13 Best Alternatives to Uber Rides

At one point or the other in our lives, we all have taken an Uber ride somewhere. Some of us even do it daily to reach our destinations on time. Uber rides are comfortable, economical, safe, and convenient.

However, what to do if you cannot book an Uber ride or if your driver bails out on you? We will be answering that question in this article. Let’s discuss some of the best alternative apps for booking cabs when Uber isn’t an option.

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What Is the Need for Uber Alternative?

You might be wondering if there’s a need for alternatives to Uber. Uber is great and the strongest competitor in the cab segment. However, there have been instances where rides have been canceled from the driver’s end or haven’t been booked due to technical reasons.

We can rely on alternatives to Uber rides in such cases so that we don’t lose our precious time trying to get an Uber repeatedly. So without any further ado, let’s jump right into our list of the 13 best alternatives to Uber.

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13 Best Uber Rides Alternatives

In this section, we’ll review a list of apps you can use for booking cabs in your city and are excellent alternatives to Uber rides. Listed below are a total of 14 Uber Rides alternatives:

1. Ola Cabs

ola cabs - best alternatives to uber rides

It is unlikely for someone who has heard about Uber Rides not to know about Ola Cabs. Ola Cabs is a cab booking application and Uber Rides’ biggest rival.

It has a wide range of cars driven by experienced drivers of all sizes. Ola Cabs ensure that your ride is smooth, safe, and convenient. The app gives you a real-time route, an estimate of the total fare, and many other features.

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2. MyTaxi.uz

my taxi - best alternatives to uber rides

Founded in 2009, this app has a vast range of cabs that anyone can book for themselves with just a few clicks.

With over 45,000 cars, My Taxi is one of the biggest cab booking franchises. My Taxi aims to establish a direct connection between the driver and the passenger(s) and is one of the best online cab booking service providers.

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3. Lyft

lyft - best alternatives to uber rides

Lyft is quite famous for providing economical and comfortable rides. It’s a great alternative to Uber rides, and the quality of their rides justifies that statement.

Known for deploying electric and hybrid cars, Lyft ensures a pleasant and smooth ride for its passengers. Apart from that, it also provides them with a debit card that they can use to avail of discounts and offers.

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4. Waave


Waave is a bit different from your usual online cab booking services. What makes it unique is also its best selling point. Waave provides taxi rides using cabs already running on the road, i.e., the yellow-colored individual cabs.

By doing so, Waave aims at utilizing already available resources rather than investing in new ones, thus contributing to a busy city’s already worse air quality. It is similar to other online cab booking services and is an excellent alternative to Uber.

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5. Grab Superapp


Grab was founded in 2011, and in the last decade, it has dramatically spread its network over eight nations and is in really high demand in them.

Grab is famous for providing more accessible and faster online cab booking services that have greatly appealed to its users.

The unique perk about using Grab is that you can also choose to book a bike ride instead of a car, along with many different options.

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6. Wingz

wingz - uber alternative

Initially intended to be an airport ride service, Wingz has significantly expanded to become a popular online cab booking service provider in the past few years.

It has displayed phenomenal growth and currently covers over 30 cities. It allows passengers to choose their favorite drivers, which makes their cab rides more fun and wholesome.

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7. Flywheel


Flywheel aims to be the ideal online cab booking service provider in San Francisco. Known for mainly using hybrid cars and having a massive fleet, Flywheel emphasizes the quality and comfort of the ride by maintaining hygiene and courtesy. It is one of the oldest cab services in San Francisco and is an ideal alternative to Uber.

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8. Yandex Taxi

yandex taxi

Yandex Taxi is your go-to solution if you need a cab quicker than ever. Yandex Taxi is an excellent alternative to Uber Rides because a tap can book a cab on this platform at lightning speed.

You also can choose one of three available classes, and the app sets you up with the nearest driver as soon as the booking is issued.

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9. Bolt

bolt - best uber alternative

Formerly known as Taxify, Bolt is one of the best alternatives to Uber Rides. Bolt is different from other cab booking services because it allows you to book multiple modes of transport in the app, not just cab rides.

It is cheap, affordable, and straightforward to use. It operates in more than 15 countries and is a reliable app.

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10. DiDi

didi - uber alternatives

DiDi is a China-based cab booking service and one of Asia’s biggest providers. The app is user-friendly; you can book a public, private, or shared cab in just a few seconds. It is a convenient alternative to Uber and uses technologies to make its rides better in every aspect.

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11. Via


Known for offering a wide range of transit services, Via is slightly different than your standard cab booking services. Some over Uber Rides prefer it because of low operational costs, lower carbon dioxide emission rates, traffic congestion, etc. It can also be used as a mode of transportation for medical solutions.

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12. Curb

curb - android app

With its network spread over 65 cities, Curb is one of the largest online cab booking service providers and an excellent alternative to Uber Rides. Curb boasts a fleet of over 50,000 cabs across all the cities it has established itself and is known for being user-friendly. Multiple payment options and cabs with wheelchairs are some of its good perks.

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13. HopSkipDrive


HopSkipDrive can be your ideal alternative to Uber rides, given that they consistently try to provide the best ride experience in every one of their bookings. They use all the available resources to ensure a safe, smooth, and fast ride.

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Uber Rides has dominated its competitors over the past few years, but its alternatives have made a lasting impression by coming in dire need when we couldn’t get an Uber.

This article covered some of the best Uber alternatives you can rely on in this article. All the apps mentioned here aim to provide the best ride experience, and you should check them out.

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