5 Best Focus Stacking Software For Windows

In this blog, we have compiled a list of the 5 best focus stacking software for Windows. If you have multiple photos taken at different focus levels, you can use focus stacking software to combine them into one pic with an extended level of depth.

Focus stacking is an essential element when it comes to photography. Sometimes, more than one image of the subject is needed, or the photos look great but are slightly blurred. To fix this issue, focus stacking software is used.

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What is Focus Stacking?

Focus stacking refers to combining multiple images with different focal points to increase the depth of field. It’s a software program in which you can edit pictures and blend multiple images.

It is used for different types of photography, mainly portraits. The resultant image of focus stacking software is created with greater depth when compared to the original.

This program combines both images and background images to create depth in the image. While stacking goes over the highest f-stop (F16-F64). Stacking can also be compared to photography software.

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Why Focus Stacking?

While smaller apertures are great for photography of landscapes, larger apertures are better suited while shooting single objects. It allows you to create a bokeh-like effect or even a blurred background.

Using focus stacking, you can create images with a great blurred background while focusing on individual objects. There are a few benefits to using the focus stacking technique:

  • More excellent detailing on a single object.
  • Controlled the field’s depth.
  • Provides desirable out-of-focus background.
  • It offers a variety of possibilities and allows photographers more control.

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5 Best Focus Stacking Software For Windows

Suppose you are a photographer interested in becoming one or enjoy clicking and editing images in ways you’ve never done before.

These programs will take care of all the work and boost the quality of your image to the highest quality.

1. Adobe Photoshop

adobe photoshop - focus stacking software

Adobe Photoshop is an easy-to-use focus stacking software with the most popular assets, such as design templates, images, graphics, and more.

It can help you design your brochures or business cards, edit images, merge images and delete objects. It’s a very robust application and is among the top stacking programs. It is used in many fields, from game design to the creation of cars.

Its versatility is widely known around the world. It also lets users create beautiful clear and deep Focus Stacking images. The extensive and robust tools included in this program can allow users without knowledge of editing images to achieve stunning outcomes.

The most helpful feature you can apply to Focus Stacking is the ability to adjust the intensity of the blur on the underlying images and alter how the layering process works.

Another advantage is image editing using raster and splicing, which lets you create professional-looking image outcomes.

Additionally, with this software, you’ll benefit from an intuitive and user-friendly interface that permits the rapid changing of properties and tools.

You can change the image’s color, remove unwanted people or objects from the picture, and add text to images. Any flaws in the image can be repaired, e.g., red eyes.

It is possible to draw, color, and sketch using thousands of digital brushes, pencils, pens, and pens that function just like real ones. You can even design your brush to apply it as you like.

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2. CombineZP

combinezp - free focus stacking software for windows

CombineZP is a free software program that allows you to edit images. This software package is known as the “Image Processing Software Package.”

CombineZP stacking software can combine images with digital photos to create composite images with a greater depth and can be used on Microsoft Windows devices. It also focuses on every image that needs to be merged.

This program’s user interface is simple and easy to use. Load the images from your computer, then click on “So Stack,” followed by a click on “Go.”

This Focus Stacking Software allows you to align your photos before starting the stacking. The CombineZP stacking program also features animation and the ability to capture 3D images.

A CombineZP stacking program is free software that can stack multiple items with advanced features.

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3. Picolay

picolay focus stacking

Picolay has many excellent features and is small in size software. Stacking with a focus-stacking program is very simple and goes smoothly. Add a few photos focusing on different parts, and the processor will automatically stack them by evenly focusing them.

After you have installed the software, the tutorial will show you some tips and tricks to help you get used to it and how to stack your photos using Focus Stacking Software.

After you have completed the tutorial, the app can be used to focus and stack your photos. Picolay is best for macro and microscopic images taken from a fixed distance. GIFs can be created from any number of images.

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4. ImageJ

imagej - free focus stacking software

ImageJ is open-source software, and it runs on the Java platform. The software allows for the pre-installation of features. Users will need to choose the plug-in from among the many available.

Stack Focuser is a popular add-on to this software. It is easy to create a focus stack. First, you’ll need to download the plug-in.

After downloading it, you can open the software to transfer individual images. Once they have been transferred, click on “Stk” on the Toolbar of ImageJ. Next, click on Image to Stack.

ImageJ will allow you to combine all of the images that have been transferred. Click on the Stack Focuser to open a dialogue box. Select “OK,” and the images will be converted into Focus stacked output. It can be saved in any format, including a GIF.

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5. Helicon Focus

helicon focus - focus stacking software

Helicon Focus is a focal stacking app that allows you to create stunning images by using multiple photos taken at various focus distances and then stacking them.

The software processes the images using a precision of 16 bits to preserve the colors and details. This software provides an outstanding reproduction of hues.

The most recent version of the software includes features like the Run Benchmark tool that allows users to assess their hardware’s performance and Folder Monitor features to assess and analyze the stack regularly.

It’s also capable of working with RAW files and provides customizable development tools as well as the manufacturer’s codec and built-in to satisfy those with the highest demands.

Helicon Focus is an excellent tool available in three versions. You can try the trial version of the tool to test it. It is an excellent tool and offers tons of features for professionals.

Helicon Focus also has an aid grid feature that enables you to make a detailed retouching of the high-resolution 100% scale image.

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Focus stacking software and applications are pretty helpful. They let you make a new image from the one you have just taken. It is possible to make it brighter or darker, shinier, and many other things that we can do.

They are as helpful as Mobile Camera Apps, which lets you alter your faces to make funny pictures. Let you enhance your facial features, lighten your skin, etc., because nowadays, we’re not only snapping photographs; we are now optimizing their quality to the maximum and making them better than ever.

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