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10 Best App Development Companies in New York

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Here we have compiled a list of the 10 best app development companies in New York. Are you a business owner looking to make your presence on the internet With the help of a mobile app, or do you have an excellent idea for a business that needs an app to do so, but you don’t know how to do it?

There are a ton of factors that affect the success of your app. If not understood fully, the app may not be as successful as you expected it to be, regardless of the excellence of the business nature. These factors include the app’s design, navigation, and even the back-end is an influential factor.

So, letting an app development company handle all aspects of building and managing the app is recommended. This article lists the top 10 app development companies in New York. Make sure to check them out since each is highly rated and has different things to offer.

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10 Best App Development companies in New York

Here is a list of the ten best app designing and development companies, handpicked carefully to meet real-world problems.

We recommend sticking to the end of the article and going through each of them as this is a crucial decision for your and your business’s future.

1. Blue Label Labs

Blue Label Labs is an awarded mobile app development company founded in 2009. Their dedicated team of experts first understands your and your business’s needs and acts accordingly. Blue label labs have delivered to many big and famous brands and enterprises like TIME, P&G, Bloomberg, Google, Microsoft, etc.

Some notable projects were designing and developing the Bloomberg News app, Tide’s Laundromat App and integration of AI and VR, and the app for Sol Lewitt with Microsoft. Now, with experience of over a decade and phenomenal projects, this company erases all the doubt you could have related to its performance and service quality.

The first on the list is a bit heavy on the budget, as pricing starts from $75,000 a project with an average hourly rate varying from $100 to $150.

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2. Andersen Inc.

Founded in 2007, Andersen Inc. has been working with large, well-known Enterprises for the last 15 years and delivering top-class software solutions. You can trust Anderson Inc with anything related to software, including mobile apps.

This company shows its service credibility with a robust clientele of Samsung, Johnson & Johnson, Siemens, Marvel, BNP Paribas, FTI, S&P Global, Exigo, and many others. Andersen Inc has delivered over 1000 projects, of which the notable apps are G Bank, Media Mart, LUNO, TUI, etc.
Pricing starts from just $10,000, with hourly rates varying from $24 to $50.

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3. Zco

Zco has been in the software world since 1989 and is still one of the best companies to trust for your tech needs. Along with the experience of over three decades, Zco has one of the largest teams of engineers, designers and artists, and project managers in the industry.

Zco has served many enterprises like Microsoft, Volkswagen, BBC America, Harvard and Dartmouth University, Samsung, and many others with all kinds of software. Pricing starts from just $10,000 with average hourly rates between $25 to $50.

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4. ArcTouch

In the business since 2009, ArcTouch has been developing and designing mobile apps, along with providing strategy and DevOps services.

Some notable projects of ArcTouch are apps for Hawaiian airlines, McCormick, HP sprocket, Audi’s showroom app, Travelocity, Yahoo, Skyjet, and Honeywell. Arctouch has also contributed its tech in apps for Warner Bros, Salesforce, Pringles, Fitbit, Marriott, and many more.

Arctouch would be a perfect choice for your business if you’re a big enterprise or are well funded, as the pricing starts from $100,000 a project with average hourly rates varying from $100 to $150.

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5. Fueled

Incorporated in 2007, Fueled is one of the most successful companies in the mobile app development space. And success needs quality and consistent services. This company designs and develops bespoke apps for Android and iOS.

Fueled has a Robust Clientele comprising renowned enterprises like MGM Resorts, Harvard, Verizon, and Barneys. Fueled develops apps that are best in class. Apps for IKON pass, MGM Resorts, CrunchBase, Wall Street Journal, Afterlight, and many others are prime examples.

You might need to be well prepared with the budget here, as the pricing starts from $75,000 a project, and average hourly rates range from $150 to $200.

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6. Five

Founded in 2007, FIVE uses 15 years of experience to lead Product strategy, design and development, growth marketing, and user engagement optimization.

Five has a robust clientele that includes big names like Rosetta Stone, Marriott International, Napster, McAfee, etc.

Five have delivered more than a thousand projects, of which the striking ones are Mobile apps for Napster, Wall Street Journal, Rosetta Stone, etc. Five is a part(subsidiary?) of a Wall Street listed, London-based software company, Endava.

Endava has over 10,000 employees in 22 offices across the world. Pricing starts from just $10,000 with hourly rates of $100 to $150.

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7. Tapptitude

Tapptitude is a digital product studio that designs and develops apps for well-funded startups and established. Tappititude provides services like Product(MVP) strategy and development, iOS, Android, web-based app development, UI/UX designing, and app launching and growth marketing.

Tapptitude has delivered more than a thousand projects, out of which the notable ones include Tenor’s GIF keyboard app, OxWash’s app, Wellory, etc. Tapptitude’s services can be pricey as pricing starts from $50,000 a project, with hourly rates varying from $50 to $100.

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8. SEM Nexus

SEM Nexus is an expert in designing and developing mobile apps for startups. Along with top-class app design and development, this company has powerful marketing strategies.

Considering the importance of marketing over product, SEM Nexus has become the perfect agency to depend on for startups.

SEM Nexus has delivered many projects and Marketed them like WinQuik, LUX lighting systems, and Yogi-Go. Pricing starts from just $10,000 a project with hourly rates ranging from $50 to $100.

9. AppsChopper

Founded in 2011, AppsChopper is a Webby Central LLC enterprise that is well established as a mobile app design and development company. This company creates cross-platform and native apps while paying close attention to clients’ needs.

The services given by this company include designing and developing and mobile and marketing strategy consulting. AppsChopper has served many clients, including some famous names like Intel, HP, Unilever, Phillips, Vodafone, Motorola, Huawei, etc. Pricing starts from $25,000 a project with hourly rates ranging from $50 to $100.

10. Thoughtbot

Founded in 2003, Thoughtbot is a leading app design, development, and product management consultancy. This company gives clients an agile, human-centered strategy that includes research, prototyping, user-centric design, and launch with DevOps and app operations.

Thoughtbot has delivered to over 1000 clients, including MIT, Disney, and MERCK. Some notable works of Thoughtbot include apps for LOLA, Health Match 360, teikaMetrics, etc. Pricing starts from $25,000 a project, with varying hourly rates of $150 to $200.


Thus, we conclude the list of top 10 App development companies with offices in New York, USA. I hope this article has helped you find the right company for you to trust your business’s needs with.

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