would be incomplete without mentioning a dedicated App for Python. And unless you have been disconnected from the programming world for the last few years, you would know that Python is simply one of the best all-purpose languages out there.

There are at least two variants of QPython, one for beginners and one for experienced users, with a few more technical features. If you are beginning, use the QPython Ox. Use the QPython 3x App if you are a more advanced user.

We advise you to read the Play Store description to be fully aware of what you are downloading. They have made it clear what the versions of various apps mean.

Rating on Play Store: 4.2

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10. Learn Data Science, Big Data, and Data Analytics

learn data science

This app is handy for people who want to learn the basics of data science and those who want to become a Data Science expert.

Using this app, you can learn to code and visualize data. In this app, you will find Data Science tutorials, programs, programming lessons, questions & answers, and other things you need to become a data science expert. The app comes with a straightforward and intuitive User Interface.

Rating on Play Store: 4.6

Get it on the Play Store.

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11. Data Science | ML Guide

data science machine learning guide

This app lets you get all the data science principles and study materials in one place. This app is a beginner to advanced guide for those interested in learning about data science, machine learning, and deep learning.

Among the subjects covered in this app are data science, artificial intelligence, deep learning, Hadoop, and big data. This app provides a high-level summary of Data Science, looking at various degree and career pathways, associated skills, technologies, earning opportunities, and employment outlook.

Rating on Play Store: 4.2

Get it on the Play Store.


With this, we summarize our list of the best free Android apps to learn data science. With these apps, you can learn data science on the go with your smartphone.

If you are talking about becoming a Python-based data scientist, you should check out QPython and Data Science with R & Python.

Apart from that, my personal favorites from the list are DataCamp and Data Science 101. These apps offer comprehensive content on learning data science with an excellent user experience.

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